Rafael Limon vs. Bobby Chacon II

By Boxing News on April 8, 2019
Rafael Limon vs. Bobby Chacon II
Limon was 43-8-1. Bobby Chacon was 41-4. The fight was scheduled for 12 rounds.

On April 9, 1979 at the Sports Arena in Los Angeles, California, NABF super featherweight champion Rafael Limon, from Mexico City, defended his title against Bobby Chacon, from Sylmar, California. The two first fought in 1975, which ended in a UD in favor of the “Schoolboy.” Going into the rematch, Limon was 43-8-1. Chacon was 41-4. The fight was scheduled for 12 rounds…

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  1. Tony D 11:54am, 04/10/2019

    Chacon had the heart of a lion guy was a warrior!!!

  2. Lucas McCain 01:51pm, 04/08/2019

    Just checked Wikipedia.  It was Keith Jackson at the mike.

  3. Lucas McCain 01:47pm, 04/08/2019

    Their 4th bout, 3 years later, was one of the most intense fights I’ve ever seen.  I still recall the announcer (Summerall?  Brookshier?) crying “Chacon knocks him flat with a right hand with 13 seconds left!”  Bazooka got up but lost the decision.  I think I lost 5 pounds watching that one.  Don’t know if anything was worth what it cost Bobby.  I may be wrong about chronology, but I believe Bobby said goodbye to his wife Valerie in the post-fight interview (she had committed suicide, supposedly because he wouldn’t retire).

  4. bikermike 08:27pm, 04/14/2014

    These were tough match ups…..fifteen rounds…
    Today…both fights may well have been stopped.
    In those days…Chacon left chunks of himself in fights like this…paid the price..dementia at far too early an age..preceeded by iratic ..unexplainable behavior

    Ne’re the less Chacon gave us this set of fights and some others….and I ..for one am grateful to have seen them

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