Ripoff: Bradley Decisions Pacquiao?

By Robert Ecksel on June 9, 2012
Ripoff: Bradley Decisions Pacquiao?
Pacquiao landed more punches, the harder punches, and he controlled the action (AP)

There’s no denying the sinking feeling that boxing has not only lost its way, but that it doesn’t even care that it has lost its way…

“Boxing is a great sport and a dirty business.”—Former heavyweight champion Ken Norton

In one of the worst decisions in the long and contentious history of boxing, three Las Vegas judges, aka the three blind mice, aka The Three Stooges, awarded Timothy Bradley (29-0, 12 KOs) a split-decision victory, while robbing Manny Pacquiao (54-2-2, 38 KOs) of his WBO welterweight title, in a fight which he clearly did not win.

Perhaps we should be used to this by now. Lord knows we’ve seen it happen enough times that it should no longer come as a surprise. Yet there’s no denying the sinking feeling that boxing has not only lost its way, but that it doesn’t even care that it has lost its way. What then does boxing care about? I’m not sure I have the answer.

This has been an especially painful year for the sport, what with crappy decision following crappy decision, what with big fights biting the dust because champions tested positive for steroids. Under the circumstances it would seem logical, assuming any thought of self-preservation was in play, that the powers that be would do all they could to try to restore credibility to a sport whose credibility has been questioned more times than a pathological liar taking a polygraph. But that would make sense, and sense has no part in the theater of the unexpected, which is also the theater of the absurd, which is also the theater of the grotesque.

If it hasn’t already started, there will be more justification crowding the airwaves and internet than you can toss a stick at or avoid. Excuses and clichés will despoil the silence like canned music at Symphony Hall. “Boxing is subjective,” we’ll hear again and again. “It’s difficult to score a boxing match.” While that may be true in the larger scheme of things, let’s be real and stop kidding ourselves. What we’re dealing with is something other than subjectivity or a lack thereof. It’s not even incompetence. We’ve witnessed something sinister, not just another instance where an obvious victory was denied the true winner, and mealy-mouthed explanations no longer suffice.

What went down Saturday night at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas was highway robbery, impure and simple. Anyone with eyes in their heads and conscience in their soul knows that Pacquaio outclassed Bradley in every way imaginable. He landed more punches. He landed the more powerful shots. He dictated the pace and tempo of the fight. He won 10 rounds of the 12-round fight. In every category that exists, and even in categories that don’t exist, Pacquiao’s superiority was plain to see to those who were willing to see it.

Bradley put up a good fight. He ate straight lefts all night long and never went down. He deserves credit for that. What he doesn’t deserve credit for is winning a fight that he lost by a wide margin. It’s possible, however unlikely, that the judges were swayed more by Bradley’s flurries than by Pacquiao’s thudding shots. But I’m not buying it, not for a minute, not for any price.

Both Bradley and Pacquiao seemed less shocked by the decision than the thousands at the MGM Grand or the millions watching at home. It might be that they know the serpentine ins and outs of the fight game better than we do.

Bradley seemed surprisingly unsurprised at the verdict, as though he knew all along that if he didn’t go out on his shield, victory was his whether he earned it or not.

“I thought I won the fight,” he said to a chorus of boos from the crowd. “I didn’t think he was as good as everybody says he is. I didn’t feel a lot of his power.”

And Pacquiao, curiously, seemed as unsurprised as Bradley.

“I do my best,” he said, “and I guess my best wasn’t good enough. I’ve been watching the tapes of his fights. Tonight, he never hurt me. Most of his punches hit my arms. I don’t know what happened. I have no problem. I’ll be ready for the rematch.”

The only person who feigned surprise was the promoter Bob Arum, who gets to promote the rematch of a fight that doesn’t warrant it at the same time as he sidesteps, yet again, the possibility of Pacquiao ever fighting Floyd Mayweather.

“Can you believe that?” said Arum with indignation. “I had it 10-2! After I got into the ring after the fight, I went over to Bradley and said, ‘You did very well.’ He said, ‘I tried hard, but I couldn’t beat the guy.’ This is crazy. You talk about killing boxing?”

Then Arum, to muddy the waters even further, declared, “This is a death knell for boxing—and I’m going to make a ton of money on the rematch.”

Boxing is dying a death by a thousand cuts, and this one just nicked the jugular.

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  1. Llyndsey 07:38am, 06/13/2012

    Like a lot of fight fans, I’m still trying to come to terms with last weekend’s unconsionable decision in the Pacquiao-Bradley fight. As the final seconds of round twelve ticked down I was thinking that the announcement of the decision would be a mere formality as Manny had won by such a wide margin, it was only a question of how wide. I was also thinking that I had just seen an entertaining if one-sided fight and that Bradley had nothing to be ashamed of as he had never stopped trying even though he was clearly outclassed and outgunned.

    When the scores were read, my disbelief was exceeded only by that of Bradley himself and his corner who knew they had lost and whose body language had said that they were resigned to taking that defeat with grace. As usual, the classiest guy in the room was Pacquiao, who by shrugging his shoulders and essentially saying, “hey, whatever”, proved that maybe he really does answer to a higher judge than those at ringside.

    Those who are suggesting that it’s some kind of karmic payback for the decisions Manny got over Marquez are not being honest: even the stuanchest Marquez fan (and I am one) would have to say that those fights were incredibly close with Manny winning razor thin decisions. This fight was not like that. Pacquiao dominated in punches thrown, power punches thrown and landed, ring generalship, aggression, controlling the action, defense, in short every category on which a boxing match is judged. In not one area did Bradley better Pacquio in this fight and it was clear very early on that he had nowhere near the power to hurt Pacquiao or even really get his attention.

    I actually thought that the Mayweather - Cotto fight, which Floyd clearly won, was closer than this one. I have seen a worse decision : years ago at a Golden Gloves qualifier I saw a fighter who had just scored a KO over his opponent lose the decision when he was judged to have not gone to a neutral corner “fast enough”. But that was in a high school gym in Queens with about 200 people in attendance, not on the biggest stage in the sport with the whole world watching.

  2. jessie 08:45pm, 06/11/2012

    that was a bullsh?? decision pac man won that fight i give credit to Bradley for fighting, but he just lost, those judges are horrible and should not be judging major fights like this one, or better yet should not be judges at all. As for Mr. Narris Harris learn about boxing before you speak up about, pac-man and mayweather.

  3. am 05:21pm, 06/11/2012

    Crazy judges!

  4. Narrin Harris 05:08pm, 06/10/2012

    I’m so glad so call pac man,lost now do people really think he can beat Floyd,i don’t think so,Floyd would beat tha breaks off that fag.


  5. schizophrenic 04:50pm, 06/10/2012

    i’d rather choose marquez instead of bradley..

  6. Don from Prov 03:04pm, 06/10/2012

    Hi Irish,

    Not really interested in who yelps.  Shouldn’t be too hard to do as my comments were run together and lack any consistent development—off the cuff as they sound, but I meant what I said, especially the over-writing on last night’s bout and the especially silly stuff about Money/Miguel.  Can’t let that just slide.

    Anyway, hang in there.

  7. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo 01:53pm, 06/10/2012

    Don from Prov-“Throw a stone into a pack”.... waiting to see who yelps.

  8. Floyd Mayweather Jr 01:51pm, 06/10/2012

    Manny Pacquiao is now tangled with the Mafia. He’s owned by Arum. That’s why i’m on my own with Mayweather productions.

  9. Don from Prov 01:14pm, 06/10/2012

    So—first—the “atrocious” decision.  Seriously, this is boxing, and if one doesn’t know what that = by now….

    If I had paid sixty dollars for this fight card and wanted to be angry at someone, it would be myself.  Second, look at the main event fighters and the undercard and ask how this bout merits a sixty dollar price tag to begin with.  Well, for one—journalists, and the writers on this site are journalists might have some responsibility.  How many articles were written on this site about this Manny/Bradley—eight?  ten?  And things said about some of the fighters were, in all honesty,  way off.  Yet, all the writers here—following what I guess is a “gentleman’s rule” rarely truly call one another out.  I like this site, but I also know what I’m getting: And a gentleman’s club with its rich leather armchairs (where the gentlemen sleep over the papers and a cigar), heavy shades, and dark wooded walls, is a place where an out of place word is quickly hushed.  Fine.  But be realistic too: All those articles about Manny and Bradley?  Truly, some historians might place Manny at the very fringe of ATG, top ten Featherweights—but the key words are “some” and “fringe.”  And certainly, anyone who would call Manny a great welterweight should be called into question.  This fight, treated with the gravity that would befit Robinson/LaMotta, was between a good Welterweight and a fairly good Jr. Welterweight—-that’s it: Why all the words?  The plethora of publicity given on sites such as might just be one of the reasons (okay, a small one, but it does reinforce the status-quo) that what is really, historically, a second-level matchup at best is treated as a major event.  In the same way that a rematch means a lot of money for Manny and Bradley, as well as the fight site, the FACT OF the fight becomes the lifeblood of a site such as this.  It seems that there a a responsibility of writers that has to do with proportion and the foregoing of ego.  In the same way, the recent Mayweather/Cotto fight has been treated like some major walk through fire by Floyd (and sets up his next “bout”), but truly how was that fight any walk through fire?  Cotto is at best a competent Welterweight—one with all the heart in the world, but competent to pretty good at best—and he MIGHT have won three rounds.  Given that Mr. Casey has just written about Danny Lopez, and the name Matt Franklin was mentioned in responses to the article, how can anyone actually talk on the very same site about May/Cotto in any terms of either a test of fire or coming through ANYTHING?  Willie Pastrano outboxing Harold Johnson might have been meaningful in terms of coming through “the man”.  Late career Willie Pep, after suffering a broken back, turning into a FIGHTER with one of the deadliest Featherweights who ever lived might SIGNIFY, as would the Thriller in Manilla, but Floyd had a NOSEBLEED.  Please.  What I’m saying is I hope you don’t become a site where every writer pretty much boosts (or mildly disagrees with one another and withdraws) because of hubris over who you hope to be.  If that is simply who and what the site wants to be, fine.  And if you are going to be part of the hype machine about fights that don’t mean much, then don’t expect all of us to take you to be deadly serious.  And, again, the rip-off: Did anyone hold a gun to any of our heads and force us to buy the fight?  Isn’t rip-off part of the fabric of boxing now?  And what is anyone going to do, write a petition, jump up and down, scream into an empty well???  Because, yes, I support, “Do nada.”  Shit-all.  Have a beer and watch basketball, or wait for football season, or just stay here and put up with boxing, but maybe while the sport can’t be fixed, a little more… consistency? could be found on a favorite boxing site.  Or fire?

  10. GRRR 12:12pm, 06/10/2012

    The judges should go in to hiding. This is soo sad, pathetic.  Corrupt boxing. “F” Top Rank.  Sad how they take advantage of the public. Thank god i didnt pay for this, i was streaming it for free from a website in europe.  Bob Arum is a P.O.S .  His family should disown him for not having a soul.

  11. wil 11:23am, 06/10/2012

    HBO PPV has lost a customer, I will not pay for that crap again. If they make the big bucks we should at least expect they have a role in organizing a fair fight with professional scorer. Were they blind or what? Bradley came close to win 1 round only once, on the 10th, that’s it… This rip off is unbelievable and this put a big shame on the world of professional boxing. I wish I could talk face to face with Arum and his judges, even the one who gave barely Pacquiao a win. There is no doubt in my mind that all that was staged as would be wrestling. Ridiculous and disgusting.

  12. muranobell 10:28am, 06/10/2012

    Now manny know how juan M feels now we all know manny lost that fight juan was robbed also nobody made a big deal then don’t make a big deal now manny was given a win in his last fight by judges that thought he won now tim was given a decision BY the judges THAT THOUGHT he won that’s boxing!! judges are not criminals nor or the fighters teddy is giving boxing a black-eye and this decsion is to just give us boxing fans something to talk about around the water cooler or barber/beauty shops boxing is a beautiful thing to watch, at times the outcomes don’t seem right that’s why fights like this should lead to KO or face disfigurement or dazing your opponet staggering your opponent not just scoring points but winning the fight convincely so the fight won’t be left in nobody’s hands but the fighter.

  13. jofre 08:47am, 06/10/2012

    I agree with you all. Robert you nailed this perfectly. Boxing is dying a death by a thousand cuts, and this one just nicked the jugular.

    I hadn’t purchased a PPV for years and got sucked in again last night. But never again. I’m done!

  14. PETER RAP 08:27am, 06/10/2012


  15. Pete The Sneak 07:57am, 06/10/2012

    Man oh man…Why do I do this? Every time I try to get in they pull me back out…The sport I love continues to self destruct with decisions like this. I was speechless! Sorry folks, I’m at a loss for words here…@Teron Biggs..I said I would man up if Bradley won when you wrote your fine article on the reasons why Bradley would props to you..However you know as well as I do that this was a travesty and we should be talking about how Manny won despite some of the pitfalls you said he would go through occurring. This is crazy. Peace…

  16. Carlos 07:55am, 06/10/2012

    i thank god i didnt pay for the ppv i streamed it online! this is definetly a huge ripoff, I FEEL BAD FOR PAC MAN he deserved the win, bradley was very scared to even fight him, i saw it in his face. pac man got ripped off!!!!!! the boxing industry should never throw another fight in vegas, bring it to atlantic city!!!!

  17. Ted Spoon 07:52am, 06/10/2012

    If we are to take the decision seriously then we have to seriously question (as the article alludes to) the abilities of the judges.

    This really was not a fight in which ‘it depends what you like’. If you’re judging such high profile bouts you should at least be imbued with basic acumen i.e. be able to discern between punches landed and blocked.

    The fact this decision went against none other than Manny Pacquiao leaves little to the imagination as to how corrupt officials can be.

  18. jon 07:43am, 06/10/2012

    you ruined the reputation of boxing,especially the city of las vegas, you know that boxing contributed a lot of money in the city, and now u cut it off!!! this is the worst thing happening in boxing industry. if i were the head of the boxing federation, i will fire those biased judges, but the damage is done, instead of aiming more money you lost tons of dollars in ur unfairness to a real champion….

  19. Jay 07:33am, 06/10/2012

    This is purely a scam and is very disgusting…. why buy a pay per view fight when in fact all of it will be a lie! Don’t buy into this crap again and I encourage everybody not to watch any boxing PPV again!

  20. Don from Prov 07:32am, 06/10/2012

    Go OKC Thunder!!!!!

  21. stevejons 07:25am, 06/10/2012

    i’m very much fan of boxing, but with pacman and bradley fight, this is the worst decision made by the three judges. from now on my interest in boxing was turned into pieces. we spent money for this event in almost all title boxers in america, but because of the result that was decided, i promise to myself not to watch the fight anymore. it’s very disgusting and shameful in the whole world. God knows that judas steal the what is intended to others….

  22. al 07:21am, 06/10/2012

    Can they select judges smarter than a 1st grader. Hope the two judges who scored for Bradley “BAN” from judging other fights. They should go back to school and learn how to count.

  23. Kevin 07:12am, 06/10/2012

    The wrong playa is locked up. Arum should be in the can.

  24. The Thresher 07:02am, 06/10/2012

    The CompuBox punch count favored Pacquiao by a wide margin. CompuBox had Pacquiao connecting on 253 total punches – nearly 100 more than Bradley’s 159. Pacquiao also landed 190 power punches to Bradley’s 108.

  25. Kevin 07:01am, 06/10/2012

    Floyd knows what time it is.

  26. The Thresher 06:59am, 06/10/2012

    It’s like I am in a state of shock. Just can’t explain it. Just can’t believe it. Why on Earth would boxing want to do this to itself? Mayweather must be drooling in jail as he now can rid himself of the Pac match up and pick and chooses his spots without worrying about the corrupt slime-ridden scum that makes up the periphery of boxing. Maybe I need to start watching MMA/UFC. I am just sick of these decisions. They should do Lara-Williams on this one and suspend the three blind mice for life.

  27. Zafiro benedicto 06:48am, 06/10/2012

    Boxing will not be the same again. Even if with rematch in November.  Decision murdered boxing. Nobody beats American policy in all fronts no matter clean or tainted god bless who profited!

  28. zafiro benedicto 06:39am, 06/10/2012

    The fans were robbed of that decision, boxing will not be the same again, arum won’t make money anymore on the rematch. Las Vegas or elsewhere won’t be the same, boxing fans will whither.
    I’ll join of not thinking of boxing.

  29. The Thresher 06:38am, 06/10/2012

    raxman, what fight were you watching for God’s sakes. Check the stats. Check what you saw. They correlate. Pac beat the shit out of the guy plian and simple. No f—king way in hell did Bradley win more than 3 rounds.

  30. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo 06:33am, 06/10/2012

    Raxman-Better check yourself on this one mate. It’s pro boxing, as you know better than most, and Manny had a 2 to 1 edge in power punches, was hurting Bradley throughout the match, and yet you’re citing Tim controlling pace. It’s fun to play devil’s advocate occasionally and tweak some noses, but I find it hard to believe that your scoring of this bout would jibe with C.J.Ross’s card!

  31. JIMI 06:30am, 06/10/2012

    One of the WORST JUDGING! Most OBVIOUS RIPOFF in boxing history, I can’t believe it still happens in BOXING INDUSTRY, The question is What will the commission do about it? LET ME GUESS - NOTHIIIIIING…

  32. Floyd Mayweather 06:04am, 06/10/2012

    Heard about the results, Bob Arum heard Manny is about to drop him and decided to give him a loss in hopes to forcing him to stick around for at least a few more fights.

  33. peter 06:00am, 06/10/2012

    There’s only so many of these bogus decisions a fan can tolerate before a fan turns his back on the sport forever. I didn’t even see the fight, but I’ve seen too many like it. Boxing isn’t in the gutter—it is the gutter.

  34. The Thresher 05:56am, 06/10/2012

    Harold Lederman warned about the judges in the beginning, particularly the female one and the clown who had Rios beating Abril. Once again, the clowns prevail. Sickening. It’s enough to make me puke…eeeyayyapp… oh my God, I just did,

  35. Laurena Marrone 05:49am, 06/10/2012

    I woke up shaking, just the same as I went to bed last night.  Sleep wouldn’t come, but finally did, and I had hoped this was all just a nightmare.  Well, it is a nightmare, but one that unfortunately exists in reality.

    When the decision came in for Bradley, I was too stunned to move. I had watched my hero win yet another bout, loved his movement, intelligence, and power, and felt so fortunate to have discovered my passion for boxing during the Pacquiao generation.

    Then, I cried. Sobbed. Not because of of Pacquiao’s “loss,” but because this disgusting, sickening and unjust decision just put boxing back decades.  In one fell swoop it erased all the good Manny has done for boxing and has brought it back to the dirty sport it has the reputation of being.  I do not know how I will write about boxing again. I don’t know how I will watch it again. I truly don’t know.

    The two judges should be banned from the sport. Period.

    Those of you who know me very well know that when I see injustice and feel crippled by that injustice, I walk away. I shut the door. Or better yet, nail the coffin shut on that part of my life.

    Integrity is at the core of who I am as a human being. I do not handle injustice well. I admit it. 

    I can only hope that my Sicilian blood starts to boil once again and force me to fight against the injustice by continuing to write about, watch and find a love for boxing again. 

    I have my photo of Freddie sitting right here and I keep hearing his words “It Ain’t Easy” and “Keep Punching!”  I hope they get through this thick skull of mine.

    I used to say I love boxing. And I do as far as participating in the sport.  But today, I cannot say I love boxing.  I can only say that I love Manny Pacquiao.

  36. cris 05:38am, 06/10/2012

    it’s better to lose that way.. than losing in fatal way

  37. Wingman 05:36am, 06/10/2012

    Heard about this bad decision.  Was very upset as Pacman is my favorite fighter.  After watching the fight I do not think it was a controversal decision.  Pacman clearly won rounds 3-6.  I thought rounds 1,2,10,11,12 were close in favor of Tim.  I scored rounds 7-9 for pacman, but you could make a case for Bradley.  Pacman land the bigger shots in 7-9, but bradley was the busier fighter.  All this hype about it being the worst decision ever is strange.  Give yourself a week and watch Lewis-Holyfield I and then watch this fight.  Then you will be reminded of what a bad decision is.

  38. crys 05:36am, 06/10/2012

    its better to loss that way… than lossing in fatal way..

  39. mikecasey 05:30am, 06/10/2012

    Personal disgust over these things reaches the depressing point where you don’t quite know what to say any more. If the perpetrators of these robberies had their wallets lifted on the way home, they would witter about justice and want something done about it. Ted’s score of 119-111 - which tallies with mine - is an accurate gauge of this latest farce.

  40. TJ 05:10am, 06/10/2012


  41. The Thresher 05:10am, 06/10/2012

    I had it 119-111 for Pac. But our Bob M knew the fix was in!!

  42. Francisco 05:03am, 06/10/2012

    We kept on choosing good fighters in order to watch good fights but we sometimes forgot that we have to have intellegent, honorable and people with integrity to judge it. And these people must have good conscience too. Sad to say that the three jokes who judged this fight didn’t have all these qualities. To these three stooges i say ” You’ve just placed the last nail to the coffin”.

  43. LM 04:54am, 06/10/2012

    This is the most disgusting thing that has happened in boxng in ages. I am sick.
    I have two words for Pacquiao: YOU WON. And I have two words for Bradley, too…  I am sure you know what they are.

  44. Frank 04:45am, 06/10/2012

    I will never watch boxing again because it is a sham. Goodbye to boxing. RIP

  45. Diddley 04:43am, 06/10/2012

    This sport is now called PINE-BOXING!  This sport is DEAD, and in it’s COFFIN because my heart died with REAL BOXING last night!

  46. Miguel Cotto 04:40am, 06/10/2012

    These are all tests for Manny as a man and as a fighter ... I admire his humbleness. I wouldn’t want to be the next man fighting PAC man… Bradley did not win this fight…

  47. joe 04:35am, 06/10/2012

    If ever rematch will happen , folks boycott the fight don’t buy pay-per-view..period!!!! its totally a fixed fight ....

  48. millboxer 03:11am, 06/10/2012

    Boxing is Dead. Pac man got robbed in front of millions. This is BS That was the last boxing fight I ever pay for again. hello MMA, Total BS! Too bad Boxing used to be about integrity and honor. Now its nothing but another WWE fight. ALL STAGED.

  49. Your Name 03:08am, 06/10/2012

    4 hours ago ·
    a stupid market strategy for Pacquiao’s next fight. will people be interested next time to watch? do they have to fight again in vegas? manny is the dominant fighter in the ring and he can do more than that, but boxing is also a business like bob arum. forget about the judges decision, coz people knows who really won the fight. manny should review his plan whether to retire or continue it but prove his ability to be the no.1, and don’t wait bob arum destroy his name.

  50. Big Canadian Al 03:03am, 06/10/2012

    Shame, shame, shame. I grew up watching EVERY fight on TV and attended plenty of live matches with my Father. Sorry to say but I have switched over to MMA for two reasons. First, outrageous decisions such as this one are far too common. Second, you cannot avoid fights in MMA and so the FANS (remember those folks; the one who pay) see the fights they want to see. Truly a tragic suicide of the sweet science.

  51. ronron 02:51am, 06/10/2012

    i stopped watching pay-per-view fights with that last pretty boy fight when ole boy tried 2 keep hugging instead of fighting and said i would never watch another 1.well i was right by the way people are chatting about this the route to all evil hard earned long hours stuff you dont like crap you put up with just to make a 2 bit hustler rich lol only in the USA but people will still buy it and you want to know y because people are stupid well just those people.

  52. Jda 02:33am, 06/10/2012

    an utterly, undeniable piece of foolish decision! two boxers?. .do u have any idea of this?. .seems like you’re playing with it all along?...judges?. . where you’ve been paid to show the honest results? . .or you just sit there and let the truth slip through your fingers!?..... BOXING IS BULLSHIT! JUDGES ARE IDIOTS! PWEEH…....!

  53. rhodney 01:45am, 06/10/2012

    bradley looks strong but weak the decision is good so that the people will know that pac man is really a good man he dont talk a lot he said just give the credit to bradley niceee

  54. shalva098 01:03am, 06/10/2012

    it was the most dishonourable decision of boxing history. it is very very very bad for boxing. it is time to do something, boxing administration.

  55. norm marcus 12:50am, 06/10/2012

    Well Fans, it seems the fix was in. Somebody made a lot of money on this upset ending. I don’t know what the classy thing is to do- Pacquiao comes back and whips his butt in 6 months and these guys make even more money? Or he walks away in disgust and retires for good. I think he would be remembered for the second option a lot longer! He would become a legend!
    But I think Manny will fight again. Pride and greed for a super fight will again prevail.

  56. loyd dizon 12:18am, 06/10/2012

    no to boxing ... yes to ufc, mma

  57. Michael 11:55pm, 06/09/2012

    This is why I’m not a loyal boxing fan anymore, because more and more you can see that it’s a rigged game. It’s all about the money.

  58. xppd777 11:52pm, 06/09/2012

    Most people do not know that Manny Pacquiao is a gambler. He gambles with fighting cocks, bets on casinos etc. A good gambler will always do whatever he can just to win and win and win. Don’t you think he sacrificed 1 loss just to get more wins? Would you think he’d get more wins if he had won over Bradley? In short, Pacquiao’s wearing a Poker Face every match that he’s in. Maybe he also needed this loss just to bring Mayweather forward, sheesh that Sissy Gay (pronounced as Guy here in the Philippines)...

  59. ej 11:50pm, 06/09/2012

    I think the judges made a huge bet on the winner.  Remember the fight was in Las Vegas and judges don’t make a lot of money, only the promoter, so why not make extra money when you can. That is why boxing should be like wrestling in which you cannot bet on the outcome on the fight.

  60. McGrain 11:48pm, 06/09/2012

    If they can rob him, they can rob anyone.

  61. RipOFF 11:11pm, 06/09/2012

    japanskirec.. Spread the word dude. :D

  62. japanskirec 11:07pm, 06/09/2012

    Fans of boxing,

    If you would like to continue enjoying the sport of boxing please email the following contacts to save this sport.

    .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) (Nevada State Athletic Commission)
    .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) (Keith Kizer, Executive Director of the Nevada State Athletic Commission) (Brian K. Krolicki, Nevada Lieutenant Governor) (Brian Sandoval, Nevada Governor)

    The Nevada State Athletic Commission is made up of five part-time members, each of whom is appointed by the Governor (Brian Sandoval) for a three year term. The current Chairman is Tony Alamo, M.D. The other members are Raymond “Skip” Avansino, Jr., John R. Bailey, Joe W. Brown and T.J. Day.

    To Whom It May Concern,

    I am a longtime fan of boxing. I don’t understand the judgment of officials Jerry Roth, C.J. Ross, and Duane Ford. I would like to continue enjoying this sport; however, the decision from the Timothy Bradley vs. Manny Pacquiao bout brings into question the validity of these judges’ knowledge of scoring a bout properly. I would like to file a complaint and demand a review of the decision that was reached by these judges for this bout. I would also like to receive just compensation for this bout.

    Longtime fan of boxing,

    Your Name

  63. Gerald Alvaran 11:07pm, 06/09/2012

    Tomorrow we should hold a wake for boxing as a sport.  Then attend the funeral.
    The media, CompuBox, mainstream audience, and boxing experts all know who won but are powerless to do anything about it.  What’s the point of watching a sport where there are no protocols to protect it’s credibility?

  64. Mark Anthony 11:07pm, 06/09/2012

    I will never watch another boxing match again. They can really get away with this?

    This is corruption beyond the imagination of even the most powerful mafia don. Are You serious? Really? The sport of Boxing died tonight.

  65. pakit 11:03pm, 06/09/2012

    we’re sorry for the loss important thing is everybody knows who’s the real winner…..

  66. Kevin 11:00pm, 06/09/2012

    I have been a boxing fan since I listened to the second Liston / Patterson fight on the radio when I was a kid. I think this decision has finally cured me. I love boxing but will not be ordering a rematch of the above if it happens. I will not pay to subsidize corrupt promoters and pliable officials. There is a lot of revisionist history today but don’t tell me what I just saw. I only gave Bradley 3 rounds and that was one too many. This is not a controversial decision. This is a crime.
    I’m done. I will not be made to feel like a sucker in my own living room.

  67. Valdas Gibson 10:59pm, 06/09/2012

    The judges clearly cannot read the stats but it is what it is.  Even if you hate Manny Pacquaio you respect him for this. Through this loss Manny has gained more respect, and hopefully this fight will get reviewed and overruled.

  68. RipOFF 10:56pm, 06/09/2012

    What a RipOFF dude., boxing is losing its dignity and pride , if you’d watch the match again, again, and again you’ll be able to see that Pacquiao won that fight, those judges must be blind, just another reason to watch UFC and boxing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.,

  69. Jim Becker 10:55pm, 06/09/2012

    Dear Mr. Pacquiao: Quit. That’s it. Quit. If you have a shred of personal integrity, quit now. This way the profit-taking from tonight, ends tonight. It’s over. This is nothing but a deflection from a Mayweather fight and you know it. You have money. You have a beautiful family. You are a hero in the Philippines. You have a different future. Quit. Deny everyone any benefit from this. Otherwise, you are part of the problem. It’s over. This isn’t a sport. The suits in Vegas have no honor. No integrity. No loyalty. Walk away. Walk away and let the corrupt fat-jowled pathetic bottom-feeders grovel for what might have been. Walk away with your head held high. We know what the real result was. And, Bradley? If you have any integrity at all, you will look at the tape, see the true result and surrender your belt. You didn’t earn it. It’s not yours. Even if you don’t give it to Pacquiao, it’s not yours. If you don’t give it back, then you are part of the problem too. Deny a rematch. Deny any association with this fight. You’re a hard-working very good fighter. Go back to training and look toward your next opponent. But don’t fight Pacquiao again. You are not champion and you know it. If you are honest with yourself. If your team is honest. Otherwise, all you did was find a $100 bill on the sidewalk and take it when it never belonged to you in the first place. Enjoy it. Because It’s already fading away before you can wrap your hands around it. And those of you in Vegas…. the Boxing “people”, the “judges”... you have no honor. You are not professionals at anything but manipulation. You have no talent that is not self-serving and empty. You receive money but don’t earn it. You are slime. You are as bad as congress…. a joke? No. They are slime too. And so are you. You have taken what has the potential to be a great sport and you urinate on it. And I on you. Losers. Drown. Your lack of integrity only smells good to you. I’m just one boxing “fan”... one… but if 2… 3… 10… 20… 100, 10,000…. follow… get the drift? You deserve no respect. I disrespect you. Joke.

  70. Jim Becker 10:54pm, 06/09/2012

    Bradley? If you have any integrity at all, you will look at the tape, see the true result and surrender your belt. You didn’t earn it. It’s not yours. Even if you don’t give it to Pacquiao, it’s not yours. If you don’t give it back, then you are part of the problem too. Deny a rematch. Deny any association with this fight. You’re a hard-working very good fighter. Go back to training and look toward your next opponent. But don’t fight Pacquiao again. You are not champion and you know it. If you are honest with yourself. If your team is honest. Otherwise, all you did was find a $100 bill on the sidewalk and take it when it never belonged to you in the first place. Enjoy it. Because It’s already fading away before you can wrap your hands around it.

  71. raxman 10:50pm, 06/09/2012

    by the looks of these comments the pac fans search engines are doing a bang up job. i don’t recognise any of these names.
    as for the fight:
    pac shouldn’t have relied on stealing rounds early. he basically gave bradley the first 3 rounds - standing behind his guard and only going on the true offensive for short burst, mainly near the round’s end. you can’t let bradley control the pace for 75% of the round and think that landing a couple of good shots is going to win the judges over. the old pac, the pac of 122-135pounds would’ve gone after bradley hard from round 5 and forced the stoppage by round 7. pac has lost his killer instinct..
    and this is far from the worst robbery in boxing. pac’s victory over jmm, pdub over lara and maidana over morales were significantly more questionable than this one

  72. tom777 10:49pm, 06/09/2012

    This is unbelievable. How can the boxing community simply accept the judges decisions? Maybe those judges should undergo drug testing. They have shamed the sports of boxing. They should be banned. Even Bradley himself thinks Pacman has clearly won this fight. We must put an end to this sloppy judges and start to bring back integrity to the sport.
    I commend Pacman for being a true gentleman and accepted the judges erroneous score. This fight will even catapult him to a better place not only in boxing world but in the sporting history. Great job Manny!

  73. Tommy 10:36pm, 06/09/2012

    I am completely and utterly disgusted with the results of this match and with the ugly turn boxing has taken. The boxing commission and community should contest the results of this fight and investigate the judges who made the extremely poor decision, maybe as a result of some integrity issues. Pacquiao definitively won that bout; this is why boxing is a dying sport if not already dead. To beat a champion and strip him of his title you must undoubtably beat him. These judges have brought further shame upon this sport!

  74. kkang 10:35pm, 06/09/2012

    Terrible. Boxing is dead to me. Even feel bad for Bradley. His moment of glory will forever be considered the beginning of the end for the sport.  Any chance Mayweather becomes a man and seeks Manny out?

  75. rob 10:34pm, 06/09/2012

    Worst decision I have seen in all my years of watching boxing (which is about a good 30 yrs).

    Those judges need to be dealt with promptly.

    Pacquiao clearly won that fight hands down.

  76. Runled 10:33pm, 06/09/2012

    If there is any light at the end of the tunnel after a bogus verdict like this one, it’s the unwavering faith Manny Pacquiao displays even after such an obvious violation of his effort. He said multiple times that he respected the judges and that is something that is hard for anyone to say let alone believe it, by the way, he believes it. Shame on boxing, kudos to Pacquiao.

  77. bin 10:32pm, 06/09/2012

    UFC still sucks. Can’t believe Pac lost. Bradley did not win that fight. I don’t know what the judges were watching.

  78. i.cisnero 10:30pm, 06/09/2012

    What kind of judges you got on this fight? You don’t know what you doing.

    Manny Pacquiao was the winner on this fight not Bradley…What is this boxing federation trying to do? You need to pick the right judges.




  79. Damien 10:30pm, 06/09/2012

    Hey Robert. You know what upsets me and I hate the most about it all. Everyone in the media,Journalist,commentators, and whoever else gets a word in steers clear of Bob Arum like he is the Black Plague. Why do we act like his hands are clean in these horrible Decisions under Top Rank. It’s a Shame that he has a Muzzle on the whole Sport, except for Team Mayweather. And they would know his ways as well as anyone. He’s a Scumbag who Plays Puppet Master with his Camp of fighters to please his Pockets. I Hate It!!!

  80. cjprobst 10:30pm, 06/09/2012

    Boxing is ruined by these fraudulent political decisions such as tonight’s.

    Pacquiao. The sport is dying due to such uncredible judging…. another lost fan…

    resorting to ufc and historic videos of box bouts that transpired in a more

    honorable and honest boxing era.

    what a shame.

  81. Dee 10:27pm, 06/09/2012

    After paying to watch this ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING FARCE that was called a CHUMPionship boxing match, I WILL NOT EVER pay to watch another boxing match again.
    It’s debatable whether or not I will bother to even watch even a free “orchestrated outcome” aka boxing match again.
    You’ve insulted my intelligence for the last time!.....

  82. dsand22 10:10pm, 06/09/2012

    This is all Bob Arum. What a shame.

  83. Chen 09:57pm, 06/09/2012

    Bullshit…I don’t even want to watch…UFC baby