Povetkin Wants Rematch

By Robert Ecksel on October 9, 2013
Povetkin Wants Rematch
No one is criticizing the man. Outside the ring he is everything a champion should be.

Povetkin’s representative is lobbying to have Pabon disciplined. But he is also trying to get Klitschko to agree to a rematch…

“Winning isn’t everything; it’s the only thing.”— UCLA Bruins football coach Henry Russell (“Red”) Sanders

Judging by his foul-filled performance against formerly undefeated Alexander Povetkin last week in Moscow, Wladimir Klitschko has taken Red’s inspiring words to heart.

His one-sided drubbing of Povetkin wasn’t unexpected. But the manner in which he did it was.

No one is criticizing Klitschko the man. Outside the ring he is everything a champion should be. But even Klitschko partisans, at least some Klitschko partisans, see the fight as the unaesthetic mess it was, not as evidence of his greatness, but symptomatic of his shortcomings.

What Wladimir did as an amateur is of no account. Neither is what he did in his previous 63 fights. As a one-off, the fight with Povetkin was an appallingly inadequate demonstration of the sweet science, helped in no small part by referee Luis Pabon, who refused to enforce the rules and as a result let the champ get away with murder.

Those who have watched the fight again must have more free time than I. They must also have stronger stomachs. Nobody, however, at least to my knowledge, has been calling for a rematch, unless of course one discounts Alexander Povetkin.

Povetkin’s representative Andrei Ryabinsky is lobbying to have Pabon disciplined, which is not a bad idea. But he is also trying to get Klitschko to agree to a rematch, which is a very bad idea indeed.

“I’m not frightened,” said Povetkin, “and I’m going to set my sights on meeting him again. Tactically, Wladimir beat me, but I definitely never gave up mentally or physically. At that moment, he was stronger. I’ll take the correct conclusions from it, especially in terms of tactics.”

Say what you will about Klitschko, but the fight with Povetkin, while tactically efficient, fell somewhat short of being a masterpiece. He won and won handily, and earned millions of rubles in the process. Maybe that’s all that matters; but then again, maybe not.

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  1. Ted 01:49am, 10/12/2013


  2. nicolas 10:30am, 10/11/2013

    I was surprised that Povetkin did not get at least one round, and in light of that, how can anyone justify a rematch at this time? Had he perhaps been more competitive, as many years ago when Juan Laporte lost a decision to the fouling Eusebio Pedroza, but still was far more competitive than Povetkin (New Jersey even symbolically changed the decision to a win for La Porta) Povetkin’s camp would have a case. After twice failing to meet Wladamir when he was given opportunities since 2008, I think someone new has to be given that opportunity. Pulev of course, and the winner of Haye-Fury. Let us hope that it is Fury, as that I am sure would be a massive event.

  3. Mike Casey 07:52am, 10/11/2013

    And tactically, Alexander, what is your plan B? Oh, of course, you don’t have one - like every plodding challenger who has come before you. Plod, plod, puff, puff. But never mind - these guys are BIG!!

  4. Darrell 03:20pm, 10/09/2013

    The big question for Povetkin is….Why?

    What, with Wlad getting cuddly & Povetkin ducking down & jumping inside to “offer” himself for a good hugging.  Not to mention a “tolerant” referee we could only get a hug fest.  They all combined to make it so.

    It was a stinker of a fight, a real stinker of a fight…& I’m a K bro’s man.

  5. Koolz 03:01pm, 10/09/2013

    With a new Ref and Wladimir being able to only clinch and not go nutz hugging every second I think this could be a good fight.
    I think it will be hard to convince Wladimir’s Team that it should happen though.

  6. Pete The Sneak 11:09am, 10/09/2013

    I don’t know. This is a tough request man. Perhaps if I consume enough alcohol. You know, like the ugly woman at the bar who starts to look good after a couple hours of imbibing….Yeesh…Peace.

  7. NYIrish 08:16am, 10/09/2013

    I’d have to get paid to watch it.

  8. El Bastardo Magnifico 07:33am, 10/09/2013

    Adam Berlin’s comments ( his article re:the fight), on Pabon and the tactics, lack of points taken etc are bullseye!!! Ah but to have an ear to the wall at the Referee meetings this coming this weekend at the WBA convention in Peru.

  9. Ted 07:09am, 10/09/2013

    Bad idea

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