Quillin-Jacobs Inevitable? Think Again

By Matt Andrzejewski on April 23, 2014

A potential matchup this year between WBO Middleweight Champion Peter Quillin and Danny Jacobs seems inevitable. They are both young Middleweights entering the primes of their respective careers and both are from Brooklyn. It would be a natural for the Barclays Center which has a deal with Golden Boy who promotes both fighters. So the stars are all aligning for this fight to happen. Not so fast, however, as I think other plans are in the works.

The Quillin-Jacobs fight easily could have happened late last year. It also just as easily could have already happened in 2014. I think the reason it hasn’t is that Quillin’s management team is holding out for a much bigger potential fight and in the meantime staying busy fighting lower level opposition. The fight Quillin’s team ultimately wants to make is with Saul “Canelo” Alvarez.

Canelo is a big Junior Middleweight and will presumably have to move up to Middleweight soon. He did not make the weight limit of 154 pounds for his last fight with Alfredo Angulo. For his July bout against Erislandy Lara, Canelo negotiated a catch weight of 155 pounds. Clearly, Canelo is outgrowing the Junior Middleweight division.

Canelo is going to have to move up and soon to Middleweight. However, Golden Boy does not have many Middleweights in their stable. They do have one though that holds a belt and an undefeated record. Of course, that fighter is Peter Quillin.

Why would Quillin risk his belt and undefeated record against Jacobs when a much bigger money fight with Canelo is looming? The answer is that he will not. The Jacobs fight can be made later and still be just as big as it is a backyard rivalry.

Win or lose in July to Erislandy Lara, I expect Canelo to move up to Middleweight for his next bout presumably in November. Golden Boy has the perfect undefeated belt holder in line in Peter Quillin and will make sure nothing is done to disrupt that PPV matchup.

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