Razor Ruddock Seeks Title

By Ted Sares on August 16, 2015
Razor Ruddock Seeks Title
I wouldn’t mind seeing 50-year-old Bronco Billy Wright fight Donovan “Razor” Ruddock.

Since his loss to Tommy Morrison in 1995 (a thriller in which both men hit the deck), Razor has won 12 in a row…

“I’ve been in the ring with Tyson, all these guys, and I’m telling you: I feel better now, than I did back then.”—Razor Ruddock

“Many pugilists will look at Ruddock as a dangerous opponent for the fact that if they lose, their credibility as a fighter will be damaged. Should Ruddock shock the world and actually beat a top level competitor, he could wind up getting a shot at the title. But the chances of that happening are very unlikely.”—Kitson Vincent

“Even if he’s old, you can’t take nobody lightly. And the last thing you lose is punching power.”—Eric Barrak

Donovan “Razor” Ruddock won his second fight in a row on May 22 in his unlikely comeback after an almost 15-year break and he did it at the age of 51. His first comeback bout was a shocking and controversial fifth round stoppage of 45-year-old Nigerian-born Raymond “Mount Kilimanjaro” Olubowale (10-6-1) this past March. See: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P6a5ecTPWuk

The Canadian (by way of Jamaica) now sports a 40-5-1 record as he beat 37-year–old compatriot Eric “Boom” Barrak (8-3) by MD in a six-rounder in Quebec.

Razor, who prides himself on his physical fitness, is set to fight Dillon “Big Country” Carman (8-2) on September 11, 2015 in Toronto with the Canadian heavyweight title at stake (a title Razor once held). The fight is scheduled for 10 rounds and the shorter distance will definitely benefit the older Ruddock. He showed in his two fights this year that he still has power in both hands.

Big Country

As for the present titleholder, “Big Country” Carman is 29 years old. He won the vacant Canadian title on October 25, 2014 by defeating Eric Bahaoeli, and will be making his first title defense. He has been a pro for only four years and lacks Ruddick’s considerable experience which includes tough and exciting fights with the likes of Mike Tyson twice, Mike Weaver, Lennox Lewis, Michael Dokes, and Tommy Morrison. Fact is, Ruddock was once regarded as one of the best heavyweight boxers in the world. Interestingly, since his loss to Morrison in 1995 (a thriller in which both men hit the deck), Razor has won 12 in a row.

Whether his body will respond to this challenge at age 51 remains to be seen, but the thinking here is that Carman will be in for a tough night.

And if one likes to do fantasy matchups, mine would be getting big 50-year-old Bronco Billy Wright (48-4) to fight Ruddock.

Ted Sares is a member of the Ring 4 Boxing Hall of Fame (New England) and a member of Ring 10 (New York). He is one of the oldest active powerlifters in the world and competes full power raw in the Grand Master Class.

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Donovan "Razor" Ruddock vs Raymond Olubowale full fight 28.03.2015

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  1. KB 07:46am, 09/12/2015


  2. nicolas 07:39am, 09/12/2015

    KB: Can I ever trust you again.

  3. KB 07:21pm, 09/11/2015

    Razor got iced by Carman. It’s over

  4. Tex Hassler 02:34pm, 08/20/2015

    Ruddock is as close to a title now as he will ever be.

  5. KB 08:10pm, 08/17/2015

    nicolas, RR will ice Big Country in the 6th ot 7th round. Trust me.

  6. nicolas 08:04pm, 08/17/2015

    If this Big Country is better than the opponent shown here, I don’t necessarily think that Ruddock will do well. He had one fight since, a majority decision win. Funny though this guy who is Candadian heavyweight champ has a 8-2 record, and has fought for four years. If he beats Ruddock, maybe George Chuvalo will make a comeback and regain the heavyweight championship.

  7. KB 07:41am, 08/17/2015

    I LIKE THAT!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Mike Casey 07:32am, 08/17/2015

    Can’t reveal too much at the moment, Ted, but I am very close to resurrecting and digitally re-mastering Sonny Liston.

  9. KB 06:39pm, 08/16/2015

    Thanks lad. great point about Big George. Everyone wants to be the oldest champ but the new norm in not yet 50.

  10. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 05:23pm, 08/16/2015

    Young bull and an old bull on the hill overlooking a herd of heifers. Young bull: Let’s gallop down and hump a couple of those honeys. Old bull: Let’s amble down and hump’em all.

  11. John aka L.L. Cool John 02:46pm, 08/16/2015

    I wonder if the Trump cap is made in the USA? Most caps aren’t anymore.
    FYI: Ruddock’s going to get himself hurt badly. George Foreman created a monster when he made his comeback later in life. Now everyone feels they too can accomplish what Big George did.
    Thanks for the info on Ruddock, Ted.

  12. kb 10:02am, 08/16/2015

    Trump. WTF. He’s everywhere

  13. Eric 08:29am, 08/16/2015

    See a pop-up on this site for a Trump cap. Have to check it out. teehee.
    $$$$ Trump $$$$. Just kidding with ya.

  14. Eric 08:26am, 08/16/2015

    Ruddock didn’t look too bad in the clip provided. Donovan no longer has that trim impressive physique that he sported back in the day, he looked pretty flabby. Still remember his breakout fight with Mike Weaver.

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