Rocky Marciano: A Life Story

By Boxing News on December 26, 2012
Rocky Marciano: A Life Story
This documentary examines Marciano, a champ who, even in death, KO's expectations.

He was uncoordinated. He had short arms. He was under six feet. He never weighed close to 200 lbs. And yet Rocky Marciano, the Brockton Blockbuster, retired undefeated with a 49-0 record and was one of the greatest heavyweight of all time. How was this possible? He fought in a relatively weak era, but that’s been true of other champions as well, and has done little to dull their luster. Whatever his shortcomings, no one trained harder than Marciano (or had a better trainer in Charley Goldman), no one punched harder than Marciano, and his will to win was off the charts. Take a look at this documentary on the great Marciano, a champ who, even in death, KO’s expectations…

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Rocky Marciano (Full Documentary)

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  1. Paul Gallender 12:07pm, 12/28/2012

    No one punched harder than Marciano? One of the greatest heavyweights ever? Hey guys, the truth may hurt but the truth is the truth. What do you call a 185 pound heavyweight, with a 67-inch reach, no jab, and can only fight by coming at his opponent? A punching bag. Marciano was a club fighter for two-thirds of his career and there are a lot of heavyweights who never became champ who would have beaten Rocky. He was a very nice man and everybody loved him but he was, and continues to be, grossly overrated.

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