Roman Simakov Dies of Brain Injuries

By Ted Sares on December 8, 2011
Roman Simakov Dies of Brain Injuries
Roman Simakov was a potential light heavyweight contender. May he find eternal comfort.

“I can only comment on the situation after the official investigation, which will evaluate the actions of the referee and the medical treatment the athlete received later…”—Igor Maruzov (General Secretary of the Russian Boxing Federation).

The Russian Boxing Federation said light heavyweight contender Roman Simakov (19-2-1) has died after collapsing in the ring on Monday, Dec. 5. The fight was on the Provodnikov–Corley undercard which was held in Ekaterinburg, Russia.

Igor Maruzov, the general secretary of the Russian Boxing Federation, said earlier today that the 27-year-old Simakov died of brain injuries Wednesday night in a Yekaterinburg hospital after collapsing in the ring after the seventh round during a title bout against American-based Sergey Kovalev (17-0-1). The fight was for the WBC Asian Boxing Council light heavyweight title.

Simakov had been hit with a number of sharp and punishing shots by his opponent in the sixth stanza, but there did not appear to be a single blow that floored him. After a harmless jab and soft right, he seemed to lose his balance and coordination in the seconds before he fell in round seven. He was quickly dragged out of the ring, apparently unconscious, on a makeshift orange stretcher.

I personally did not see any signs of oxygen being used. I also thought the referee did a competent job.

Here is the fight: Sergey Kovalev vs.Roman Simakov 

Roman Simakov was a potential light heavyweight contender. May he find eternal comfort.

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  1. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo 04:18pm, 12/09/2011

    Kovalev seemed much the stronger from the opening bell and he wasn’t shy about employing rough stuff throughout. Simakov was on the receiving end of punishing blows in each round and as Thresher reports, the most hurtful blows were landed in the sixth, especially the punch that snapped Simalov’s head violently back.  He was in the act of dying in the seventh round yet muscle memory and his fighter’s heart kept him going until he just couldn’t do it anymore. God rest his soul.

  2. pugknows 03:27pm, 12/09/2011

    Coming off the Holly Holm slaughter, this is very scary. R.I.P.

  3. johnwriter60 09:54am, 12/09/2011

    we know, before stepping into the square circle, that permanent damage is a potential outcome, yet we keep on keeping on. After Licata did me in (1971) I had a headache for a year, yet fought again. Twice. the resulting 2 year headache was relieved with chiropractic. I was a lucky? blessed? one. I can talk about it today. but again, and sadly, Simakov, et al will not get that chance again. Unless they allow pugilist encounters in the land of nod… and no way am I making light of this dastardly result…

  4. BoxAnne 08:52am, 12/09/2011

    Very bad news

  5. dollar bond 07:12am, 12/09/2011

    My God, how horrific.

  6. "Old Yank" Schneider 04:28am, 12/09/2011

    Very sad.

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