Preview: Rosado-Stevens on BKB

By Teron Briggs on April 3, 2015
Preview: Rosado-Stevens on BKB
The winner of this contest likely won’t be catapulting himself into any world title fight.

This is a slugfest between two men who are more experienced than street fighters, but inclined to fight like street fighters…

As boxing writer, and fan, I should probably be ashamed to admit this but I’ve yet to watch a BKB (Big Knockout Boxing) fight. I’m old school, in that I love the basic fundamentals of the Sweet Science, and I’m pretty opposed to any variations of it. BKB fights aren’t even recorded by the boxing bible,, so how seriously can they be taken? However, when Gabriel Rosado (21-9, 13 KOs) vs. Curtis “Showtime” Stevens (27-5, 20 KOs) was made I knew it would be their first fight card I would watch.

As could be expected, the two well-known trash talkers started their posturing at the final press conference where they nearly came to blows. Stevens attempted to grab Rosado’s BKB middleweight title, much to Gabe’s dismay; apparently he really cares for the lightly regard belt. Of course the Philly tatted up badass wasn’t going to let the Brooklyn showman show him up so they tussled back and forth before being broken up by their respective teams.

As much as I’m looking forward to this fight, there’s a reason that both guys are stepping away from traditional boxing to participate in this. They’re both at serious crossroads in their career. Rosado has fought five times since 2012 and is 0-4 with a no contest in those fights, suffering three stoppage losses. Rosado always comes to fight but he’s yet to record a win against elite level competition. Luckily for him Curtis doesn’t appear to be elite. Stevens lost an IBF middleweight eliminator against Hassan N’Dam N’Jikam (31-1) by lopsided decision in October of last year. Showtime turned in a listless dispassionate performance and was either unable to or refused to let his hands go. “You are as good as your last fight and my last fight was a loss so I have to come back, knock his ass out and I’ll be back on the winning side” Stevens told RingTV recently. Though a win here wouldn’t get applied to his professional record, it is important that Stevens look good, plus there’s a $30,000 bonus if one wins by knockout.

Both of these guys have limited defenses, which should bode well for fans watching because in BKB you fight in a “pit,” which is half the size of a boxing ring and designed for the combatants to hit each other as much as possible. Due to the damage Rosado has suffered over numerous grueling fights his face cuts up as often as a 1990 hip-hop DJ. Stevens is certainly aware of that and with his impressive power it is very likely at some point Rosado will see his own blood.

Rosado enters as the favorite, possibly because this is his second BKB fight while it’s Stevens’ first, but I give Curtis the slight edge. He’s probably the more technically sound fighter and he’s definitely the bigger puncher. In April of last year, in a fight he was behind on the scorecards entering the 10th and final round against Tureano Johnson he turned around the fight quicker than In Living Color’s Men on Film could snap their fingers. A devastating left hook rocked Johnson, sending him careening into the ropes in clear danger and forcing the referee to stop it.

The winner of this contest likely won’t be catapulting himself into any world title fight, or possibly even high profile one, but the loser will certainly be damaged by yet another loss. More than anything, this is just an old-fashioned slugfest between two men who are more experienced than street fighters, but inclined to fight like street fighters.

This a PPV card has a suggested price tag of $29.99 and features some other recognizable boxing names; including junior middleweight Jesus Soto Karass and David Estrada, in separate fights, and heavyweight Elijah McCall (son of Oliver McCall).

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