Pug Ugly: Porter Decisions Broner

By Robert Ecksel on June 20, 2015
Pug Ugly: Porter Decisions Broner
It was not pretty, but Porter did what he needed to do to diminish Adrien Broner. (AP)

Shawn “Showtime” Porter decisioned Adrien Broner by scores of 114-112, 115-111, and 118-108 after 12 ugly rounds of fighting…

Saturday night at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada, former IBF World welterweight champion Shawn “Showtime” Porter (26-1-1, 16 KOs), from Las Vegas by way of Akron, Ohio, decisioned former three-division champion Adrien “The Problem” Broner (30-2, 22 KOs), from Cincinnati, Ohio, by scores of 114-112, 115-111, and 118-108 after 12 ugly rounds of fighting.

Fighting out of the red corner in blue, gold and red trunks, Porter imposed his will on Broner from the opening bell. His strategy was to apply pressure, if possible to intimidate his capable by deficient opponent by delivering barrage after barrage of wild punches.

Broner, fighting out of the blue corner in gold trunks with white trim, used every trick in the book, and some tricks not in the book, in an attempt to get Porter off his game, none of which deterred Porter from throwing punches at anything that moved, and even sometimes at things that didn’t move.

Both fighters had their moments. The fight was closer than Eric Cheek’s 118-108 score indicated, in fact much closer. But Broner, perhaps in emulation of his “big brother” Floyd Mayweather, seemed content to hold, run, and press his forearm to Porter’s throat, in lieu of throwing punches, as long as he could get away with it. He was warned several times by referee Tony Weeks for unsportsmanlike behavior, until Weeks finally deducted a point in the 11th round.

Even though Broner showed flashes of his old brilliance, he’s officially no longer an elite fighter. Porter is a tough competitor. He’s strong. He’s persistent. He was in Broner’s face from the opening bell. Broner seemed, for reasons only he can explain if he so chooses, unwilling or unable to engage. He seemed content to rely on antics that were effective against lesser fighters, but proved ineffective against Porter’s onslaught.

As the rounds seesawed back and forth, with most of the seesawing in Porter’s favor, the two fighters’ trainers summed up what was happening in the ring. Between rounds five and six, Kenny Porter told his son, “He cannot hurt you. All he can do is hold you.” In the opposite corner, Mike Stafford told Broner after round 10, “You’re fighting the wrong fight, man. You’re fighting the wrong fight.”

Broner may be incapable of fighting the right fight against someone unwilling to lay back and absorb punches. Unlike many of his opponents, Porter came to fight, and he came to win. He was no more intimidated by Broner’s flash and trash talk than he was by Broner’s punches. The Problem landed a beautiful lead left hook in the 12th and final round that dropped Porter to the canvas. It was the only knockdown in the fight. But Porter got to his feet, perhaps a little shaken, yet Broner failed to capitalize.

Bigger and better things, bigger and better fights against bigger and better fighters will define Shawn Porter’s immediate future. Adrien Broner’s future, which once looked so bright, has dimmed considerably. But amid all the uncertainty, one thing is for sure.

He is not now nor will he ever be the next Floyd Mayweather.

Broner may take comfort in that illusion.

The rest of us do not.

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Adrien Broner vs Shawn Porter full fight 20.06.2015

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  1. Kid Blast 10:29am, 06/21/2015

    “Avoiding getting hit by spacing, moving, ducking, rolling, countering etc takes skill and should be rewarded.  For instance Sergio Martinez and Mayweather at their best.  Holding, as an ever present strategy for instance Johnny Ruiz, Klitschko at his worst does not take any elite level skill, is really illegal and the so called boxing match metamorphosizes into more of an MMA or tough man contest “

  2. nicolas 09:16am, 06/21/2015

    Broner’s problem has been that he seemed never to have anyone tell him that he was not cut out for the bigger weight. Bells should have certainly rung when he beat Paulle Malignaggii by only a split decision. At best he is a Jr. Welterweight fighter, Hatton learned that he was not cut of the for welterweights when he barely beat Luis Collazo. That this fight was a catchweight of 144 certainly proved that. I had it 115-111, with the of these rounds coming in the second half.

  3. Pete The Sneak 08:53am, 06/21/2015

    Adrien AB (About Bull Spit) Broner once again showed he is not even close to the ‘B;’ side level of FMJ…I’m sure as FMJ watched Porter Bull Rush Broner all night long and Broner is unable to keep Porter off him (Hmm, a jab may have helped), FMJ must have been saying WTF is he doing? As a matter of fact, Floyd may very well tell Broner, “Look man, stop telling people I’m a brother to you and that you spar with me , you are making me look bad.”...I agree with peter, it was an ugly fight, but one I truly enjoyed watching…Peace.

  4. Kid Blast 07:37am, 06/21/2015

    And Broner IS plug ugly!

  5. Aztec Warrrior 07:28am, 06/21/2015

    Broner said after the fight:
    “Listen, I still will fight anybody,” Broner, 25, said. “It don’t matter, man. I’m a real animal. I’m an animal. This time I didn’t get the decision but it’s OK. At the end of the day, everybody in here will take my autograph and take my picture.”

    Autographs and pics…wow. That’s a long, long way from the ” Next Mayweather”, let alone billions. I haven’t felt so good about a fighter losing since December of 2013 when El Chino but this bum on his ass.

  6. Kid Blast 06:54am, 06/21/2015

    Broner is, in a word, boring

  7. Stephen 06:48am, 06/21/2015

    Let’s get real.  Broner is a punk - always has been, always will be.
    In this fight Tony Weeks was his enabler…

  8. Calfarmli 04:15am, 06/21/2015

    Broner is by FAR a Filthy fighter and the ref Mike WEEKS FINALLY DID HIS JOB IN THE 11TH ROUND. Porter certainly won that fight and exposed AB weakness.AB is good with lesser talent and guys that can’t punch.I’m totally DISGUSTED with Steve Farhood I thought he was going to cry, he truly made it known he was in AB’s corner I didn’t see the same fight he did ???. The ref did a DISGRACEFUL job letting AB get away with what he was doing,THAT’S WHAT GIVES BOXING A BAD NAME. IF I WANT TO WATCH WRESTELING.ILL WATCH WWF.

  9. raxman 02:31am, 06/21/2015

    the thing that Broner will always be exposed for is his lack of movement. really the only similarity to floyd as far as ring skill goes has been his use of the shoulder roll - but the greatest difference is in their footwork.
    broner is exposed now, and we wont be fooled by his being carefully match made with non pressure fighters. its over for him at the top level unless he is prepared to lose to guys like garcia and matthysse, i suppose a Maidana rematch will sell
    about billions? about bankrupt i’m tipping

  10. Darrell 08:32pm, 06/20/2015

    @peter, should’ve watched Lemieux v N’Dam.  That was a good fight.

  11. peter 07:47pm, 06/20/2015

    Okay. It was an ugly fight—but it was an ugly fight I enjoyed watching. I enjoyed seeing the child-like Broner dominated by a superior fighter—if not boxer. Broner held, danced and posed himself into a loss. Porter made it a fight. Porter got clocked in the last round, but he bounced up immediately and fought himself out of trouble. Broner’s colorful personality, more than his considerable skill, lured me into watching the fight tonight. But would I actually buy a ticket to watch him fight—no. He’s too silly and child-like.

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