Pulling down Eddie’s pants

By Ben Thomsett on October 21, 2018
Pulling down Eddie’s pants
The public want Deontay to fight Joshua almost like it’s a divine order being disobeyed.

The sight of Eddie Hearn’s genitals wafting free in the Autumn sunshine must have been a confusing one…

To the couple of guys standing beside the airport vending machine, barely thirty feet away from the scene, the sight of Eddie Hearn’s genitals wafting free in the Autumn sunshine must have been a confusing one. For starters, Billy Joe Saunders wasn’t even responsible. It was Tommy Coyle who knelt almost lovingly at the heels of Hearn and gripped the hems of his shorts tightly. They came down quickly and smoothly. No fuss. Textbook operation. Filmed with near perfect control by some lackey. Lots of preparation. Guffaws all around. Hearn, for his part as victim, made good in collecting his composure and pulled up the shorts in such a short period of time that I wondered if he could have made it in the pro ranks if life had been handed to him differently.

But we’re getting carried away with the homo-erotic humiliation of exposing somebody’s genitals in a public place against their will. It’s not boxing, even if jolly japes and banter seem to be the way of things right now. The karma is not how it should be. Get that straight. Want proof?

1 – Floyd is talking about fighting (variously) Pacquiao/[some MMA guy who PaddyPower have given odds of 25-1 if they meet in the ring]/anyone who’s made the news and could drum up enough interest to make a buck or two.

2 – DAZN have given enough money to Saul Alvarez that he can afford to buy an island the size of Ireland. And now, understandably, everyone who can lace up a glove are demanding their chance to fight him. Rankings and weight divisions be damned.

3 – Deontay Wilder is rumored to have been asking for a 60/40 split in any future bout with Anthony Joshua.

On point 3, Eddie Hearn apparently had this to say:

“I’m sick of tired of idiots out there who thinks he wants the fight. How stupid do you have to be to think Deontay Wilder wants this fight (against Joshua)? Just listen to what he’s saying. Boring. Boring. Boring. Mate f*** off. Mate (Wilder) you ain’t earned 3 million bucks. F*** sake. A row of beans over here, you could walk up any high street, any town, any town in the world and ask who Deontay Wilder is and no one has a f****** clue who he is. He ain’t even going to do 300 (thousand) pay per views on Showtime (against Fury) and you want 60/40 (against Joshua)? Idiot. Don’t waste out time. Don’t use Joshua’s name to gain profile and publicity. F****** waste of time. If that’s what he really thinks please don’t f****** waste my time. I’m really f****** busy.”

You have to feel for Eddie right now. DAZN are breathing down his neck for returns on their investment and promises, and the easiest way of demonstrating his ability is to make the Wilder/Joshua fight. The public want Deontay to fight Joshua almost like it’s a divine order being disobeyed, yet they don’t understand the nuances of making millions. Deontay knows this too. And he knows that when you have a baying mob on your side, people tend to open cash registers quicker and with less fuss or questions. Pants are easier to pull down too. Who said the job of Promoter was an easy one? Not me.

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  1. LOL 06:21am, 10/23/2018

    First and foremost DAZN is a BRAND NEW VENTURE. I highly doubt anyone is breathing down Hearns’ neck.

    Secondly, HE’S DELIVERING so f**k off. HE GOT CANELO…duh.

    I am tired of “boxing writers” going political. I am tired of them acting like they are relevant on these small boxing sites with little readership.

    They all sound like the clowns that make comments on threads for Boxing24 and Boxingscene. 

    Stick to reporting what happened in the ring.  DAZN financials are nobodies business.

    Boxing writers today should move to TMZ. You are all babies.

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