Reefer Madness—Chavez Jr. Comes Clean

By Robert Ecksel on September 25, 2012
Reefer Madness—Chavez Jr. Comes Clean
“Now we want to guide a young Mexican boxer who got lost on the way, but is an idol.”

Marijuana, while perhaps illegal, is not a performing enhancing drug. If anything, it’s a performance diminishing drug and should be treated as such…

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. came clean when he tested positive after his fight with Sergio Martinez. We all make mistakes, champ and chump alike, and we’re all about forgiving and forgetting. Chavez apologized for having smoked marijuana, and his career will resume once he’s clean and sober.

“Any explanation or justification that I try to give about the recent events, will be of no use,” he wrote in his mea culpa last week. “That is why I want to say that I’m totally responsible for my actions, as well as the consequences thereof. I want to apologize to all the people who felt offended by my actions. I made them, and only I should face the consequences.”

It’s highly unlikely Chavez Jr. wrote the above. A rule of thumb when impersonating a fighter is to avoid using the word “thereof” at all costs.

“I can say that I will come out of this, and it will help me become stronger,” he continued. “I will do my best to change. This begins a new stage in my career. I will train towards achieving new targets, one of which is without doubt the rematch with Sergio ‘Maravilla’ Martinez.”

Jose Sulaiman, whose WBC belt Chavez relinquished, weighed in on the matter with a degree of solemnity not quite in line with the offense. Marijuana, while perhaps illegal, is not a performing enhancing drug. If anything, it’s a performance diminishing drug and should be treated as such.

Sulaiman wrote that “The World Boxing accepts the above message as a declaration of guilt and repentance of Julio Cesar Chavez Jr., as well as the nobility which is evident in his apology to the Mexican public, and to all those who have always trusted him.

“As president of the WBC, I have got in touch with the Board of Governors, and we have decided to fine him $10,000 USD. That money will be donated to an institution for children who suffer from cancer.”

Ten grand isn’t much under the circumstances. But if money talks (at the same time that bullshit walks), levying a fine is a loud and clear statement.

“We also are asking Julio to attend a rehabilitation center and want official confirmation that he’s so doing. The WBC will open its doors once again to him, so he can continue his successful career when he feels he can return. The WBC won’t suspend Julio Cesar for an undefined time, because that is not going to help him. The suspension will last as long as the rehab center advises.”

The WBC is right not to suspend Chavez, but we wonder about the rehab bit. I have no interest in marijuana, but it is not addictive, rarely ruins lives, and is as harmless as a cerveza on a hot day.

“Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. has showed his humanitarian side, by having helped his father Julio Cesar Chavez Gonzalez to enter a rehabilitation center. After his treatment we want Julio Cesar Chavez to become an example for youth.

“The WBC is no court or institution that permanently punishes its athletes. We believe in them, and we will always be in their corner. We have always done this, like in the case of Monzon and recently with Chisora. Now we want to guide a young Mexican boxer who got lost on the way, but is an idol. And we want him to recover.”

No doubt Jose Sulaiman is sincere, if somewhat behind the times. But when all is said and done, Chavez Jr. just smoked some grass. We sincerely hope celebrity rehab does him a world of good, so that he, no less than we, can get back to the business at hand.

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  1. Rob 10:22am, 10/03/2012

    Of course he had the munchies! Didn’t you see him eating right jabs all night? The kid couldn’t get enough of them!

  2. John Wilkinson 03:38pm, 09/26/2012

    Well, Jose Sulaiman, AGAIN, has the very balanced/“good” perspective. The HOF knew best when they inducted his person, the few years ago! GOOD TO SEE IT! [50 years fan of—boxing—]

  3. the thresher 02:42pm, 09/26/2012

    Great piece!!! Great humor!! Thanks.

  4. FrankinDallas 01:29pm, 09/26/2012

    Keep ‘em coming Frank—at some point we shall convince our fearless Editor to put together a book of best of WITH POSTS—great stuff—to add insult to injury the kid’s corner is ROACH-Freddie should smack the kid backside of the head.

  5. FrankinDallas 12:51pm, 09/26/2012

    Does this mean he was high when he fought Sergio?
    Wow…give the kid credit; in his corner he didn’t even ask for something to eat. Surely he had the munchies?

  6. NYIrish 11:43am, 09/26/2012

    I’ve had about enough of this spoiled brat for a while.

  7. MIke Schmidt 09:44am, 09/26/2012

    I am with LARGEROBERT on this one. In our country it is a criminal offence to be in possession. More to the point, from a business sense this knucklehead Chavez is letting alot of people down—many countries do not allow people in with a criminal record, INCLUDING THE STATES—hence Valero missing out on a multi million dollar payday back when because of a DUI—Chavez lucky not getting caught with the stuff—just dumb dumb dumb—and , like it or not, illegal—biggest fight of your career and this is what you do—wow—must make your backers happy.

  8. LARGEROBERT 09:15am, 09/26/2012

    Fining him $10,000 USD is like fining me $20.00. For him that is not even a slap on the wrist.
    If we had been found smoking Marijuana we would be fired from work, and not been given the option of going to rehab to retain our job.
    It just goes to show you that he has been pampered and given everything on a silver platter.
    I say give him a year suspension of at least 18 months.

  9. Mike Casey 05:19am, 09/26/2012

    “Hi, my name is Julio Cesar, I’m new to the group and I like to get high. Any of you guys carrying?”

  10. Lug Sure Riaz 04:35am, 09/26/2012

    $10,000 isn’t much considering his purse for the fight was $3,000,000.
    Add to that this is his second failed drugs test.

    But Jose Sulaiman is his godfather so what are you gonna do?

  11. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo 07:08pm, 09/25/2012

    Robert Ecksel-“Ten grand isn’t much under the circumstances”....the hell you say…that scores about 5 keys of dinkie dow, thank you! At least that what Baby Huey sez!

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