Real Life by a Real Fighter

By Robert Mladinich on January 21, 2012
Real Life by a Real Fighter
Anderson is currently serving a sentence of life without parole for murdering his promoter

From the first day of its resurrection, has dared to be different. Unlike so many of the other websites that promulgate propaganda and act as nothing more than PR lackeys for fighters, promoters and television networks, we offer thoughtful opinions and unique new voices.

Over the past few months we have published several stories on imprisoned former journeyman heavyweight Tim “Doc” Anderson. Fighting the likes of George Foreman, Larry Holmes in April of 1991, and Jimmy Young, he compiled a 27-16-1 (13 KOs) record between 1983 and 1992.

Anderson is currently serving a prison sentence of life without parole for shooting to death his promoter, Rick “Elvis” Parker, in an Orlando, Florida, hotel room in April 1995. The shooting was extremely controversial, making Anderson, a Chicago native, quite possibly the most sympathetic convicted murderer in the country.

More details on his compelling case can be found on this website by this author. 

Anderson, a onetime minor league pitcher in the Chicago Cubs organization, has proven to be quite prolific as a poet, so it is our honor and privilege to publish his second piece of work.

Real Life by Tim “Doc” Anderson

True friends fake the answer; never
So follow your intuition and you’ll be clever

Fake friends will confuse the issue with the totally wrong answer
Like Santa’s reindeer were really male, right Dancer and Prancer

Male reindeer shed their antlers by mid-December and are caribou
Females shed their antlers in the spring, but the look is déjà vu

Even the Antarctic’s northern tundra can shed some light
Because humans are gullible and do things deliberately, out of spite

We tend to believe Eliot Ness and the Untouchables caught Al Capone
But actually it was Frank Wilson of the IRS that set him in stone

What did we learn about human behavior today
That maybe life is a metaphor, suffice it to say

Anderson welcomes correspondence from readers. Enclose a few stamps and you will be sure to get an answer. He can be contacted at:

Timothy Anderson
DC #538979
Florida State Prison
7819 NW 228th Street
Raiford, Florida 32026-1190

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  1. Sam Dobbins 12:25am, 05/14/2014

    Tim whats up brother, its been a while, Hardee c.i. we used to work out together. i introduced you to the lovely PLANKS,I used to work your butt on them. will drop you a line now i got your address..Sam i am,

  2. larry summersett 12:10pm, 03/14/2014

    Have not heard from my boxing pal in awhile.Tim, I am still here for you.I have moved from ft.myers back to daytona.I pray that someday soon you will be set free.

  3. larry summersett 09:34am, 05/26/2012

    Tim is a good friend of mine. We fought 25 years ago in Daytona Beach Fl. He got messed up with a crooked promoter that caused him to be where he is today. Tim, keep your head up and one day I believe that God will set you back in society where you belong. I am pulling for you.

  4. pugknows 07:39pm, 01/21/2012

    Thanks Robert for keeping this front and center. I shall spread the word.

  5. Bob 03:29pm, 01/21/2012

    Thank you, Thresher. The ironic thing about Doc is his resilience and positive outlook despite his circumstances. You always feel better after visiting him or hearing from him. He always signs off his letters with, “Riding Out the Storm.” He’s a good man who got caught up in some crazy stuff. Even his jury foreman believes he does not deserve the sentence he received.

  6. the thresher 09:26am, 01/21/2012

    Great stuff, Bob. Makes me proud to be here as a writer and contributor.

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