Reflections on Golovkin-Jacobs

By Gordon Marino on March 19, 2017
Reflections on Golovkin-Jacobs
It almost looked as though Father Time were on the heels of Gennady’s boxing boots.

For a couple of years there was clamor for a matchup between Golovkin and Andre Ward. Lucky for GGG, that showdown was not Saturday night…

Triple G’s narrow victory last night should siphon of some of the fear and trembling from Gennady’s future opponents and their promoters.

True, GGG’s jab was pumping and he notched a knockdown. He was the more effective puncher, even though he often let Jacobs take over the last 30 seconds of many of the late rounds. But the Miracle Man came close to pulling off a miracle and at times it almost looked as though Father Time were on the heels of Gennady’s boxing boots.

Triple G’s trainer, Abel Sanchez used to boast that despite Gennady’s ability to put people horizontal, his man does not get drunk on his power. Last night, was the exception. GGG seemed too eager to continue his knockout streak and in the process he looked tight. He was frequently wild and way off the mark with his telegraphed right hand leads.

Usually, whether it lands or not, Gennady is accustomed to bringing an ultra punishing hook to the body behind his right. However, when Gennady missed with his Suzy Q, there was nothing to follow and Jacobs was able to slip out the side door. And while Gennady was able to cut off the ring he often closed the gap without throwing punches. 

For another fly in the ointment of his less than impressive victory, GGG would flurry and then let Jacobs tie him up, instead of creating space by either taking a step back or sliding to one side or the other. Generally, GGG is very careful to avoid smothering his preternatural power, but on this less than shiny night, he agreed to let Jacobs octopus him and slip away.

I have always praised Gennady for his willingness to stay in the pocket and punch with his opponents, but when Jacobs flurried, GGG put the earmuffs on and went into a crouch. When the storm was over, Gennady was often pushed back and if not, he still failed to come out of the crouch banging away.

Golovkin seemed befuddled when Jacobs went southpaw. At those junctures, Jacobs seemed to be able to neutralize GGG’s jab and entice an impatient Gennady to go on a headhunting expedition. Maybe the reach disadvantage was the problem but when Jacobs switch hit, Gennady should have used his left hook to the body and head, and if anything move Danny into his right hand.

As usual with GGG, there was very little head movement. He has a cast iron chin and uses his high guard very well, but like Brooks, Jacobs showed that GGG can be hit by a fast fighter who is willing to take his chances and let the leather fly.

Though his conditioning is legendary, Gennady looked like he was running near empty in the later rounds. I suppose that it is a danger for any elite banger but perhaps Gennady’s remarkable string of knockouts has negatively prepared him for the likes of someone with Jacob’s skill and will to win. If nothing else, Jacobs certainly took some of the shine of the GGG magic and the Miracle Man deserves a rematch.

To be sure, every ring great, be it Chocolatito or GGG, is entitled to his or her not so great night. One of the tests of the great ones is how they react and perform when they are not in the zone. Triple G and his head-snapping jab pulled it out. He passed the bad night test. Still, for a couple of years, there was great clamor for a matchup between Golovkin and Andre Ward. Lucky for GGG, that showdown was not Saturday night.

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  1. peter 02:46pm, 04/07/2017

    “He passed the bad night test.” I like that. Andre Ward will give him another “bad night test”. And I doubt GGG will win that one.

  2. Captain MAGA 09:49am, 03/20/2017

    Irish…Spot on about the photos being used. haha. WHY isn’t there one with this Jacob feller sitting on his arse? Better yet, show each fighter’s mug after the fight.

  3. Lucas McCain 09:19am, 03/20/2017

    GGG going up a weight class is easily said.  Not easily done, even to “prove” himself.  Jose Torres nearly (and perhaps did) ruin himself going up against even mediocre Tom McNeeley, and Manny P. also shaved a year or two off his prime fighting a bigger guy.  Only so many miles on a fighter’s body.

  4. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 08:34am, 03/20/2017

    @Spike Lee’s Love Child-Let’s get real here….Jacobs dialed up Ward/Hopkins spoiler mode Saturday night and guess what….it worked!....the only thing missing was the whackadoodle scoring that gives points for fight nullification which is boxing’s version of jury nullification!

  5. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 08:19am, 03/20/2017

    Chocolatito! Dammit! Spike Lee’s love child coming on here and whining like a son of a gun! Don’t think much of the photos accompanying the fight articles either….how about one of Jacobs on his ass!

  6. Michael Margolies 07:05am, 03/20/2017

    Hey nonprophet,
    All I’m saying is if you want to be Middleweight champ you ought to fight at the middleweight weight which these days seems to be 170.  If you are going to fight at 180 or more lose 5 pounds and fight at light heavy. And I note that apparently lots of observers thought he was 180. [If it could be proven he wasn’t that heavy and he actually showed up for the Saturday weigh in for example and I just happened to miss it, then I would retract everything I said about him]
        BTW if you are 6 feet tall and you put actual springs in your shoes to dunk you can’t claim you dunk better than Michael Jordan.
        As far as greatness is concerned I never said Triple G was great, which in my mind is reserved for a small elite.  But he is terrific which is a level down. The fact is he hasn’t had the test of greatness simply because there aren’t that many terrific fighters around to test him to that level like in the old days. You fight who is around.
        So no one I now is crying for Triple G, nor should they. 
        I repeat, all I’m saying is if Jacobs wants to be Middleweight King he ought to get down to the Middleweight level.  And more than that, if he wants to feel like the Middleweight King inside, he knows that is only fair.
        Hey I like Jacobs.  I do believe he is the Miracle Man for having achieved what he has given the hand he was dealt. He just tarnished his hero status a little bit to me, and truth be told if he had said in the ring only once he thought he won I don’t think I would have been disappointed with him.

  7. Captian MAGA 06:54am, 03/20/2017

    Sorry, I don’t watch FOX, or read Brietbart or World Net Daily. haha. Anyone who is awake steers clear of FOX and neoCON websites like that. Too funny. Oh, and I don’t listen to Rush either. You probably actually believe Obama’s approval ratings. hahaha. Hey douchebag, we are a REPUBLIC, and not a “democracy.” You must be edjumucated in one of them gubmint skrewels. hahaha. Stick to boxing, clown.

  8. nonprophet 06:44am, 03/20/2017

    MAGA;  Right…you judged GGG the winner.

    Judgment is subjective so if that score works for you, run with it.

    Meanwhile, here’s some fake news for you that you might enjoy:

    Attendance at trump’s inauguration was the largest in the history of inaugurations…...he won the electoral college vote by the largest margin in history AND his current approval rating (38 percent) is the HIGHEST approval rating in the history of approval ratings!

    Makes ya feel good don’t it?

    Shame.  If you read more evidence-based news; instead of Brieit-fart, the Faux News Channel and World Nut Daily, you wouldn’t fall for such nonsense.. 

    FACT:  “Leftist” ponied up over 3 million more votes than Trumple-thin-skin’s skin-head lay-abouts (you know, folks like you) provided him. 

    In a democracy that can count, that’s a winning margin.

    Trump’s been whining about that fact ever since.

    Give him a couple of “there-theres” and a comforting pat on the back for me the next time you see him, will ya, mate?

  9. Captain MAGA 06:13am, 03/20/2017

    Tree-Gee, 7-5 in rounds, with a knockdown in the 4th = 115-112. Two judges were dead on with their scoring. Time to move on. G3 should tell this clown to stop whining or he won’t get a return. waaa waaa waaa. Enuff already. Starting to sound like those leftist losers who lost the election. PEACE.

  10. nonprophet 05:37am, 03/20/2017

    Irish Frankie….nice fantasy you’ve got going there for yourself, but it’s reality check time:  GGG lost. 

    He thought so too.  Look at the expression on his face when the announcement was made.  GGG is a class act and that’s what rendered him unable to show any expression that indicated he knew he won.

    Look at the fight again.  GGG is excellent at cutting off the ring.  And that’s pretty much all he did on Saturday.  Follow Jacobs around but fail on too many occasions to pull the trigger.

    GGG needed to double jab Jacobs in order to set up his power shots.  Jacobs hands are too fast therefore he had GGG worried about being counter-punched into a concussion had GGG attempted to double-jab.  So what we got was a lot of single-thrust pawing from Golovkin.

    Why GGG didn’t go to the body more is beyond me.  That might have been his key to winning in later rounds.

    But he didn’t as a result he got thoroughly out-boxed. 

    GGG lost that fight.

    Michael Margolies:  If what you posted is true….that Jacobs had an unfair weight advantage which explains why GGG struggled, then you’ve made a point for me that I’ve been saying for a while.  GGG won’t move up in weight to go after greatness because the competition is stiffer at the higher weight class.  If Jacobs’ weight caused GGG problems, it simply proves my point.

    Meanwhile, you might want to tone down the crybaby excuses you are making for the “great” Triple G.  He doesn’t need your sympathy.

    Captain MAGA:  Give it a break.  Everything you wrote was utter tripe.  Jacobs faces a certified KO specialists, goes the distance, comes out of it with some bumps and bruises.  To you, that is all the proof needed that GGG won.  You know as much about boxing as trump knows about MAGA….absolutely nothing.

    Cheerio, chaps!

  11. Captain MAGA 05:01am, 03/20/2017

    If you were to judge the fight just by how the fighters looked after the fight, you would have to think that GGG won this going away. Jacobs shows up at the post fight presser with a lumpy face and shades. GGG looks virtually unmarked. Just sayin’. I think more and more people out there aren’t buying into the bullsh*t. GGG won this fight, no two ways about. Jacobs, like many of his ilk, thinks if he whines long enough that the lie will become the truth. Marvin Hagler did the same thing. Nothing “controversial” about that decision either, but Marvin cried long enough and amazingly convince others that he had been robbed against Leonard.

  12. Michael Margolies 08:40pm, 03/19/2017

        Very disappointed in Jacobs for insisting on telling Max Kellerman repeatedly in the ring in post fight interview that he thought he won by 2 rounds insisting all the time he wanted to remain classy about it.  After once or twice or three or four times he loses the mantle of “classy.”
        Jacobs had an unfair advantage and if he wanted to be the middleweight champion of the world he should have insisted on the morning of the fight coming in no more than the traditional (these days)  170 pounds.. Apparently some Brits at ringside (they were quoted as using the phrase one stone and a half which equals 21 lbs.) said Jacobs looked something akin to 181 lbs. He knew he wasn’t really a middleweight didn’t he? At 170 would he have survived those right upper cuts to his chin?  Perhaps not. If he wants to complain when he had an unfair advantage - and gosh darn he knew it or he would have showed up for the a.m. weigh in then he should not have the right to pretend he should belong in the field of Sugar Ray Robinson, Marvin Hagler and a ton of other greats of the 160 pound division.. How would he have done against Bob Foster, Archie Moore and Roy Jones….that is who the heck he should be judged against.
        Whether Triple G is no longer on the top of his game, who can say.  But he fought a smart fight against a guy that was taller, had a longer reach, was 4 years younger, and a lot heavier.  Not a bad night for the Kazach. 
        I think GGG should offer Jacobs a return but insist on the weigh in being held the early afternoon of the fight.  And I mean INSIST, then we will see what kind of middle weight Jacobs is.  Either that or fight light heavy Danny.  Very disappointed in Jacobs for pulling a fast one regarding his weight, and then complaining because he felt he was the victim of a bad decision.

  13. beaujack 06:52pm, 03/19/2017

    At almost 35 years of age Marvin Hagler was retired for 2 years and all the top MWs of modern times were way past their best and GGG seems to be not the fighter he once was, but still terrific enough to beat a legitimate light heavyweight who weighed more than Billy Conn weighed against Joe louis in his great effort in 1941. Joe louis used to say when he was past his peak, “I pulled the trigger when I see an opening but the hands don’t respond”. If GGG fights Jacobs again he should insist on MW weights, not LH 175-180.  weight at ring time.

  14. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 05:31pm, 03/19/2017

    Look at the fight again….Jacobs got credit for flurries to GGGs elbows, shoulders and gloves. Flags everywhere but I doubt that there were 500 Kazakhs in the room….it was a homer crowd and as always the judges had rabbit ears and just like with Chocolito’s robbery they saw blood and gave credit….. head butts or no butts! It was clear as things moved along that GGG would need at least another knockdown or we would be in for all this Sunday morning blather about all the ways GGG is lacking.

  15. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 04:47pm, 03/19/2017

    Nice! Bottom line GGG did everything wrong and still pulled out a win over a very hard puncher with at least 20 lb pull in weight!

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