Redrum: Canelo Murders Angulo

By Robert Ecksel on March 8, 2014
Redrum: Canelo Murders Angulo
Angulo’s face was a mess. He was a big target. He was a sitting duck. (Naoki Fukuda)

Saturday night at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas Nevada, Canelo Alvarez pounded overmatched Alfredo Angulo, leading to a welcome 10th round stoppage…

Saturday night at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas Nevada, Saul “Canelo” Alvarez (43-1-1, 31 KOs), from Juanacatlán, Jalisco, Mexico, stopped overmatched Alfredo “El Perro” Angulo (22-4, 18 KOs), from Coachella, California, by way of Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico, at :43 of the 10th, without Angulo winning a round.

Fighting out of the blue corner in yellow trunks with black trim, Canelo came into the fight as the betting and fan favorite. In part because the fight was on pay-per-view, in part because hope springs eternal, many thought the fight might be competitive.

Unfortunately, tragically, painfully, it wasn’t even close.

Angulo, fighting out of the red corner in black trunks trimmed in silver, had next to nothing to fight off Canelo. El Perro started slowly, and he ended slowly, eating hard punches repeatedly throughout the fight, which was mercifully stopped by referee Tony Weeks before something terrible happened.

The tenor of the fight was established in round one. Canelo was fast. Canelo was strong. He was driving Angulo back, forcing him to fight off his back foot, and began throwing bombs at the opening bell. His left hook, straight right and uppercut landed seemingly at will. All Angulo was doing was absorbing punishment. The few times he let his hands go, his punches were slower than slow, lacked snap, and there was no game plan that was visible or to speak of. The round was so one-sided it could have been scored 10-8. That’s how bad it was.

Angulo’s trainer, Virgil Hunter, implored him between rounds to “Wake up.” Not that it did much good. Canelo’s confidence was already soaring. His movement and diversified attack was more than Angulo bargained for. He offered little resistance and no defense against Canelo’s bombardment. After three rounds, Canelo had landed a whopping 64% of his power punches, and El Perro’s face was busting up.

Canelo continued to dish it out. He rocked Angulo. He stunned Angulo. He took Angulo places he might not want to revisit anytime soon. Boxing can be great when fights are competitive. But at the end of four rounds, the fight felt less like a contest than a human sacrifice.

Canelo slowed down somewhat in round five. All that punching may have worn him out. But he couldn’t miss Angulo, whose head was rocking back and forth, whose eyes were swelling, and who followed his opponent around the ring, obedient like a beaten dog.

Between rounds five and six, Virgil Hunter offered words of encouragement. “C’mon son,” he said. “You’ve got him. Keep your hands up. He’s only throwing one punch at a time. He’s getting tired.” I’d have said the same thing if I were in his position.

The sixth was more of the same. Angulo was getting slaughtered. When the round was over Canelo’s corner told him, “He can take a punch. This guy can take it.” And so he can. And so he did.

At that point Angulo had landed 52 of 471 punches, or 11%. What more needs to be said?

It continued in the seventh. It continued in the eighth. Angulo’s face was a mess. He was walking straight in. He was a big target. He was a sitting duck. No one can question his heart. No one can question his bottom. Round eight was Angulo’s best round of the fight, he landed 27 of 100 punches, but it wasn’t enough to win the round, or to make the thrashing any more enjoyable.

Angulo was little more than a human punching bag in round nine. There were moments when he fought back, but they were fleeting moments, futile moments, and an early stoppage seemed not just likely but desirable.

That desire, unlike the desire that fighters be evenly matched, was satisfied just seconds into round 10. At the same time as I asked myself how much punishment is too much punishment, Tony Weeks jumped in and waved off the fight, inciting the expected mini-scandal.

The crowd, testosterone-driven and bloodthirsty, howled its displeasure. Angulo and his corner objected to the stoppage. He hadn’t gone down. He wanted to keep fighting. Fighting is what he does and fighting is what he knows. It would have taken a miracle for Angulo to KO Canelo, but miracles happen in boxing, however infrequently, and maybe a miracle was in the cards. But we’ll never know since Tony Weeks did what he’d been hired to do by acting responsibly on the fighter’s behalf.

If only Golden Boy and Showtime had been that conscientious.

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  1. Clarence George 01:36am, 03/12/2014

    Andrew:  “Murder” spelled backwards, from Stephen King’s “The Shining.”

  2. andrew 06:35pm, 03/10/2014

    Can anyone tell me what “redrum” means? Dyslexic homicide?

  3. Eric 02:25pm, 03/09/2014

    El Bastardo Magnifico, Kirkland would be one tough hombre, if he couldn’t beat carrot top, I guarantee you, Ann Wolfe would. That woman is an animal.

  4. Clarence George 12:26pm, 03/09/2014

    “Stuff Stephanie in the Incinerator”—I find that title too subtle, Irish, too oblique.

  5. EL BASTARDO MAGNIFICO 11:17am, 03/09/2014

    100% agree with ya Eric. I don’t think the brain trust for Canelo are going to go for it- what about Kirkland- do you think that will happen- maybe 50 cent can put some cent into that one and that gets done- do you see that is viable and good but dangerous match up for Canelo??? I either grossly underestimated Canelo or Alfredo just aint the same guy of the last few fights, or or or…....

  6. El Bastardo Magnifico 11:14am, 03/09/2014

    Ye of bigger better faith than I eye GTC. At the beginning of the year I pencil into my calendar fights that clearly should be made and come Dec 31 they will not be—1) Sergio vs GGG- don’t think so and shame on HBO 2) Stevenson vs Kovalev - Kathy you have much more faith than I!!!- don’t think so and shame on HBO 3) Manny vs Floyd - well that one is obvious 4) Keith Thurman vs Broner- they were both WBA champs in the same weight class- nope nope - shame on Showtime 5) Danny Garcia vs Broner- nope nope-shame on showtime 6) Mikey Garcia vs Uchiyama who was numero uno or number two by boxrec and I believe the Trans ratings- on that one we have Jim Lampley on video telling Michael Woods that he can’t think of anybody at the weight for Mikey to fight!!!  I don’t even know where you class that comment in the respect depo - look at the Japanese record and defences made and his ratings- now I am not saying he beats Mikey, or vice versa- but “nobody” in the class to fight Mikey- my oh my!!!

  7. Eric 11:10am, 03/09/2014

    @El Bastardo Magnifico, I agree that GGG might face a manslaughter charge if he and Canelo ever got into the ring. I’ve heard that Canelo did pretty good in a sparring session with GGG, but we’ve seen that sparring sessions are meaningless in predicting fights. Just threw out GGG as an opponent that would at least be worthy of a PPV bout. The bout might not be competitive, but at least it would appeal to those wanting to see Canelo move up and try to take another title from a dominant champion.  I’m sure that GGG isn’t even being considered by Canelo at the moment, but who knows, maybe down the road. Canelo certainly wouldn’t enjoy a huge weight advantage over Golovkin

  8. El Bastardo Magnifico 11:06am, 03/09/2014

    Sorry, one last thing Irish on this pay thing. You have to consider the chicken shit pay these poor warriors get for the bulk of the careers leading up to these “big’ paydays. Look at a premium guy like Sergio- piss load of fights by the time he met the Tijuana Tornado (in Vegas was that one?) and got the living shizer kicked out of him for $800 big dollars? Look at a guy like Mr. Blood and Guts personified, Marvin Hagler- up to his title fight- was earning the big max of $2000- was like Sergio into the forty fight range at that point!!!

  9. George Thomas Clark 11:03am, 03/09/2014

    A few years ago, Canelo and Golovkin sparred, at Big Bear, I think.  The report by a witness, from one of the boxing magazines, indicated Golovkin was stronger and better.  No matter,  This is a very attractive fight, and one that may happen since I doubt Mayweather would take on GGG at 160.  At 154, he might agree.

  10. El Bastardo Magnifico 11:01am, 03/09/2014

    The numbers kinda remind me Irish of the horseshit that Top Rank and Golden Boy release on the big fights-“Sold out in 24 hours”, “Fight totally sold out” - pure bullshit of course depending on your definition of “soldout”- the bulk of the premium floor seats are gone in 50 seconds ( or less it would appear- I gotta be careful on that one) to ticket resellers, primarily based on the East Coast ( I will leave it to your imagination to pick the States of ticket reciprocity- not hard to imagine)- usually right up to fight time there is a load of tickets still marked wayyyy above the face value ready, willing, and able to be resold- it is the subject of a class action lawsuit involving ticket resell on NFL games- that lawsuit may bring big changes to how sport tickets are redistributed or how events are “sold out” and how premium tickets are unavailable two seconds after the electronic windows open. Adios Irish and have a pleasant Sunday to all lads.

  11. El Bastardo Magnifico 10:54am, 03/09/2014

    The Watsons were in his pre-fight corner, which means Al Hayman manager, Virgil as trainer- so if you have the usual 60/40 split, take into account taxes etc, he will be lucky if he is slightly over $200,000. I remember having a laugh Irish with Timmy Bradley having bumped into him and his Dad literally in a clothing store. We were talking about the grand illusion of what is released as to how much you were getting “paid” on the contract- that is the big press release but not in the pocket- I think it was his Casamayor fight for $1mill ( i might have the wrong fight) and I guessed he was taking home after all expenses around $250,000- both he and his Dad chuckled and nodded. PS and that 60/40 is the usual - I do not know what Al’s arrangements are with his fighter- I have been told that Manny Steward used to take a 50/50 on Hearns and most of the big Kronk guys

  12. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 10:30am, 03/09/2014

    EL BASTARDO-How much do you think El Perro will take home from his $850,000 purse after expenses?

  13. EL BASTARDO MAGNIFICO 10:23am, 03/09/2014

    Canelo vs Golovkin Eric? I don’t see Canelo going six rounds with triple G but then I sure picked the wrong Alpha Dog last night and I am in the Doghouse on this lovely Dog Day Afternoon!!! I suspect young Saul and team will watch intently the Cotto vs Martinez scrap to see how much mileage the winner has on them. After all Canelo said it best last night after the fight- “I will do what is best for my career.” They sure saw something in Angulo that I missed. Alfredo looked shot from the get go- no zip in his punches that were for the most part patty cake patty cake. Alfredo seems like one hell of a nice kid, great sense of humor, lovely daughter etc,  and given his propensity to go forward with his face eating leather he may want to sit down with his family and have a serious look at his career.

  14. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 10:21am, 03/09/2014

    Clarence George-Lloyd, who graduated from a prestigious Ivy League school also produced “Stuff Stephanie in the Incinerator”.

  15. Clarence George 10:10am, 03/09/2014

    I’m not familiar with “Poultrygeist,” Irish, but you remind me that tonight is “The Walking Dead.”

  16. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 10:00am, 03/09/2014

    Clarence George- “It is up to us to produce better quality movies.” (Steven Spielberg).....gotcha!.....actually (Lloyd Kaufman) Producer of “Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead”.

  17. NYIrish 09:47am, 03/09/2014

    Didja hear the one about the Irish travelling salesman…

  18. Clarence George 09:45am, 03/09/2014

    Safe bet that an Alvarez ancestor was an Irish Catholic member of the Saint Patrick’s Battalion, which fought on the side of Mexico against the U.S. during the Mexican-American War.

  19. Eric 09:35am, 03/09/2014

    Joe Namath: “I like my Johnnie Walker red and my women blonde.”

    teehee. I’m only jokingly calling Canelo an Irishman. I have no clue what his ethnic and/or racial makeup is, but the kid sure looks like somewhere along the line some Irish blood got in there. BTW, I picked the Dawg and it sure ain’t the first time I’ve ever been wrong about a fight, a sporting event or anything else. Like a lot of people, I picked Denver in the Super Bowl too.

  20. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 09:09am, 03/09/2014

    I’m all in with Pope Francis….no Johnny Black Soda for me…It’ll be Johnny Black Neat all the way til Easter!

  21. ROB 09:04am, 03/09/2014

    Why are Irish people trying to now claim Canelo? He has never said anything about being or having any Irish in him and as far as I know he has no Irish ties

  22. ROB 09:00am, 03/09/2014

    So everyone knew that Canelo would walk through him even after watching Angulo nearly upend the well touted Lara? You boxing geniuses really floor me! It was a good matchup and no one knew that Canelo would be so superior to Angulo no matter what they say on “Monday morning”. It’s boxing sometimes it’s a great fight and a war, sometimes it’s a tactical chess match and sometimes it’s a flash stoppage or a one sided beat down. That’s what makes it interesting

  23. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 08:45am, 03/09/2014

    Canelo/Lara? know what you can do with that one….bring on Kirkland….let’s have some fun here for a change!

  24. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 08:41am, 03/09/2014

    Just in….Pope Francis just announced that he’s giving up weed for Lent!

  25. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 08:31am, 03/09/2014

    I could be wrong for the zillionth time but…..I’m thinkin’ that Garcia will have a better game plan for Maidana than “Obi-Wan Kenobi” Virgil Hill had for El Perro.

  26. Eric 07:59am, 03/09/2014

    Mike Tyson: ” I broke my back.”
    Jim Gray: “What do you mean by that.”
    Mike Tyson: “My back is broken.”

    Jim Gray is a close friend of Kobe Bryant. Nuff said.

  27. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 07:54am, 03/09/2014

    Erislandy Lara-Don’t go away mad….just go away….you have the boxing style that only a mother and Fidel Castro could love.

  28. andrew 07:41am, 03/09/2014

    Mike Griffin has consistently shown he can see when a fighter needs to be protected from his own bravery. He also is in shape and athletic enough to intervene in time. Since HBO has televised fights in Montreal why haven’t they managed to have him referee fights in major venues?

  29. Pete The Sneak 07:34am, 03/09/2014

    Jim Gray is the Laurence Coles of interviewers….Peace.

  30. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 07:27am, 03/09/2014

    Tony Weeks just might be the best referee in the business, Virgil Hill is a legend in his own mind, and Jim Gray reminds me of my jerk ass brother-in-law.

  31. Eric 06:00am, 03/09/2014

    Canelo vs. Golovkin.

  32. andrew 05:14am, 03/09/2014

    As long as bloodthirsty so-called fans keep paying for this kind of mismatch we will continue to be subjected to them instead of enjoying competitive contests between top fighters.
    At least some good would come of it if Doughboy Smoger and White Cane Cole were forced to observe a competent referee stop a slaughter before it is too late.

  33. Eric 05:10am, 03/09/2014

    My prediction was pretty close. I called it a tko victory in 8-9 rounds,  just picked the wrong fighter. Congrats to the Irish Mexican. I wouldn’t shell out cabbage for any PPV fight, but I was fooled into thinking this would be at least an evenly contested Mexican type slugfest. The Dawg turned out to be more chihuahua than bulldog, ese.

  34. Pete The Sneak 04:58am, 03/09/2014

    Certainly thought Perro would have at least been competitive in the early rounds, trying to overcome Canelo with an early barrage before it got ugly…Seems it was ugly for Perro from the opening bell to the stoppage….I picked Canelo to win by TKO in the 9th, but only after he (Perro) would have had some moments early on. Looks like the only moments he wasn’t getting beat down was when he was sitting on his stool between rounds….Oh well, the only good thing (for me) is that I didn’t pay to watch this….Peace.

  35. Clarence George 03:16am, 03/09/2014

    Toe to Toe, is it?  More like Fist to Face.

    “Obedient like a beaten dog.”  Well said, and may it be said of those fans still willing to shell out what surely must be increasingly finite dollars for overhyped matches that either promise nothing (Mayweather-Alvarez) or that don’t even come close to living up to whatever promise they made, such as—oh, I don’t know—Alvarez-Angulo.

  36. Mike Schmidt 02:32am, 03/09/2014

    Annnd- superb write up. Little game plan, Weeks acting responsibly…etc. And by the by…how Canelo’s brother was ranked numero ten coming into his arse kicking at the hands of a guy way smaller and clearly not yet in fight condition….nahhhhhh

  37. Mike Schmidt 02:25am, 03/09/2014

    1) The better man won for sure (down in flames I go on that one- with Lara prediction etc 2) No idea why anybody would have questioned the stoppage- not sure I would have even let him out of the corner for that last round 3) No game plan from the Angulo team that I could see from the opening bell and Alfredo having been with Virgil a period of time now showed zero if even less in the avoid punishment area- looked dry and sluggish and got pounded as soon as three seconds off the bell get go 4) Angulo had zero zip on his punches- looked as if he left his mojo back at the gym 5) Virgil Hunter after the fight-Alfredo was coming on-REALLY 6) Paulli Mag comments after the fight bang on as were Brian K’s 7) Jim Gray in ring question after the fight “What did you think of the referee’s poor decision to stop the fight..REALLY??

  38. Mike Casey 01:51am, 03/09/2014

    Here’s Johnny!

  39. NYIrish 12:54am, 03/09/2014

    That pretty much covers it.

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