Povetkin Outpoints Rudenko

By Robert Ecksel on July 1, 2017
Povetkin Outpoints Rudenko
“Alexander is ready to face Parker. But more fights are needed to face Anthony Joshua.”

“Rudenko wanted to withdraw in the first round,” said the referee, “but I persuaded him to go on with the fight…”

Saturday night at Luzhniki in Moscow, Russia, former WBA World heavyweight champion Alexander Povetkin (32-1, 23 KOs), from Chekhov, Russia, outpointed Andriy Rudenko (31-3, 19 KOs), from Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine, to win the WBA Continental and WBO International heavyweight titles after rounds.

The final scores were 120-109 and 120-108 twice. It wasn’t even close.

“I would like to thank everyone for the support,” said Povetkin after the fight. “I need it. I knew that I have a strong opponent, who will not give up easily. Something did not go the way it was planned to, but this is how we get our experience. This is good, because such opponents make me stronger.”

Povetkin was referring to the first round, when the fight was almost stopped after Rudenko complained of a neck injury.

“Rudenko wanted to withdraw in the first round,” said the referee, Viktor Panin, “but I persuaded him to go on with the fight. There was nothing that would require his withdrawal, he had to keep on boxing.”

After a long interruption, complete with massage and persuasion, the fight resumed.

Replays of the incident are inconclusive. The fighters could have gotten tangled on the inside. Povetkin’s uppercuts might have done it.

“I was afraid that something unpleasant may take place,” Andrey Ryabinsky, CEO of the World of Boxing, told reporters. “The last thing that we wanted is to turn the fight into something with a political message. But nothing of that kind happened, everything was friendly.”

Povetkin’s next friendly fight will likely be against WBO heavyweight champion Joseph Parker.

“Alexander is ready to face Parker,” said Ryabinsky. “But more fights are needed to face Anthony Joshua.”

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Александр Поветкин vs. Андрей Руденко, полный бой, Full HD

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  1. AkT 07:31am, 07/03/2017

    Wait a minute! Wasn’t Povetkin busted for taking drugs? How come it business-as-usual for him when other fighters caught in similar situations were banned? Double-standards, no?

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