Ring 4 Hall of Fame Honorees

By Robert Ecksel on February 22, 2013
Ring 4 Hall of Fame Honorees
Ring 4 was incorporated in 1947 and is the only boxing organization in Massachusetts.

Over the decades, Ring 4 has kept the flame alive while fulfilling its mission to assist former boxers who have fallen on hard times…

“Boxing is a tight-knit fraternity. Everybody knows everybody. But a line in the resin will forever be drawn separating those who step into the square ring and those who DON’T. Many, many people make money on a fight, but when the bell sounds, only two people answer it.”—Randy Smith, February 2003, Journal

Ring 4 was incorporated in 1947 and is the only boxing organization in Massachusetts. Over the decades, Ring 4 has kept the flame alive while fulfilling its mission to assist former boxers who have fallen on hard times. Ring 8 and Ring 10 in New York are similar organizations.

On Sunday, April 7, 2013, Ring 4 will induct the following into its Hall of Fame at the Annual Awards Banquet:

Dan Cuoco: Longstanding Executive Director of the International Boxing Research Organization (IBRO)

Ted Sares: Boxing writer who last year was awarded the Humanitarian Award by Ring 4.

Peter Welch: Former amateur boxer and owner and operator of the Peter Welch Gym in South Boston.

Dave Foley: Dave fought out of the New Garden Gym in Boston and was trained by Al Clemente. He won the 1968 Greater Lowell and New England Heavyweight Championships. He beat Ed Casey in the finals of the NE GG Tournament of Champions and was the recipient of the Rocky Marciano Trophy. He represented New England in the 1968 National Golden Gloves.

The Annual Award Banquet takes place at Florian Hall, located at 55 Hallet Street in Dorchester, MA. Doors open at 2:00 PM, followed by a one-hour Social Hour, when the Tribute to America and Final Count will be rendered.

Members of the Hall of Fame include Tony DeMarco, Joe DeNucci, the late Tommy McNeeley, Joey DeGrandis, Dr. Wilbert “Skeeter” McClure, Bob Benoit, Dick Flaherty, Danny Long, Jimmy Connors, and many other Boston area boxing luminaries.

Tickets must be purchased prior to April 13, 2013. Admission is $ 60.00 per ticket. Please call (617) 838-0055 for further information.

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  1. ronlad fisher 08:16pm, 03/04/2013

    David Foley was a tenacious boxer in his day , David love to just step inside that ring and prove his quality of boxing to his opponents,now being his Brother , Jerry and his Dear Father was there to witness every fight that his son,s were in , their skills are acclaimed to Al Clemte,their trainor, Being a proud brother to both of these men , I am Gary Foley their brother and Proud to say that I was around to see there acclaim to fighting in and OUT, of the ring .

  2. Ted Sares 08:51am, 02/26/2013

    So do we all, Marc.

  3. Marc Foley 08:27am, 02/26/2013

    Great honor for my brother Dave I only wish he was around to recieve the award!.

  4. the thresher 06:00pm, 02/25/2013

    John, my brother. you will always get my messages.

  5. john coiley 04:20pm, 02/25/2013

    I THANK YOU, Ted, for including me in these mailings…I get a kick out of seeing names of faces I haven’t seen in too long…

  6. Tex Hassler 03:59pm, 02/24/2013

    Ring 4 is a top notch organization and one you can trust along with Ring 10. Congratulations to Dan, Ted and Peter. Thanks for a job well done. Thanks for everything. Boxing has a good side and this is one of them.

  7. the thresher 02:31pm, 02/24/2013

    Thanks Walt

  8. Walt 01:59pm, 02/24/2013

    What a great honor for a great guy, tireless worker, and a man who has a true passion for boxing. I am proud to call you my friend.

  9. the thresher 12:05pm, 02/24/2013

    Thanks Sharon

  10. the thresher 08:14am, 02/24/2013

    Thanks for your wonderful comments, Gents.

  11. David Ball 08:03am, 02/24/2013

    Well deserved Sir Ted

  12. THE THRESHER 07:49pm, 02/23/2013

    Thanks AKT

  13. AKT 02:29pm, 02/23/2013

    I’m pleased for you Ted. Thank you for telling it you see it. Always. Well deserved. Congratulations.

  14. the thresher 11:41am, 02/23/2013

    Thanks gut freund

  15. Meinhard Schmidt 11:38am, 02/23/2013

    Congratulations to my favorite boxing writer! You deserve it!

  16. Dan Adams 06:31am, 02/23/2013

    Congratulations, Ted!

  17. Rich Torsney 09:13pm, 02/22/2013

    Congratulations Dan, Ted and Peter. That’s a bumper crop! Proud to be your brother in Ring 4.

  18. cnorkusjr 09:05pm, 02/22/2013

    Congratulations to All on your future Inductions to Ring 4.
    Keeping Boxing Alive through your writings, Ted, have kept us close to the cutting edge of new talent; as well as told the stories of numerous names from the past to the new generation of fight fans. Well deserved honor my friend !

  19. pugknows 08:38pm, 02/22/2013

    Marvelous news Bull

  20. Sharon Cobb 08:25pm, 02/22/2013

    Congrats and good work!
    Sharon (Tex’s ex) Cobb

  21. te tumbo 02:58pm, 02/22/2013

    Bull. Enjoy.

  22. EZ E 01:20pm, 02/22/2013

    CONGRATS UNCLE TEDDY!! I’ve read your books, followed your articles & comments on various sites and exchanged fights as well. Truly an honor that you undoubtedly deserve and… a sincere honor on my part to have met you!!

  23. Audley 01:06pm, 02/22/2013

    Congrats to Ted the Bull, how great is that to be honored by a sport you love?

  24. Cupey Alto 12:57pm, 02/22/2013

    Sares. A credit to our sport.

  25. John carter 12:55pm, 02/22/2013

    Ted Sares. A gentlemen. A scholar. A friend. Well deserved.

  26. john coiley 12:53pm, 02/22/2013

    TED SARES? Hmmmmmmmm, sounds familiar….loving CONGRATS to all inductees….

  27. Dan Cuoco 12:40pm, 02/22/2013

    Congratulations to Ted Sares and Peter Welch! I too am humbled by this honor.

  28. the thresher 12:29pm, 02/22/2013

    My sincere congratulations to Dan and Peter, two great boxing men.

    As for myself, all I can say is that I am so very deeply humbled. This is such a wonderful thing to have happen during the twilight years. I am truly blessed to know so many great boxing people.

  29. dollarbond 12:28pm, 02/22/2013

    Congratulations Ted!  Well deserved. You are an asset to the sport.

  30. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo (aka) Gimpel 11:20am, 02/22/2013

    Ted Sares- Heck yea! Multi-talented and a credit to the sport of boxing. I’d much rather see Ted and some other writers on this site doing ringside commentary than others I won’t mention at this time. BTW fellas big Dan’s secret is self promotion….not self effacement…self promotion!

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