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  1. Thomas 08:00am, 12/31/2013

    Remember I watched that very fight on TV so many years ago, I got up quite early in the morning (Europe) not to miss it! Great stuff, never will forget the good old boxing times! Greetings Tom

  2. Lee J 04:17am, 09/05/2012

    Probably Duran’s last great performance.The combo he dropped Barkley with was vintage!

  3. georgetwohatchet 07:19pm, 02/26/2012


  4. Jim Crue 06:35pm, 02/18/2012

    Even at an advanced age Duran was beautiful to watch and Barkley had such heart. I wonder if Phoney Floyd who actually thinks he is great has seen Duran??

  5. MARK.LYALIN@GMAIL.COM 04:29am, 02/16/2012

    Thank youI It was great Fight and great boxers!

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