Props to the Judges

By Ted Sares on July 28, 2012
Props to the Judges
Friday Night Fights' three judges deserve kudos because God knows they rarely get them.

“Hammering” Hank Lundy (21-1-1) lost on Friday night to “Sugar Ray” Beltran (25-6) in what many are calling a shocking upset…

“I will have to knock him out to win here.”—Raymundo Beltran

“Hammering” Hank Lundy (21-1-1) lost on Friday night to “Sugar Ray” Beltran (25-6) in what many are calling a shocking upset, but the smart money knew that Beltran was a well-schooled fighter with a style that could cause Lundy big trouble. Lundy was a distinct home town favorite if Atlantic City is close enough to Philly to be called a home town.

After feeling each other out in the first two rounds, something remarkable happened at the end of an all-action third round when both men connected with heavy left hooks at the same time just as the bell rang. Lundy was hurt and Beltran was shaken. They then went to each other, smiled, and hugged one another in a rare show of ring sportsmanship. It was memory-bank worthy; it was great stuff.

Lundy could have done better had he engaged more, but he decided to fight going backwards and worked too often off the ropes giving the incoming Mexican opportunities to punch in bunches and run up the points at just the right separation, though even Beltran didn’t believe he could possibly get a decision win in New Jersey and he said as much before the fight. Zab Judah, ably filling in for Teddy Atlas, gave Hammering Hank credit for his defense, superior speed, effective ring generalship, and solid jabbing, but Beltran’s consistent aggression at a comfortable range kept things extremely close going into the last two rounds. Beltran seemed to want it more and stayed focused, sticking to his plan of cutting off the ring and taking the action to Lundy. Facebook viewers (in Teddy’s absence) had it going to Beltran by close decision.

There was palpable suspense as Ring Announcer “Generous” Joe Antonucci prepared to announce the results. Lundy looked upwards as if to pray and Beltran looked hopeful but also worried. Judge Barbara Perez had it 95-95 and at that point I could see the draw coming as I sensed the next two scores would split the tally, but lo and behold I was wrong. The other two judges, Ron McNair and John Poturaj, each had it 96-94 for Beltran, who thereby got his first signature win in his 13-year career. At least for now, Sugar Ray will no longer be a gatekeeper and a fight and solid payday with Adrian Broner could be a possibility.

Both fighters acquitted themselves as professionals, but so did the three judges and they deserve kudos as well because God knows they rarely get them.

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  1. Tex Hassler 07:44am, 07/31/2012

    It was good to see the fighter who actually won the fight get the decision. Maybe there is hope for boxing.  Beltan deserved the hard earned decision. It was great to see both fighters behave as professionals.

  2. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo 09:20am, 07/30/2012

    EZ E & Ted Sares-You are both “da bomb” and so is Beltran but methinks he would have problemos with Dannie Williams, who Hank beat like a drum!

  3. the thresher 09:54am, 07/29/2012

    EZ-Z, my favorite nephew. Someday I will out you in a manly way, as you know your boxing better than 99% of the people out there.

  4. EZ E 09:38am, 07/29/2012

    Uncle Teddy, that previous comment came from me, EZ E, and…

    Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday tooo yooouuu,
    Haaap-pyyy Biiiiirrrrth-daaaayyyy to uncle Teeeed-dyyyyy
    Haaaaap-pyyyy Biiiirrrrth-daaaayyyy toooo YOOOOUUUUU!!!

  5. Props to the judges 09:28am, 07/29/2012

    Uncle Teddy, First of all HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! As for the fight, honestly, before the fight I considered Beltran a very LIVE dog. His last two loses vere very close decisions to undefeated fighters, Sharif Bogere and Luis Ramos Jr, both of whom entered the ring with a “silent” promotional/network edge, if you understand where I’m coming from. Lundy?? Well, although he was on a winning streak since his loss to Molina, his opponents were somewhat overrated and not on the level of Bogere and Ramos Jr. Upset?/ hmmmm… Well, kinda but not the “shocker” that many media and boxing sites allege. Don’t get me wrong, Lundy deserved to be included in the top ten of the division but he fought Beltran’s fight, refusing to take advantage of his superior overall skills.  So.. where does Lundy go from here?? Should his group try to secure a rematch or.. move on??

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