Rapping with Tex, Dokes and Shavers

By Sharon Cobb on February 23, 2014
Rapping with Tex, Dokes and Shavers
Jesse Jackson is on his way over for a breakfast fundraiser for his bid for the White House.

In the 1990s, I bet y’all would have loved to have had Earnie Shavers, Michael Dokes and Tex Cobb in your living room. Well, that is if you are Mrs. Cobb. But I gotta tell ya, it looks a lot better than it sounds.

I wake up and I’ve got Shavers reading the Bible to my left, Dokes watching a porno film to my right, and my husband smoking a joint with his running shoes unlaced and jogging pants hanging low like he was 50 Cent with his joggers around his knees along with his privates.

Jesse Jackson is on his way over for a breakfast fundraiser for his bid for the White House. I have to look demure. Oh boy.

I finally get the three cows fed, sort of like three hogs and hiding the hogs later on with a man running for President, so I better especially clean the counter where the ribs were.

Ahhhh, the glamorous life.

After we host a breakfast for Rev. Jackson, Tex and I look like two pathetically ill sex toys, so we change clothes for the rap record and video we are shooting. It’s titled Than Bad and could be called a gospel rap song. So first in the video, Tex and Shavers are sparring, Dokes is the referee, and I am the ring girl and director. After two rounds, Tex is a hog again, but Shavers and Dokes are looking kinda…um…scary.

The night shoot has the guys in the red light district hitting all the bad spots, while Shavers is rapping, “Sister don’t you know there’s a better way to live, even Jesus forgave sis Mary Madeleine,” as I am doing my “bad girl” invitation. A white Donna Summer meets Elvira in a Diana Ross drag costume.

Now, are you ready for the good part? I mean the really good part. Okee dokee.

(Like the rest of this story, honest to God, this is true.) When Tex and I were getting a divorce, he told the judge I was a pimp on the side of whoring and songwriting. Tex told the judge he could prove it. And with that, Tex and his lawyer pulled out the video, with the tape showing I was a hooker, and Dokes, Shavers and Cobb were my invertors. OH YEAH. Don King had to get his cut, so he sang his coffee sort of singsong, “Only in America.”

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Michael Dokes vs Randal Randy Tex Cobb Tough FIGHT

Uncommon Valor (5/10) Movie CLIP - The Whole Can of Whup-Ass (1983) HD

Randall 'Tex' Cobb vs Earnie Shavers

Fletch Lives (3/10) Movie CLIP - Molesting a Dead Horse (1989) HD

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  1. Lucas McCain 09:22am, 06/16/2017

    I missed Sharon’s two columns the first time (s) around.  So glad one was highlighted now (June 2017).  Great stuff.  She’s at least as interesting as Tex and probably a whole lot nicer, and I was sorry to see that probably neither of the two Sharon Cobbs on Amazon is her.  The memoirs would make a wild HBO miniseries!

  2. Sharon Cobb 12:17pm, 02/25/2014

    Clarence, Hello.  Feel free to call me Sharon.
    That said, you are 100 percent right on all accounts.  The fight with Dee Collier was completely on the up and up, and had I been advising Dee, I would have taken advantage of it at that time with an agent and television and what not.  It’s too late, now.  Our kids were being born then, and wouldn’t know Tex except from a few films, now.  If you know Dee, send him my best,

    I’m not going to comment on the SI thing any further, but like I said, you were right on all accounts.

  3. Clarence George 01:41pm, 02/24/2014

    Sharon (if I may be so bold to call you by your first name):  You’re referring, I assume, to your former husband’s initially successful lawsuit against “Sports Illustrated,” which was later reversed on appeal because the judge determined that the magazine hadn’t been deliberately malicious in writing that his fight with Sonny Barch was fixed.  Say the fight was straight (as was the one against Collier), but if Cobb and Barch were indeed high on cocaine, there was no choice but to change hubby’s win to a no contest.  Separate issue, of course, from the unproven claim that the fix was in.

  4. Eric 01:35pm, 02/24/2014

    @Ted, thanks for the link. Would love to have seen that bout. Had no idea that Cobb was ever stopped.  That would have been a surreal moment to watch Cobb get floored 4 times in one round. Also I never knew that Cobb was also floored by Eddie Gregg. I remember Gregg mostly from his losing bout against Cooney but I also remember that Gregg was a top 10 contender for a brief period. Never heard of Dee Collier though. Gerry Cooney vs. Tex Cobb would have been a good bout in the early ‘80’s. Anytime between ‘81-‘83, a Cobb-Cooney bout would have been interesting. The immovable object vs the irresistible force. I pick Cooney to do what I thought was the impossible and stop Cobb.

  5. Sharon Cobb 10:19am, 02/24/2014

    You hit it on the “money.” Thing is, if no one has heard of any of the fighters since Dee Collier (except Leon Spinks, 3-18-88) including 5 fights in a month, what does that tell ya?? Can you say :Sports Illustrated?”

  6. Sharon Cobb 10:14am, 02/24/2014

    You are correct. I didn’t go back and read the story, but I don’t recall a knockdown rule, and Tex was knocked down 4 times? But yes, Dee spanked him hard in the first round and deserves his kudos.

  7. Ted 08:26am, 02/24/2014

    To this day, Tex Cobb remains a great fan favorite and a virtual legend in his own time, but a guy named Collier just kind of faded away. Yet for the many who worship at the Shrine of Cobb, let there be no doubt that he had his lunch eaten in Reseda on October 29, 1985 and the guy who did the eating, Dee Collier, should get his due as well.

  8. Ted 07:29am, 02/24/2014

    Eric, here you go:

  9. Pete The Sneak 05:57am, 02/24/2014

    “as I am doing my “bad girl” invitation. A white Donna Summer meets Elvira in a Diana Ross drag costume.”

    LOL…Now that would have been worth the price of admission to see…Great stuff Sharon!...Peace.

  10. Clarence George 03:31am, 02/24/2014

    Interesting to note that Cobb’s loss to Collier was the last defeat of his career.

    Ted:  Irish’s characteristically amusing observation makes me wonder if you shouldn’t have spelled “veneer” as “veener.”  He’s a naughty influence, to be sure, but he tends to say nice things about my articles.  Frankly, that’s my only criterion.

  11. Eric 02:59am, 02/24/2014

    I had no idea that Tex Cobb was knocked out in one round by Dee Collier. Never heard of this bout or Dee Collier for that matter. Saw a bout featuring Collier on Youtube against Orlin Norris yesterday. Can’t believe this is the man that floored Cobb four times in the first round. Wonder if this fight was “legit?” Cobb wasn’t in his prime circa 1985, but still, Dee Collier?

  12. Clarence George 02:48am, 02/24/2014

    Did you notice, Irish, that Mrs. Cobb’s article immediately follows Robert’s “Let it Come Down”?  Coincidence?  I think not!

  13. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 10:19pm, 02/23/2014

    Sharon Cobb-“with his joggers around his knees along with his privates”.....I find this to be a very odd turn of phrase….but if true would indicate that someone had a Priapus class member.

  14. Eric 01:16pm, 02/23/2014

    Speaking of Je$$e, Al $harpton always reminded me of a large mouth bass, especially since he’s lost all that weight. Facially, at least, $harpton is a dead ringer for that popular game fish.  Always loved to watch Tex Cobb on film. Very underrated actor and as funny on film as he appeared to be in person. Loved the movie and Cobb’s character in “Raising Arizona.” Always wanted to see the Cobb-Mercado bout back from the early eighties. Mercado was yet another huge banger with a weak chin. You have to wonder even if a George Foreman could have scored a clean knockout over Cobb. Unbelievable chin. Cobb belongs on boxing’s version of Mount Rushmore for greatest chins of all-time. Tough man.

  15. Ted 12:15pm, 02/23/2014

    Eric has the beat

  16. Clarence George 10:54am, 02/23/2014

    True enough, Ted, but I do indeed think there’s a resemblance.

    While I’ve had a bellyful of politics for the time being, Eric, I can’t resist voicing my agreement with you on Jackson and his rhymed couplets unsuccessfully posing as thought.

  17. Ted 09:28am, 02/23/2014

    CG, Joe Don had a cleaner veneer.

  18. Ted 09:27am, 02/23/2014

    Holy shit! Good stuff, gal!

  19. Eric 09:07am, 02/23/2014

    teehee. Tex Cobb was truly beautiful as “Ben Dover.” Haven’t seen that movie or clip in ages. Will watch it again. One of the few funny bits or movies that Chevy Chase ever made. Speaking of Joe Don Baker. They should have had Tex play the part of Buford Pusser in the remake of “Walking Tall.” Certainly would have been more believable than the Dewayne Johnson.

  20. Eric 08:20am, 02/23/2014

    Hmmmm, which would gross me out more? Seeing Tex Cobb’s package, seeing Dokes disrespect Shavers by watching a seedy porn while Shavers is reading the Bible, or attending a fundraiser for the “reverend” Je$$e Jack$on. No contest. Listening to the “reverend” spew his vitriol and hate over my pancakes would make me puke.

  21. Clarence George 05:15am, 02/23/2014

    I like it.  I like the style—breezy and rat-a-tat-tat.  Good-looking filly, too.  Speaking of looks, Cobb reminds me a bit of the actor Joe Don Baker.

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