Real Life by a Real Fighter II

By Robert Mladinich on March 28, 2012
Real Life by a Real Fighter II
“I have a tremendous amount of faith and will," Doc wrote, before quoting Mahatma Gandhi.

Over the past few months we have published several stories on imprisoned former journeyman heavyweight Tim “Doc” Anderson. Fighting the likes of George Foreman, Larry Holmes and Jimmy Young, he compiled a 27-16-1 (13 KOs) record between 1983 and 1992.

He is currently serving a prison sentence of life without parole for shooting to death his promoter, Rick “Elvis” Parker, in an Orlando, Florida, hotel room in April 1995. The shooting was extremely controversial and it made Anderson, a Chicago native, quite possibly the most sympathetic convicted murderer you will ever meet.

More details on his unique and compelling case can be found in other articles by this author on this website. 

Anderson, a onetime minor league pitcher in the Chicago Cubs organization, has proven to be quite prolific as a poet and social observer.

“I have a tremendous amount of faith and will,” he wrote in his most recent letter.

He then quoted Mahatma Gandhi by saying, “Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from indomitable will.”

“I have both,” proclaimed the 53-year-old Anderson, an eternal optimist who said he is “amazed and excited” that he is “stronger, more ripped, cut up, harder and training harder than I ever have. I’m pumped.”

Among other things, Anderson credits his friendship with Clint Calkins, a former pro fighter who currently promotes boxing in Iowa for much of his positive energy. Calkins first wrote to Anderson in 1997. He said that after seeing Anderson beat former football star Mark Gastineau a few years earlier, he was determined to become a prizefighter himself.

Although Anderson was in prison, he became like a surrogate brother to Calkins, who amassed a record of 3-11 (2 KOs) while competing as a light heavyweight and a cruiserweight between 1995 and 2005. Anderson now serves as an advisor to Calkins in his promotional endeavors.

“Clint has made me so proud, and he has shared his life with me for over 14 years, from a young man with potential to a man anyone would admire,” wrote Anderson. “He loves my poems and he thinks I should write a book of poems. It has you feeling euphoric, even in my situation. I have great people in my corner.” 

In the latest installment of Anderson’s poems, he weighs in on religion which he has been studying with the same enthusiasm and exuberance in which he lives his life despite his unfortunate circumstances. 

Is Religion a Cult?
By Tim “Doc” Anderson

Religion in this world is like an ever-shifting and quite delusional kaleidoscope
And as Freud describes religious beliefs as a protection against suffering with fixated hope
No matter how much we want to believe, otherwise we are suddenly in a different life
And the truth is that we are not in control as the unfolding of our experiences is often strife
We can in some ways influence and even have an impact on what happens each and every day
But you can’t wake up every morning and decide what we will encounter or feel, though you can pray

Invariably, when we think we’ve finally gotten some aspect of ourselves under control
The fear arises with an astonishingly primal physical anxiety coursing through to the soul
With promises as we’re only human, vulnerable, helpless, then to grow old, get sick and then die
Or the causes of this virtual mind with its anger, joy, lust, pride, hope and the many a goodbye
Is there a quality of happiness as conditions in our life change that will not ever disappear
Could it be Jesus, Buddha, Allah or another answer that is inherent in us through faith and fear
Did God create Man or did Man create God?

Readers are urged to drop Anderson a line. Send some stamps and you will be sure to get a reply. He can be reached at:

Timothy Anderson
DC #538979
Florida State Prison
7819 NW 228th Street
Raiford, Florida 32026-1190

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  1. the thresher 06:34pm, 03/28/2012

    Great stuff, Bob. I just sent Tim one of my books via BoxerBelle

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