Roger Mayweather: Hate Male

By Robert Ecksel on October 18, 2011
Roger Mayweather: Hate Male
"You got problems with yourself," said Mayweather, "because ain’t nobody know your ass.”

It’s been relatively quiet on the Mayweather front, but out back it’s as loud as ever.

Roger Mayweather, Floyd’s uncle and trainer, was recently interviewed at the Mayweather Gym in Las Vegas by Mary Ann Owen. Roger’s not the wittiest subject, and Owen is no Charlie Rose. But their five minutes together produced some memorable analysis on the always fashionable theory of hate.

“I don’t care how good you is, how bad you is,” said Mayweather, “you’re always gonna have some haters. The reason you have haters? One reason: ‘cause they can’t do shit themselves. So that why you have haters. Haters ain’t nothing but a part of boxing. They come along with the boxing world because they can’t do shit themselves and that’s why you have them.”

Roger tends to repeat himself. It could because he wants to reinforce a point he’s making, or because he can’t remember what he said a second earlier.

Mayweather raised his voice an octave to imitate the sound of haters. “Oh, why he didn’t do this? Why he didn’t do that.” Roger looked at the camera knowingly and spoke of Floyd. “He’s a seven-time world champion, from 130 to 154 pounds. So where else can you find a fighter that would last that long in boxing? He’s been a champion for 15 years. So one thing about boxing that people don’t understand: most people don’t know nothing about boxing anyway. Most people don’t know shit about boxing. So how can you say what he shoulda done or coulda done?”

Those are good, albeit rhetorical, questions that Roger doesn’t want the haters to actually answer. Why should he when all the answers he needs are at the tip of his tongue?

“You know what? Let me tell you about people who hate somebody. You hate somebody—they don’t even know why they hate him. They just hate him ‘cause he’s good. You want him to be bad like you? They’re haters for no reason. They just be jealous. How you gonna be jealous of somebody who ain’t even done anything to you? Somebody who don’t even know you? Jealous of him—for what? That’s what haters do.”

Roger was on a roll and there was no stopping him.

“To all these who say they hate my nephew, I ain’t gotta tell you about you. You’ve got problems with you goddamn self. My nephew don’t even know you. So you don’t have problems with my nephew. You got problems with yourself because ain’t nobody know your ass. That’s it.”

Well, I’m glad that’s been settled.

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  1. mikecasey 04:34am, 10/20/2011

    With so many double negatives to cram into each sentence, I don’t think he can fit anything else in.

  2. Joe 03:31am, 10/19/2011

    I watched the interview and I’ll tell you something, those anger management classes must be working.  Every other word out of his mouth wasn’t emeffer.  And his nephew is a bad emeffer.

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