Ripley’s Weigh-In in L.A.

By David Matthew on October 14, 2011
Ripley’s Weigh-In in L.A.
Dewey Bozella takes to the scales on Hollywood Blvd. and is looking ripped and focused

LOS ANGELES—It’s a bright sunny afternoon. A large crowd has gathered outside Ripley’s Believe It or Not! on Hollywood Blvd, the location for today’s weigh-in for Saturday’s fight at the Staples Center.

Dewey Bozella has made an appearance and is looking ripped and focused. I spot Jean Pascal, who fought both Hopkins and Dawson, and who would no doubt like a rematch with the winner.

Paulie Malignaggi, who fights Orlando Lora in a 10-round welterweight bout on the undercard, looks like the star of the weigh-in. He’s dressed like a circus barker/magician in red and black with gold trim, wearing a top hat and disguised behind a fake handlebar moustache.

Malignaggi weighs in at 147.4 lbs. Lora comes in at 146.6.

Kendall Holt and Danny Swift take to the scales. They both way exactly the same at 139.4.

Hopkins and Dawson step onto the stage. A buzz and murmur passes through the crowd. Hopkins is chanting, “Forty-six! Forty-six!” the grand master’s age, and the crowd loves it.

Hopkins come in at a lean and fit 173.4 lbs. Dawson weighs a little more at 174.2.

Both men engage in the traditional staredown. Hopkins and Dawson look like they mean business. Hopkins grins and leans into Dawson’s space. Dawson smirks.

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