Roy Jones Kaput

By Robert Ecksel on December 12, 2015
Roy Jones Kaput
Jones was a shadow of a shadow of his former self. (Vasily Maximov/AFP/Getty Images)

Enzo Maccarinelli, like Roy Jones, is also past his prime. But compared to Jones he looked as fresh as a daisy…

Saturday night at the VTB Arena, Moscow, Russia, Roy Jones Jr. (62-9, 45 KOs), the 46-year-old future from Pensacola, Florida, was knocked unconscious by 35-year-old Enzo Maccarinelli (41-7, 33 KOs), from Swansea, Wales, United Kingdom, at 1:59 of the fourth round, to hopefully end the folly of the last several years.

Fighting on fumes, relying on muscle memory, for reasons that defy comprehension, it was inevitable that one of these days the future Hall-of-Famer would get punched into retirement if not oblivion.

It appears that day has come.

Fighting out of the red corner in black trunks with white trim, Jones was a shadow of his former self. There’s no hand speed to speed of, and even less foot speed. He still possesses a semblance of those extraordinary Roy Jones moves of the past, but it’s like shouting into a canyon and hearing a distant echo.

Maccarinelli, fighting out of the blue corner in black trunks trimmed in red, is also past his prime. But compared to Jones he was as fresh as a daisy. He was the busier fighter. He was the more focused fighter. He was the younger fighter. He was the fighter without an HBO contract awaiting him in New York.

The end came, and not a moment too soon, as the fourth round was drawing to a close. Maccarinelli caught Jones with an uppercut that dropped him to the canvas. Jones crawled around on all fours before jumping to his feet. When the fight resumed he retreated to the ropes where Big Macc unloaded the big guns. Another uppercut followed by a right caught Jones looking…and down he went, face-first, with a loud thud.

Common sense says we’ve seen the last of Roy Jones Jr. in the ring. But common sense has nothing to do with it.

He may be back before we know it.

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Roy Jones Jr vs Enzo Maccarinelli 12 12 2015

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  1. mo 03:27am, 12/16/2015

    the fighters listed above are of a different era no? maybe they were fighting when roy was great but all listed were way past their prime. not the same time line bro

  2. rob 06:11pm, 12/15/2015

    Jones is one the best ever his shelf life beat him no one else

  3. Pete The Sneak 04:54am, 12/15/2015

    Great Points Moe Asher! My only thought on this is “You’ll must’ve Forgot.”...Peace.

  4. andrew 08:09pm, 12/14/2015

    Who he won or lost against at what age can’t detract from his obvious gifts   which made him one of the best of all time.

  5. moe asher 07:11pm, 12/14/2015

    forgot to put enter my name in the last post.

    also, heres the vargas fight. you can see jones in his corner. kinda cool.

  6. Your Name 06:56pm, 12/14/2015

    @akt- good points.  I say we would rather remember him like Hendrix than like Jagger.  But hey- I think he’s doing what he loves and he deserves to choose for himself, not his fans. as for training- he actually has been training fighters.  In addition to some amateur prospects, he trained Jessie Vargas for the Demarco fight.
    and while he was incredibly talented, read about his life growing up (article linked in my post below) and his attitude towards training, and you’ll see that he worked harder than any
    man should have to work at anything to get where he got to.  which, btw, could well have been where he got to before going pro.  I mean, seriously.  Are we to believe there was no one of talent in the amateur circuit the entire time he was there?
    From wikipedia-  *Jones won the 1984 United States National Junior Olympics in the 119 lb (54 kg) weight division, the 1986 United States National Golden Gloves in the 139 lb (63 kg) division, and the 1987 United States National Golden Gloves in the 156 lb (71 kg) division. As an amateur, he ended his career with a 121–13 record.*  The bogus decision against him in the olympics was so pitiful that they changed the way olympic boxing is scored.  His total dominance in the OLYMPICS was so clear that the other fighter and the ref both apologized and one of the salted judges recanted. 

    It is not possible to imagine that Roy Jones Jr. only succeeded because of hand picked, cardboard boxers.  To do so is ignorant.  Sorry. 


  7. AkT 05:18pm, 12/14/2015

    We like super heroes to remain that way. It’s just what we do. Roy Jones in the 90’s was a sight to behold. I never believed he could be touched, and how could he? With the hand speed of a bee’s wings and decent power to go, he was untouchable. I preferred it that way. But hey .. wishes still aren’t horses ...

    It’s not great when your fights get publicity for their outcomes rather than for their promotion (I didn’t know Roy was fighting). I think he should focus more on imparting as much of his incredible skills to someone else now (as difficult as it may be as most of his insane abilities came about because of nature’s occasional deviations from the norm).

    There is a way that fighters like Roy Jones are talked about, and this is isn’t it.

  8. Jethro's Flute 04:06pm, 12/14/2015

    “I’ll post another comment concerning Roy Jones and I won’t call anyone who disagrees with me ignorant.

    Michael Nunn - lost to James Toney and also lost his 168 lbs title before Jones won his.
    Julian Jackson- Never fought above middleweight. Jones would have creamed him in 2 rounds.
    Gerald Mc Clellan- fought once at 168lbs and suffered permanent damage in the fight.
    Nigel Benn - did not recover from the fight with Gerald McClellan, despite winning.
    Michael Watson - suffered permanent damage in his only fight at 168lbs, 3 years before Jones moved up to the division.
    Chris Eubank - had no interest in fighting Jones either.

    at LHW he avoided Dariusz Michalczewski and Joe Calzaghe easily beat him.
    Jones was a good fighter who knew he had a weak chin and planned his career carefully. Who can blame him for that?

    Don’t know about the German fighter but Jones should been retired before fighting Calzaghe. The Welsh fighter was clearly better schooled than Jones though as he was far better at 36 than Jones was at the same age.

  9. Jim Crue 06:29am, 12/14/2015

    I’ll post another comment concerning Roy Jones and I won’t call anyone who disagrees with me ignorant.
    Fighters Jones avoided, refused to fight
    1] Michael Nunn, very tricky hard to hit
    2] Julian Jackson, very hard puncher who liked to engage
    3] Gerald Mc Clellan, another HARD puncher
    4] Nigel Benn
    5] Michael Watson
    6] Chris Embank
    at LHW he avoided Dariusz Michalczewski and Joe Calzaghe easily beat him.
    Jones was a good fighter who knew he had a weak chin and planned his career carefully. Who can blame him for that?

  10. Tommy Odemwingie 03:33am, 12/14/2015

    I’m baffled that, instead of the Anthony Joshua v. Dillian White showdown, which I believe is the most explosive heavyweight fight in recent history, your lead is on the Roy Jones Jr. v. Enzo Maccarinelli farce.

    Anthony Joshua—behold a world champion-in-waiting!

  11. moe asher 03:03pm, 12/13/2015

    second link should be:

  12. moe asher 02:50pm, 12/13/2015

    @jim crue-
    sad to see such ignorance.  first of all jones jr. and his team begged tyson, and anyone else of class to fight him, and they wouldn’t go near it ( ).  his career was shaped by teams who would be risking too much to get into the ring with a phantom who stood not only to win but to totally humiliate their fighter, a fighter who was shunned by the industry and the media from the first for failing to toe the line as far as promotional conventions were concerned.  Clear and ugly steps were taken to ensure that his purses would stay low enough to force a big time promotional deal.
    second of all- tell me how a glass jaw makes it LESS impressive to go 49-0.  Not only could he knock his men down, he could do it without being touched.

    lastly and by far the most telling sign of Roy Jones Jr. s greatness is the long list of todays top fighters who all learned from, emulate, and idolize Jones.  Top fighters who place him above sugar ray leonard such as andre ward.  dominant fighters who pay tribute in the ring, like lomachenko.  mike mccallum who said jones was the greatest fighter of his time (

    im not sure what you think boxing is, but you watch how that man moved, the angles he found, the control and self-discipline, the inventive and improvisational music he made, the total originality he brought to the ring, the man is a fucking artist and he has placed his indelible imprint on the sport as much as anyone i can think of. 

    roy jones jr. cannot be forgotten from the world of boxing or sports in general because he is already in the minds and hearts of champions he has inspired and generations that follow.  he is already there with the ancients of the game every time that bell rings. right in that ring no matter who is fighting.

  13. leigh 12:24pm, 12/13/2015

    A past it bigun beats a past it littleun but seriously sad to watch but two mr nice guys of boxing and they both gave us some great fightsover the years, and they both love the game think enzo will try for a belt once more before he hangs them up but i think jones knows its the right time himself now ,he has always said that no body told me to start boxing and no one will tell me when to stop .big respect to enzo gary and the welsh lads for not celebrating at the end of the fight and the end of a great fighters career .

  14. Jethro's Flute 11:00am, 12/13/2015

    “Great fighters do not get cold cocked by the likes of Tarver and Glen Johnson and now by almost anyone who hits him.”

    Except that he was a smaller man who had moved up in weight and his disastrous knockout defeats came when he was 35 years old.

  15. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 09:30am, 12/13/2015

    Moving on….word for the day….Egis Kavaliauskas.

  16. Jim Crue 07:57am, 12/13/2015

    Jones had the most beautifully orchestrated career until Floyd. He and his team knew he had no chin so opponents were artful picked and the top opponents avoided. His fight agains helpless Vinnie Paz was a complete joke in my opinion. Roy knew Vinnie was not in his class and could not punch. A mismatch from the start. Mismatches like that are what started boxing on it’s long decline. Can’t blame Vinnie who was a gutsy club fighter who gave it his all in every match.
    Great fighters do not get cold cocked by the likes of Tarver and Glen Johnson and now by almost anyone who hits him.
    My guess is Roy owes the IRS or someone big bucks. Why does he risk his health? He has a good job at HBO and does a good job.

  17. Don from Prov 06:50am, 12/13/2015

    Jones has been knocked cleanly out too many times—

    He’s playing with his health now.  I wish he’d quit boxing.

  18. didier 06:02am, 12/13/2015

    Hurts to see Jones go this way which has not been the first time.
    He should retire for his health or musn t be allowed to fight again

  19. Leandro Gonzalez 09:20pm, 12/12/2015

    It’s pitiful to see one of the greatest fighters of all time, pound for pound, to see him stretched out in such fashion. Roy is a sharp quick-witted individual. I want to remember him like that and not become an embarrassment of the sport.

  20. Eric 09:10pm, 12/12/2015

    Roy Jones was one of the all time greats at 168lbs and IMO at 175lbs as well. Roy Jones was probably at his best back around ‘95-‘96. His destruction of Vinny Paz was something. Couldn’t decide which I admired more, the skill of Jones or the heart that the hopelessly overmatched Paz displayed that night. That was a long time ago, doesn’t seem like that long ago, but it was, move on Mr. Jones.

  21. GlennR 09:00pm, 12/12/2015

    That’s enough Roy…..

  22. andrew 06:06pm, 12/12/2015

    Sad. There oughta be a law.

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