Rise of the Boxing Technocrats

By Robert Ecksel on May 22, 2016
Rise of the Boxing Technocrats
Lara exerts the minimum amount of effort for the maximum effect. (John Locher/AP)

To call Lara clever doesn’t do him justice. He has mastered as many Cubans have mastered the art of hitting and not being hit in return…

Winning isn’t the most important thing. It’s the only thing. Winning in boxing means hitting an opponent more often than an opponent can hit back. It may lack the finality of a knockout. But it is the essence of boxing, if not its beating heart.

Saturday night at The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas, Nevada, WBA Super World super welterweight champion Erislandy Lara ( 23-2-2, 13 KOs), the wily southpaw from Houston, Texas, by way of Guantanamo, Cuba, decisioned Vanes Martirosyan (36-3-1, 21 KOs), from Glendale, California, by way of Abovyan, Armenia, over 12 competitive rounds.

The final scores were 115-112 and 116-111 twice, all in favor of “The American Dream.”

The two other fights on the SHOWTIME telecast featured the Charlo twins, Jermall and Jermell, who made history of their own as the first twins to hold belts in the same division simultaneously.

Lara and the Charlos are among of the sweetest sweet scientists of their generation. They don’t mix it up. They are boxers first, punchers second. They are Mayweather 2.0. and rely on speed and athleticism to vanquish their foes.

People complain about Lara, about the Charlos, about Floyd Mayweather. No one disputes their brilliance, but their fights can be dull. There are exceptions and Jemell Jermell Charlo’s come-from-behind knockout of John “Da Rock” Jackson in the first fight of the night was among them.

Compared to the Charlos, Lara is an old master. A product of the Cuban boxing system, he has transcendent fundamentals, a textbook jab, and high ring I.Q. Lara makes good fighters look bad and bad fighters look worse. There were no knockdowns or knockouts Saturday night against Martirosyan. He and Lara were evenly matched if diametrically opposed.

Fighting out of the blue corner in leopard trunks, Lara exerted the minimum amount of effort for the maximum amount of effect. To call Lara clever doesn’t do him justice. He has mastered as many Cubans have mastered the art of hitting and not being hit in return.

“I’m a very intelligent fighter,” said Lara after the fight, “and at no time did I think I wasn’t going to win. I will fight anybody. I would like to fight Canelo or anybody.”

Canelo won’t fight Lara again. Once was enough.

Martirosyan had his moments. I can’t wait to watch him fight again.

But Lara, like the Charlos, is no ordinary fighter.

He fights with the merciless efficiency of a boxing technocrat.

And he looks unbeatable.

Lara landed 162 punches (38%) to Martirosyan’s 94 (20%).

Martirosyan was deducted a point for a low a low blow in the 11th after several warnings.

“That wasn’t a low blow,” said Martirosyan. “I saw it on the replay. This is boxing, not baseball. Low blows and head butts happen. I was chasing him all night. I put on the pressure. I thought I did enough to win. He ran all night. He got every benefit of the doubt because he’s champion.

“I’m a fighter. I’ll fight him again right now. I still want to be a world champion and I still plan on being world champion.”

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  1. Dana I.D. Matthews 01:01pm, 05/26/2016

    ‘’ I was chasing him all night. I put on the pressure. I thought I did enough to win. He ran all night. He got every benefit of the doubt because he’s champion.’‘

    In my opinion Martirosyan exposes himself a bit here.
    Chasing him all night = Couldn’t cut off the ring
    He ran all night = He outmaneuvered me all night

    Another tip off to me that Martirosyan knew he lost was saying Lara got the benefit only because he’s champion. In my opinion, even if that were true, to the majority of people it will just sound like someone complaining.

    He got hit 68 times more than Lara according to Compubox.
    and no matter what you think; you will find any boxer winning any fight with a 20% landing ration hard-pressed.

    He lost against a superior ‘‘Boxer’‘, people who want to watch ‘‘fights’’ are watching the wrong sport, in my opinion of course.

  2. Pete The Sneak 04:09am, 05/24/2016

    rax, I have to agree. Lara brought it to a then prime ‘Punisher’ Williams and at the time I thought, wow, this guy is going to be something, even after the Williams decsion travesty. Couldn’t wait to see him again, and then he all of a sudden goes from Boxer/Puncher Lara to Jesse Owens. Not really sure what brought him to his new track & field profession, but much like his Cuban counterpart Guillermo Rigondeaux, these are guys that I would not be rushing to go see fight anytime soon. I have no problem with a fighter demonstrating good defensive skills, but to maintain that defensive posture for a full 12 rounds with occasionally popping some jabs and short punches just does not do it for me. By the by, I thought that low blow point deduction by Drakulich on Vanes was bogus…Peace.

  3. raxman 07:02pm, 05/23/2016

    i dont know what happened to Lara. He was great in the Paul Williams fight. Anyone who’s forgotten should checkiit out. He took it up to Pdub and was robbed of a clear victory (judges being suspended til further training on that one)
    i dont know when he became - and i dont like using the term at all but he is - the worst ring runner in boxing. the two fights that really stand out for me are the canelo and angulo fights. there the ones i remember as being disgraceful - the canelo fight in particular - anyone who calls mayweather a runner should watch canelo fighting each man to see the difference.
    i wonder if its his hands that are shot. he’s had problems with them and i wonder if he runs coz he no longer has the punch that he had when he fought Pdub

  4. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 02:27pm, 05/23/2016

    I guess Julian Williams and Kanat Islam are technocrats too….but Islam is my kinda’ technocrat.

  5. Steve-O 06:40am, 05/23/2016

    Well, the techno crats looked pretty shitt Saturday night.

  6. koolz 05:10pm, 05/22/2016

    Wow i am seeing this all over net now!  GGG vs Lara, because
    You know GGG hasn’t faced anyone as talanted as Lara.

    Ok how would this fight go?  What in the world could Lara do?

    GGG would come towards Lara not through any punches, he would just
    Stalk him, weaving this way and that way out of any jabs Lara would throw to keep
    His distance.
    Then when GGG is sure he would

    throw a hook or jab that makes Lara hit the mat
    Or the very least stumble.
    After that the rest of the rounds would be hunting.
    Golovkin fainting and feet position would mess up Lara’s running away
    Tactics and he would find him self in a corner or on the ropes to take
    Another hard jab from GGG.
    As other rounds go by GGG would just shrug off Lara’s offense
    And start unloading on him.
    I think it would be over by the fourth round.
    Lara would keep on getting himself caught in a corner of the ring.

    This Golovkin were talking about here a guy who knocked out Bute
    With a shot to the chest.

  7. Arnold Oscars 04:56pm, 05/22/2016

    Hit and not to get hit or hit abd run is vvery bad for professional boxing. It is only for amateurs. It is destroying boxing. Fans are turned-off because of this.

  8. koolz 02:24pm, 05/22/2016

    Lara thinks he can fight Golovkin?  That fight would be over in four rounds maybe three.  GGG would destroy Lara on ropes in a corner, it would be a TKO!
    Lara would have nowhere to go and find him self stuck in a very small ring with GGG Monster.  Heh it would be funny to watch Lara fall into all the traps as his ring gets smaller and smaller.

  9. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 12:54pm, 05/22/2016

    For all the nostalgialistas on this site….Baer was no technocrat and that’s for sure…. that shitbird had a good old time back in the good old days chopping down Schmeling with backhands and hammer fists galore. I say make hammer fists legal….kinda hard to cover up when you’re on the ropes for a hammer fist on the top of the noggin. Oh yea, it’s OK to come up the middle with a teeth cracking, jaw shattering uppercut but oh no you don’t, no hammer fists coming down on the hardest part of the cranium.

  10. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 11:54am, 05/22/2016

    Trying really hard to summon up a vision of Paul Krugman in the ring…..til then Lara will do just fine.

  11. KB 10:45am, 05/22/2016


  12. The Naitch 09:04am, 05/22/2016

    Everyone knows that Dusty Rhodes was the real, “American Dream.” Wooo!

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