By Robert Ecksel on October 24, 2012
Price asked the BBBofC to be responsible by stepping up drug testing and enforcement.

How does one overlook a 6-foot-8-inch fighter?

A reasonable question now that British and Commonwealth heavyweight champion David Price revealed that he hasn’t had an anti-doping test since he turned professional in March 2009.

“I haven’t been randomly tested since I turned pro,” he told the BBC. “Not once in three-and-a-half years. I have had urine tests before title fights, but I’d like to see more random blood testing.”

For an issue as seemingly out of control as PEDs, boxing appears have a somewhat laissez-faire attitude.

“I know expense is an issue,” Price said, “but more could be done, especially in light of what happened with Larry Olubamiwo. He was taking every drug under the sun and that could have ended up in disastrous consequences for someone, given the nature of the sport.”

Olubamiwo took the test and failed with flying colors. He was subsequently banned for four years, effectively ended his career.

Price asked the British Boxing Board of Control to be responsible by stepping up testing and enforcement. The BBBofC general secretary Robert Smith isn’t accustomed to be lectured to and said the program that’s in place is “adequate at the present time.”

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