Read My Lips

By Robert Ecksel on July 15, 2017
Read My Lips
The fighters have been unafraid to look and sound preposterous. (Matthew Lewis/Getty)

The Bad Lip Reader, an anonymous 20-something music and video producer, parodies showbiz and political royalty…

The August 26 fight between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor is just six weeks away. If you haven’t purchased a ticket I suggest you do it now, because the fight isn’t just the Greatest Show on Earth, it’s the Greatest Show in the Universe, and those who think otherwise need to think again (and again and again), or until such time as thinking becomes annoying.

One way of determining a fight’s greatness before it occurs is by calculating the amount of pre-fight publicity the occasion generates. In the case of Mayweather-McGregor, the press has been a witches’ brew of breathlessness and disbelief. But when all is said and done, when the sting of having been had recedes until the next time, we’ll be able to say we participated in the event, assuming a consumer participates in anything other than his or her own gullibility.

For those unwilling or unable to pay to watch what, in effect, is a glorified exhibition, all is not lost. The rerun will be available before you can say “bamboozled.” And the hoopla preceding the bout, which has been available free of charge, will likely be more entertaining than the fight itself.

Still, the bout’s significance cannot be overstated. Aside from the hundreds of millions in revenue the fight will generate, the two fighters are masterful trash talkers, which doesn’t mean that the things they have said during the multi-city presser cannot be bettered, and perhaps substantially.

A distortion of that unreality was recently released by the Bad Lip Reader, the anonymous 20-something music and video producer who made a name for himself by parodying showbiz and political royalty.

Mayweather and McGregor may be categorically ascendant, at least for now, but they are performers who, at least until someone put words in their mouths, have been unafraid to look and sound preposterous.

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  1. Old Yank 02:23pm, 07/16/2017

    Robert—Bolt and Phelps are the fastest men on earth. How low an IQ must one have to believe Bolt could beat Phelps at 100m in the pool?

    Love your tongue in cheek piece.

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