Remembering Davey Moore

By Robert Ecksel on July 18, 2011
Remembering Davey Moore
"Who killed Davey Moore?" sings Bob Dylan. "Why and what's the reason for?"

The place: Dodger Stadium. The date: March 1963. The fight: Sugar Ramos vs. Davey Moore. The song: Bob Dylan’s “Who Killed Davey Moore?”

Sports Illustrated just ranked Dylan’s ballad the number one sports song of all time, and Davey Moore’s 75-year-old widow Geraldine is thrilled that people haven’t forgotten.

She calls it “not such a bad song,” but admits “I really didn’t listen to it that much. I kind of avoid stuff like that.”

A statue of her late husband sits in storage in his hometown of Springfield, Ohio, while backers try to raise the last $30,000 needed to have it bronzed.

Moore’s main event match against Sugar Ramos drew more than 25,000 people to the only fight card every held at Dodger Stadium.

It was a helluva fight. Moore went down twice and the ref stopped it in round 11. After the fight Moore told the press, “It just wasn’t my night.”

Then he lost consciousness. Then he died.

“Who killed Davey Moore?” Dylan sings. “Why and what’s the reason for?”

“I can’t blame boxing for my husband’s death,” Moore’s widow says. “Boxing made us a good living when he was alive, and he loved it.”

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