Protect Yourself at All Times

By Robert Ecksel on July 31, 2017
Protect Yourself at All Times
The fight with Conor will be even easier money than Floyd’s fight with Manny Pacquiao.

It looks like the UFC star has quite a way to go before embarking on his first “legitimate” boxing match…

It’s good to know that Conor McGregor is making progress. With his August 26 date with destiny less than a month away, the UFC star is putting the finishing touches on what will likely be a subpar performance against a master boxer.

Floyd Mayweather is also hard at work. He is preparing for the relative unknown experience of fighting a relative unknown with no boxing experience on the assumption that the fight with McGregor will be even easier money than his fight with Manny Pacquiao.

Conor has his true blue fans, but Floyd Mayweather is the man. And he knows better than we know that there’s no business like show business and the business of boxing, with its own criteria and convoluted quirks, has little to do with the impending spectacle.

But McGregor is one lucky son of a gun. He was selected against all odds as Floyd’’s reason to return to active duty. He may have been called and chosen, but Conor is taking nothing for granted. Having enlisted Hall of Fame referee Joe Cortez to teach him the rudiments of the sweet science, he is adapting, more or less, to the sissified rules of the Marquess of Queensberry.

But how that is going is open to debate.

Reportedly he is destroying sparring partners, turning monsters into bobble heads at the mercy of McGregor’s fists. But if one picture is worth a thousand words, it looks like the UFC star has quite a way to go before embarking on his first “legitimate” boxing match.

Hopefully when fight night rolls around he’ll have grasped the meaning of restraint and will refrain from hitting a man when he’s down, which, if the above photo is to be believed, is a concept McGregor has thus far failed to entertain.

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