“Prince” Charles Martin Kneecaps “The Czar”

By Robert Ecksel on January 16, 2016
“Prince” Charles Martin Kneecaps “The Czar”
Martin was too big, too strong, too young and too lucky for a Ukrainian with a bum knee.

“Take a look there, Charles,” said Jim Gray. “Here’s what happens. You just kinda grazed right here. Take a look at what happens…”

Saturday night at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York, “Prince” Charles Martin (23-0-1, 21 KOs), the 6’5” southpaw from North Hollywood, California, by way of St. Louis, Missouri, won the vacant IBF World heavyweight title when Vyacheslav “The Czar” Glaskov (21-1-1, 13 KOs), from Sunny Island, Florida, by way of Lugansk, Ukraine, tore his ACL at 1:50 of the third round.

Ranked #3 by the IBF, Martin, fighting out of the blue corner in black and gold trunks, may be big and bad, but how he got this fight is a mystery. Martin has never fought a top 15 fighter and most memorable name on his résumé is either Tom Dallas or Kerston Manswell. Eligibility, it seems, is relative.

Fighting out of the red corner in blue trunks with gold and red trim, Glazkov, ranked #1 by the IBF, was the favorite going in. He has an Olympic pedigree. He had fought the better competition. He is a cool customer that doesn’t wilt under pressure, even when bigger men are hitting him. And with his 300 amateur fights to Martin’s 65, most thought Glazkov would extend Martin into the later rounds before finishing him off if he’s not finished first.

During the six or so minutes of fighting, Glazkov was genereally competitive. He jabbed effectively in the first round. But in rounds two and three Martin proved too big, too strong, too young and too lucky for the Ukrainian with a bum knee. In round three Glazkov slipped on a logo in the center of the ring. Moments later he collapsed again, after the exhaust from a missed punch blew him to the canvas.

Martin didn’t win the fight with his fists, but a win is a win is a win.

During the post-fight interview, Martin was as eloquent as he could be.

“I still wanted to fight,” he said. “It was a 12-round fight. We trained for 12 rounds and was just getting started to get stronger as the rounds went.” Martin paused. “When they go down, we go up.”

Jim Gray asked Charles Martin, “Did you notice anything that might have happened earlier in the fight that caused that knee to have that problem when it ended?”

“Um, not really,” the champ said. “Just kind of twisted his ankle when I like hit him, you know. I guess the force of the—”

Jim Gray interrupted.

“Actually,” he said, “you didn’t connect on that. You didn’t connect.”

Martin seemed flabbergasted at the news.

“No, he didn’t,” Martin said. “No, what, no, what I’m saying! Anywhere I hit, anywhere I land, is enough force. If I hit him in the body, his legs all fly out, back of him. The truth.”

Jim Gray tried to show Martin the replay. The replay wasn’t working. Grey improvised. He asked Martin what he wants to do next now that he has a title.

“Um,” said Martin, “unify, man. I want to fight for more. I DIDN’T GET NO FIGHTING! WE DIDN’T EVEN FIGHT! I want another fight. I want a fight, one more fight.”

The replay was ready.

“Take a look there, Charles,” said Gray, pointing at the TV monitor. “Here’s what happens. You just kinda grazed right here. Take a look at what happens.”

“Prince” Charles Martin watched the replay and said, “Hey, it’s boxing. I don’t know. That was a football injury, He’s just dancing so like he’s on a football field. I’m sorry for him. I’m sorry. It’s unfortunate he didn’t finish the fight.”

It’s also unfortunate the IBF stripped Fury of its title.

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  1. neil goldick 09:41am, 01/20/2016

    I have been a fight fan since the age of 10, when I first listened to the radio broadcast of the Middleweight Championship between Graziano and Zale.  Therefore, after seeing many hundreds of boxing bouts both in person and on TV I feel that I can recognize talent.  Martin won the lottery.  To me he still looks like a rank amateur with limited skills.  Now that he holds a Championship belt he is in danger of ending up like Szpilka when he is forced to fight a mandatory with much more experience.

  2. No10Count 09:34pm, 01/18/2016

    Sad ending to what I thought would turn out to be a good fight.
    Hopefully the injury is nothing serious. IE surgery - year to recover…

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