Preview: Garcia vs. Porter

By Robert Ecksel on September 6, 2018
Preview: Garcia vs. Porter
Shawn Porter is a live underdog who some knowledgeable observers are picking to win.

If “styles make fights,” as the adage contends, their contrasting styles should make for an explosive encounter…

Saturday night in a fight televised live on Showtime Championship Boxing from the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York, former world champions Danny Garcia (34-1, 20 KOs), the Fighting Pride of Philadelphia, and Shawn Porter (28-2-1, 17 KOs), the whirlwind from Akron, Ohio, meet in the squared circle for bragging rights and the vacant WBC welterweight title.

Garcia and Porter have comparable records and skills. But if “styles make fights,” as the adage contends, their contrasting styles should make for an explosive encounter.

Garcia is the more thoughtful of the two fighters. He is a counterpuncher who picks his shots and only takes risks when the reward is in sight.

Porter is more instinctive. He is a fighter who never stops coming, throwing anything and everything at whoever stands before him.

Garcia was asked during a recent teleconference call how he plans to deal with Porter’s offense.

“I got to go in there and fight my fight,” he said. “I can’t go in there and basically get caught up in his fight. We have the right sparring partners, short guys around 5’6″ using the head who come forward. So me and my father got the perfect game plan to get away from the head butt. So yes we have some tricks for that…I’m not really worried about his head. I just have to go in there and fight my fight.”

Garcia has a single loss in what has been an exceptional career. That split decision defeat, to Keith Thurman in 2017, went to the judges after 12 and many believe it could have gone either way.

“At the end of the day, those fights are growing fights,” said Garcia. “Those type of fights are what makes you a better champion and makes you a better fighter. If you win easy fights all the time you don’t know what you have to work on. You want to improve, so those type of fights show what you got to work on. I think every fight in my career has been the right fight and I’m going to go in there and use all those fights and all the experience I have had to get this victory.”

Porter may be more athletic than Garcia, but he also thinks he’s the more inspired fighter.

“I’m a very difficult fighter to prepare for,” Porter said. “You never know what you’ll get with me. I’m used to being the underdog and I thrive on it. I’m the more intelligent fighter at the end of the day.

“All of my abilities—power, quickness, the whole nine—will help me get this victory. I’m aggressive. I come strong, I come fast, I come hard. To beat Danny Garcia, you have to use your whole arsenal. I plan on going in there and taking care of it in the easiest way. You can be aggressive and beat him, you can use the ring and outbox him, we are going to use them all. I need to make sure I’m doing everything that I need to do to win the fight decisively and with no question at all that I am the winner.”

Garcia is the favorite. But Porter is a very live underdog who some knowledgeable observers are picking to win.

“There’s no pressure on me,” said Garcia. “We can dance if he wants, but I guarantee I’m coming to bang with him in the middle of the ring. I feel I’m the stronger puncher, have the faster hands and am the better all-around fighter.

“At the end of the day, my mind is fully focused on September 8. I have to go grab this title and then you can ask me to fight anyone. I’ve never turned down an opponent in my career. I’m a fighter and this is what I do.”

The Showtime telecast begins at 9 PM ET/6 PM PT.

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  1. Pete The Sneak 04:13am, 09/07/2018

    Should be a fun fight. I think the outcome will depend on who the ref is and how he will handle Porter’s incessant charging and grappling. Will he allow it, or will he curtail it. Either way, I agree with Casanovita, Danny has to stay the hell away from the ropes…Peace.

  2. snowflake 03:04pm, 09/06/2018

    Garcia by no-look

  3. Casanovita de Ahome 08:08pm, 09/05/2018

    Danny has got to stay the hell off the ropes, but since we know that he won’t, he’s got to catch him on the way in before Porter closes the gap, jams that coconut up under his chin and gets his best combo going i.e. head….shoulder….forearm….elbow! If Broner can put him on his ass so can Danny….so we shall see what we shall see!

  4. Kid Blast 03:13pm, 09/05/2018

    Pick ‘em

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