Provodnikov vs. Rios: Blood Sport

By Ted Sares on August 20, 2015
Provodnikov vs. Rios: Blood Sport
Both men personify the savagery of boxing and both hold minimal regard for defense.

This one, if it comes off, will be bloody and brutal and the winner may turn on who has already absorbed too much punishment…

“If Team Rios wants to do it, yes. If not, we have other options in Russia…We might have even more money for Rios versus Ruslan in Russia!”—Manager Vadim Kornilov

“I think Ruslan can knock Rios out the way Rios knocked out Alvarado.”—Kornilov

“Although there would be no title at stake for Brandon Rios and Ruslan Provodnikov fight, the real fans recognize it as a big fight. Why? Because we would finally get our monies worth instead of being blinded by a light while unscrupulous promoters and managers plunder our pockets for every penny they can pinch.”—Robbie Bannatyne

Soft whispers and questionable rumors are beginning to gain traction about the possibility of these two all-action warriors meeting in the ring (though the name of Timothy Bradley loomed large as a Rios opponent until recently). If it turns out to be Rios vs. Provodnikov, we might have another Matthysse-Provodnikov or Rios-Alvarado (pick one) on our hands. Said another way, the possibility for a Fight of the Year becomes distinct.

Provodnikov (24-4) has lost three of his last five and has taken some harsh punishment. Brandon Rios (33-2-1) is coming off a brutal stoppage of whipping boy Mike Alvarado on January 24, 2015, ending their trilogy on a high note and may have gotten back his groove.

Style-wise, both men—like Gatti and Ward—personify the savagery of boxing and both hold minimal regard for defense. Neither man is inclined to surrender an inch increasing the likelihood that such a match would produce uncommon fireworks and finally test Ruslan’s ability to stay vertical, especially after eating a large supply of Rios’ patented and jolting uppercuts. On the other hand, the Russian’s late round surge of violence would test Brandon’s stamina.

Some fights are mismatches; some are fan-friendly. This one, if it comes off, is guaranteed to be bloody and brutal and the winner may turn on who has already absorbed too much ring punishment.

Ted Sares is a member of the Ring 4 Boxing Hall of Fame (New England) and a member of Ring 10 (New York). He is one of the oldest active powerlifters in the world and competes full power raw in the Grand Master Class.

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  1. Tex Hassler 06:41pm, 09/06/2015

    If these two men were lawyers they could not present a defense.

  2. Dollarbond 11:55pm, 08/21/2015

    Blood sport is right.  Love it.

  3. KB 08:25am, 08/21/2015

    Good point but when he is mid age, I hate to have his brain—or what’s left of it. This is a dangerous fight for both men. Neither one knows his limits and that’s dangerous.

  4. strongman 08:22am, 08/21/2015

    Ruslan P. is one of those fighters that do just enough to lose as LarryMerchant would put it he gives the most exciting fights but always comes a tad short of winning even though the opponent looks the worst of the exchange he gave Tim Bradley brain damage where they had to reprogram his brain the man had amnesia for a short time.

  5. KB 07:54am, 08/21/2015

    Bigscottas, agreed 100%

  6. BigScottas 07:31am, 08/21/2015

    Kb. Indeed, but this, along with GGG and Lemieux, is the breath of fresh air that boxing needs in my opinion.

  7. kb 06:19am, 08/21/2015

    Like UFC

  8. BigScottas 02:34am, 08/21/2015

    I’ll be amazed if this one goes 12. If this fight gets made, it’s going to be savagery at its finest!

  9. Big Wally 05:19pm, 08/20/2015

    This would be one I’d watch on PPV.

  10. KB 03:22pm, 08/20/2015

    Yeah yeah, but how much punishment is too much punishment for the Russian? The style match up is still a fan-friendly one and there Will BE BLOOD.

  11. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 03:02pm, 08/20/2015

    Fat chance of Rios going to Russia….Alvarado was done before he entered the ring so that doesn’t tell us much….Chaves shouldn’t have been DQd…. Rios acting entitled and like the ref’s assistant much like Winky Wright did in his bouts ....underwhelming against Pacquiao….lucky Pacquiao wasn’t “amped” like he was with Margarito et al. during that crazy ass tear through the weight classes.

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