Roger That: Mayweather vs. Broner

By Robert Ecksel on December 20, 2013
Roger That: Mayweather vs. Broner
“He ain’t Floyd. He’s a beatable guy. That’s the thing about boxing. There’s a pattern.”

They’re still mopping up at the Alamodome. The dust has settled. History is being rewritten. Headshrinking makes way for skullduggery. And Adrien Broner is being scrutinized, more from a boxing than sociological standpoint, after the whupping he received from Marcos Maidana.

Some blame Broner’s loss on inexperience; he’s a young fighter in love with his press clippings, he bit off more than he could chew. Some believe he had a bad night. Some think character defeated him in the end. While others insist that it’s Mother’s Little Helper, administered to Maidana between rounds by master nutritionist Alex Ariza…that doomed the promising prizefighter.

It’s not over for Broner. He’ll be back. We’ve not seen the last of him in the ring. We may not have seen the last of him in the Chicken Shack.

In the meantime, there are experts to consult, experts to observe and extol. One such expert is Roger Mayweather, longtime trainer (and uncle) of Floyd Mayweather, the fighter to whom Broner was most often compared, unfavorably as it turned out.

When asked what he thought about Broner’s performance against Maidana, the Black Mamba was in his element.

“I haven’t seen it but I heard about it,” he said. “I ain’t gonna watch him because he ain’t gonna fight my nephew. He got his ass whupped now. I can’t even see now what they say about the ‘next boxing superstar.’ Who the fuck did he beat? That’s what I want to know. Who did he beat? They want the next star, but the next star has to beat somebody to declare itself a star. He ain’t never beat no fucking nobody. Who he beat?”

When asked if he ever thought Broner was “really great” prior to the Maidana fight, Roger said, “No, I ain’t seen nothing of that. I ain’t never seen any of that. He had a good win, he had a win—I mean anybody can have a win. But in boxing you gotta keep winning. One win don’t mean nothing. Most guys get a win.”

There’s no arguing with Roger Mayweather. When asked about people “hating” and gloating now that Broner lost, Mayweather made a face. “You know why? Because the motherfucker wasn’t what people thought he was. They thought he was the next Floyd Mayweather, until they found out. Now he got his ass whupped, now people are saying, ‘Aw, this motherfucker wasn’t no Floyd.’ I knew goddamned well he wasn’t.”

Asked if the loss would humble Broner, Roger answered in the affirmative.

“The loss going to humble him, and the next time he fight, he’s going to get more of a challenge because people see now how he got beat. So they probably figured, well, we’ll probably give him a chance. But, at the same time, he’s beatable. He’s a beatable guy. He ain’t Floyd. He’s a beatable guy. That’s the thing about boxing. There’s a pattern. He can be beat.”

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  1. The Fight Film Collector 09:52am, 12/22/2013

    Agreed Darrell.  Funny how it always seems to work that those who are winning assume it’s because they’re a genius.  Until they lose.

  2. Jeff 10:04pm, 12/21/2013

    BUT ! Floyd KFC Mayweather can’t be a True Champ cause hes ducking Manny ! Floyd there is no more excuses, he got everyone in his camp making excuses and there making themself look and sound foolish. Forget about Broner getting his but whipped , what about your nephew Floyd not being a champ , put up or shut up , KFC FINGER LICKING FINGER PICKENS, fight the top guy PACMAN ,, CHAMP TIME TO MAN UP??

  3. Darrell 09:51pm, 12/21/2013


    Somehow, I don’t think uncle Roger, at least, is quite in tune with your theory…...

  4. The Fight Film Collector 03:22pm, 12/21/2013

    For the last year, The Mayweather clan were all quietly very pleased that another high profile, and nonthreatening, champion was giving their prized boxing style a lot of free press and validation.  Now that Mr. Broner has lost, and quite unfashionably so, the money team wants to distance themselves.  So I’m not surprised and not buying Mr.Roger’s appraisal.  My observation in watching last weeks fight was seeing the ring-test of a recipe that could eventually crack the Mayweather code.

  5. Jack 08:49am, 12/21/2013

    Thanx Pete, I want to wish you, yours, the posters on the website, RE ( a fearless editor ) and ALL the boxing writers on the website ( who make it the BEST boxing site on the web ) a Happy and Safe holiday. Everybody keep up the good work going into the New Year!!!! We all help, keep boxing “ALIVE and Well” as do the brave warriors who enter the ring.

  6. zxcvb 04:09am, 12/21/2013

    The truth comes out in many forms. Roger tells it in his own way. I love it.

  7. Pete The Sneak 07:31pm, 12/20/2013

    Hey, what’s up…My man Jack, ‘Lighting” up Sin City. How are you brother, hope al is well…Yeah, haven’t seen you partake in some of the finer topics here on recently, but good to hear from you nevertheless. According to your personal audience with Roger Mayweather, it sounds like the fearless editor, Robert Ecksel was spared the full brunt of Roger’s phonetic soliloquies . Robert must have made a mad awesome impression on Mr. Mayweather, to limit him to only (by my count) 4 F-Bombs. You go Robert…LOL…Jack, here’s to wishing you and your family a Great Holiday Season. And remember, if it’s happening in Vegas for you, them let it stay there…Peace..

  8. Jack 01:48pm, 12/20/2013

    Hey Pete, sorry I haven’t been posting, but my schedule has been very busy. I will be working the Consumer Electronic Show here in Las Vegas, a lot of prep work. I got to meet Roger and Floyd at Nevada Partners in North Las Vegas when Richard Steele ran the operation in the late nineties, I had a number of conversations with Roger. The norm was, if a sentence had 10 words in it, 5 of them were “motherfucker”. Roger was hilarious!!!! He must have toned it down for this interview?

  9. sam 1969 12:11pm, 12/20/2013

    Well we could ask the same question to GGG Golovkin, who the fuck did you beat?? and believe me there are opponents out there and I don’t think all of them want to run away from the russian, probably Martinez and some other one are but what about a real middle weight would love to see him against Lara, Kirkland, Chavez Jr, Murray etc, sorry again if I mixed the fighters in this article but the question Mayweather asks?? who the fuck did you beat??? made me think about some greatness some boxers claim and they are just good but takes more to be a champion.

  10. Pete The Sneak 10:22am, 12/20/2013

    I like Roger, but sometimes I wish he would be a bit more blunt when such inquiries are posed to him. And as eloquent as he appears in his very well thought out and astute responses, perhaps it may be a bit more behooving to Sir Roger if he sprinkled a bit of, oh, I don’t know, lets say maybe a bit more robust retorts to balance out the meaning(s) of his succinct, yet poetic manner of reply…And now, I will remove my once firmly planted tongue out of my Motherfucking cheek…Peace.

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