Robert Guerrero: Mayweather Killer?

By Richard V. Powell on November 26, 2012
Robert Guerrero: Mayweather Killer?
It was obvious that Robert "The Ghost" Guerrero had done his homework. (Naoki Fukuda)

Guerrero was supposed to be the unorthodox boxer, the slippery southpaw, who was more of a pesky mosquito than a Brahma bull…

Robert Guerrero was no long shot to beat Andre Berto on Saturday night. In fact he was picked by many of boxing’s brightest to decision Berto. But even the sharpest tool in the shed never dreamed that Guerrero would punish Berto so badly that Andre would leave the ring pulverized, blind and peeing blood.

Guerrero’s performance has left many observers in a state of shock. Ghosts typically don’t brutalize you, they haunt you. They get in your head and frustrate you and when you take a swing at them they’re impossible to hit. Guerrero wasn’t supposed to be Rocky Balboa breaking the ribs on a slab of beef. He was supposed to be the unorthodox boxer, the slippery southpaw, who was more of a pesky mosquito than a Brahma bull. 

As fans and insiders settle back into reality, new questions have emerged that were never asked before, not with Guerrero’s name attached. Is he a pound-for-pound fighter?  What would a Guerrero vs. Mayweather fight look like? Who would win? Fights with Manny Pacquiao, Adrien Broner and Floyd Mayweather—matchups that seemed preposterous before Saturday—are now being spoken of in very real terms. 

Guerrero has been very vocal about wanting to face and beat Mayweather. It started in 2011 when Guerrero began making his case on radio and in print. Guerrero and his team have obsessively studied tapes of Mayweather’s fights looking for any small thing that would help them bring down Money May. Armed with information from former Mayweather opponents, Guerrero impressed insiders with his extensive knowledge of Floyd’s strategies and tactics both in and out of the ring. He claimed to have Mayweather figured out, which is a tall order, but everything he said seemed to make sense. It was obvious he had done his homework.

Even at that early stage in his quest for Mayweather‘s crown, Guerrero made a convincing case for himself but still didn’t win legions of converts. But he drew attention to himself and gained notoriety as someone smart, interesting, and qualified that was knocking on Mayweather’s door, and knocking loudly.

Mayweather responded by saying he didn’t even know who Guerrero was—which sent Guerrero into a fury. “Floyd can say what he wants but believe me, he knows who I am. If he doesn’t, let’s step into the ring and he can find out. I’ll give him a formal introduction.”

Gamesmanship aside, the big knock against Guerrero back then was his lack of name recognition. “The Ghost” was well-known to hardcore fight fans but relatively unknown to the general public. But after Saturday’s Fight of the Year performance and the publicity it generated, everyone now knows Robert Guerrero.

Many thought that Guerrero’s jump up two weight classes was a miscalculation, but as Saturday proved, not only can he handle himself at 147 but he can literally dominate the division. Not only did Guerrero push Berto around like a rag doll, at one point he actually picked Berto up and threw him in the corner.

Guerrero has been telling whoever would listen that he is a world-class fighter and he is. He told us time and again he could win at 147 and he was right. He said he was going to give Berto a beating and he did. Now he insists he can beat Floyd Mayweather.

Maybe it’s time to believe.

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  1. esp 10:34am, 12/23/2012

    mayweather continues to contradict himself time and time again and yet his fans relish his unblemished record. mayweather said he is his own boss, mayweather says he fights whoever his management decides. he claims he wants only the best fighters yet his choices seem to be otherwise. how in the world has the pacman fight still not happened?? why is alvarez yet again overlooked?? how come floyd wont even say martinez?? austin trout anyone?? ffloyd only takes fights that he knows he can win and he fights on mexican holidays to make the money with canelo reeling it in on the undercard. this cherry picking crap has got to go but i have come to realise floyd will not risk his zero. guererro is good, but i will wait for the free replay on hbo. can anyone imagine ali ducking frazier?? pacquiaa takes chances= bradley, marquez, cotto, ect. the loss column is not what boxing fans will remember. its the wars, the battles, the scars, the thrill of who will win. not another over charged ppv shoulder roll , run around the ring and talk about your money. As good as mayweather is, he has tarnished his own legacy. we wont remember or even care that he never lost, we remember the fight he refused to take against martinez, pacman, bradley, trout, alvarez.. thats reality. delahoya made him a star and pacman exposed him for what he really is=a coward. I hope the ghost knocks him out.

  2. chris 03:28am, 12/04/2012

    I never knew guerrero was callin money out long before welterweight….with all due respect he had no right to u cant call someone out when u havent beat top guys, anyways to now, i think his two recent wins are very solid got mad respect for his grind and as a human he is the gold standard but that doesnt mean hes done enough….id really like to see him beat an actual top 5 ranked guy and.not just one by golden boys standards, i mean he.beat aydin who was a solid challenge, but berto was on a long break and didnt get the chance to fight someone before like ghost did even though the way ghost fought him he wudda beat any berto so am not hating… for having a plan for mayweather theres no such thing,the guy adapts to every single style am a pacman fan but i know damn well who the king of the ring is….money is just on another level of boxer and until ghost gets to that point itll be hard for anyone to touch him….

  3. the thresher 02:15am, 12/04/2012

    I’m starting to believe.

  4. Ernesto 07:36pm, 11/30/2012

    You have to be crazy to believe that Guerrero can beat Mayweather !!

  5. dontmatter 10:21pm, 11/26/2012


  6. David Matthew 08:26pm, 11/26/2012

    Ghost would be severely outclassed against Mayweather.

  7. Jimmy Dutches 08:15pm, 11/26/2012

    I’ll keep this simple.  Robert is not the only one who believes!  May is gone and Robert is the one who is taking the breaks off the May-Train and letting him ride into the sunset.  We got you Rob !

  8. raxman 07:30pm, 11/26/2012

    I got on board the ghost after the katsidis fight - he had a reasonably big fight planned after that i think but i can’t remember who it was with? think ghost got injured. anyone?
    i’ve thought since then he was a certainty to cause upsets - i’d love to see him fight some of the other 147s - alexander perhaps? or given this last fight how about bradley?
    as for fighting mayweather and the so called plan - cue the tyson line.
    its one thing to know how to beat floyd - everyone knows you have to use jab ad infinitum and attack the body when he shoulder rolls - but when youre getting hit with counter right hands and lead hooks its easier said than done.

  9. Don from Prov 09:10am, 11/26/2012

    I don’t believe that he could beat Floyd—

    But he believes his smarts, strength, and chin can give him a real shot.
    Personally, I’d rather see Canelo have a few fights and face Floyd at 154 lb.
    But that’s me.

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