Puerto Rico vs. JuanMa

By Robert Ecksel on March 16, 2012
Puerto Rico vs. JuanMa
Who should we believe? Those who are stinking up the joint or impartial Luis from Brooklyn?

From our Holier Than Thou Dept. comes the news that the Professional Boxing Commission of Puerto Rico has temporarily suspended Juan Manuel Lopez for opening his mouth.

Apparently, what came out of that orifice were words no one wanted to hear. Rather than cover their ears (and their eyes and mouths while they’re at it), the boxing establishment been decided to bring down the hammer on the loose-lipped former champ.

JuanMa has been ordered to appear before Alberto Arroyo, who was appointed by Dommys Delgado, President of the PR Commission.

“We made a determination to issue a temporary suspension,” said Delgado, “and scheduled a hearing for the 26th at 10:00 am, where he must show cause as to why he should not be punished. Arroyo will give us a report and we expect to have everything resolved on Tuesday or Wednesday.”

That old chestnut “justice delayed is justice denied” isn’t applicable in this case.

But what about those judges who had Lopez ahead on the scorecards? Who causes greater harm to the sport of boxing, JuanMa or officials who, to put it kindly, don’t know what the hell they’re doing?

And what about the translator who, according to Luis from Brooklyn, one of our astute posters, blew it big time.

Luis took the time to translate what JuanMa actually said after his loss to Salido.

“I’ve seen this guy gamble…he’s from my town and he has a gambling problem…I told the commission about this before the fight and it’s very irresponsible of them to have let him ref this fight. I’m going to complain to the commission.”

Who are we to believe? Those who are stinking up the joint or an impartial observer like Luis from Brooklyn?

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