Rocky Marciano vs. Jersey Joe Walcott

By Boxing News on February 22, 2019
Rocky Marciano vs. Jersey Joe Walcott
"If I lose I deserve to have my name taken out of the record books," sneered Jersey Joe.

Jersey Joe Walcott won the heavyweight title in 1951 at the ripe old age of 37. Walcott was a smooth, slick, superb boxer, the ultimate fistic cutie. Walcott’s opponent in the second defense of his crown was his polar opposite. Rocky Marciano was a clumsy, awkward slugger who started boxing after a failed career in minor league ball. “Marciano is an amateur,” Walcott sneered. “If I lose I deserve to have my name taken out of the record books.” The two men met in Philadelphia’s Municipal Stadium on Sept. 23, 1952. The champ was making the challenger look like a fool, but then, half a minute into the 13th round, Marciano’s “Suzie Q” performed her magic…

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Rocky Marciano vs Jersey Joe Walcott, I

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  1. Hal Pritzker 02:11pm, 09/22/2014

    How can you tell when a man can punch? When he doesn’t need the ref to stop a fight because he can’t keep an opponent down. Whether with one punch—-such as the one with which Marciano knocked Walcott unconscious in their first fight—-or with an accumulation of blows, as in the Moore fight, he kept them down. Johansson knocked Patterson all over the ring in their first fight…but couldn’t keep him down. Same with Foreman in the first Frazier fight. Rocky hit so hard, even when he didn’t actually knock them down, that opponents still wound up needing hospitalization. Like LaStarza in their title fight. Without a doubt, Rocky was the most destructive force ever seen in a ring. And that includes Dempsey…though not by much.

  2. Michael Hegan 05:36pm, 05/19/2013

    Jersey Joe could pile ‘em in…..His clean living allowed him to continue to a later age than most fighters…...
    How Joe allowed himself to get backed into that corner is a question Joe and his fans will always be asking.

    When the Rock threw a punch…it was with some 900lbs/square inch… matter where it landed…it would hurt….  As the stars and moon lined up….so did the Rock’s big punch…and he caught Jersey Joe Walcott on the chin…...

    you could have counted to a hundred and thirty…...Joe wasn’t getting up…Nobody could ...if they caught a punch like that

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