Ricky Hatton Comeback?

By Chris Gielty on August 24, 2012
Ricky Hatton Comeback?
Sometimes it's best to leave well enough alone. One senses this is one of these times.

Twenty-four hours ago the chances of an imminent Ricky Hatton comeback seemed as certain as a trip to the kebab shop after last orders down the local pub.

Rumors had suggested Hatton would rematch Paulie Malignaggi in November. Hatton versus Malignaggi made sense—insofar as anything in pro boxing ever makes sense.

Malignaggi has long wanted another shot at Hatton, who dispatched the Brooklyn native in 11 frames back in 2008. A title shot against the soft-punching Malignaggi would also afford Hatton a viable path back to a title belt. Malignaggi, though a skilled ring technician, couldn’t crack an egg with a crowbar.

With the recent announcement that Malignaggi will face Pablo Cesar Cano on the undercard of the Danny Garcia and Erik Morales rematch on October 20 at the grand opening of the Barclays Center,  the return of the Hitman looks less certain.

Perhaps this is not such a bad thing.

In his last ring appearance back in 2009, the eminently likable Hatton was starched by Manny Pacquiao inside two rounds. Hatton’s subsequent battles with alcohol, depression and an ever expanding waistline have been well documented.

More recently, however, Hatton has worked himself back into shape in the gym and talk of a comeback has soon followed.

Hatton’s agent, Paul Speak, has tempered things by stating that talk of a Hitman comeback in November is premature. 

Premature and hopefully not inevitable.

Ricky Hatton was an exciting pressure fighter who inspired passion in British boxing fans, the likes of which rarely seen before. There were some great nights and there are some great memories.

Perhaps someone close to Ricky Hatton (hopefully not Liam Gallagher) will have a sensible word in his ear about the prudence of a ring comeback. Sometimes it’s best to leave well enough alone. One senses this is one of these times.

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  1. Jethro's Flute 02:22pm, 08/27/2012

    The words that come to mind are ‘dear’ ‘god’ and ‘no’.

    Hatton has taken way too many punches and sounded decidedly punchdrunk the last time I saw him interviewed.

  2. The Tache 11:03am, 08/24/2012

    Dear Ricky,

    Please don’t.


    The Tache

  3. mikecasey 03:47am, 08/24/2012

    I share your feelings on this, Chris. It would be a foolish decision on Ricky’s part and it wouldn’t end happily. He’s got to learn to fill those empty hours in the day - easier said than done of course.

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