Roy Toy: A Fight He Cannot Win

By Robert Ecksel on February 14, 2016
Roy Toy: A Fight He Cannot Win
There ought to be a way to protect Roy Jones Jr. from himself. But of course there is not.

If this continues much longer, as it’s likely to do, we’ll eventually see him box a kangaroo or wrestle an octopus…

Anyone with an ounce of sense wants Roy Jones to retire. Friends, family, handlers, opponents, business partners, colleagues, and even complete strangers have been begging him to retire for a decade.

It was hoped, since hope springs eternal, that he would see the light and get out before it was too late.

But chances are it’s already too late.

Jones was as one of the greatest fighters of his era and his first-ballot enshrinement in Canastota is a given. But at the age of 47 and with a respectable 62-9 (45 KOs) record to his credit, Jones appears to believe that he still has what it takes to compete at the championship level.

He is mistaken. He does not.

When he’s not fighting men unfit to carry his jockstrap, Roy Jones is getting knocked out. He has lost eight of his last 21 fights dating back to 2004, when he lost three in a row, two by early stoppage, to Antonio Tarver (twice) and Glen Johnson.

Calls for his retirement grew louder between 2009 and 2011, after he dropped three in a row, two by knockout, to Danny Green, Bernard Hopkins, and Dennis Lebedev.

And in his last fight, where he was unceremoniously separated from his senses by Enzo Maccarinelli, even diehard Jones supporters came to realize that whatever he once possessed in terms of lightning-fast reflexes and boxing acumen, he possesses no longer.

Jones is a shadow of his former self. He is chasing a dream that is destined to become a nightmare.

Having succeeded in besmirching his reputation, Jones continues to attract attention, but for all the wrong reasons.

His latest attention-grabber is a plan to fight an exhibition in Phoenix on March 20, on pay-per-view no less, against some lucky fan that will walk away with $100,000 if he can knock out Jones.

It’s a novel idea in a sport that needs novel ideas like it needs a hole in the head. But Jones is his own man and won’t be dissuaded from pushing ahead with his latest ingenious plan, just as he’s never been dissuaded from anything.

One of these days one of these punches will end the folly of what remains of his once brilliant career. Until then, boxing is going to be subjected to watching a living legend get his brain bashed in, or, if we’re lucky, witnessing stunts where Jones in the center of attention in a bona fide three-ring circus.

It’s only a matter of time until Jones get badly hurt, assuming he’s not already been badly hurt, and his lack of judgment suggests that’s the case.

Maybe we should count our lucky stars that he’s not demanding a rematch with Maccarinelli.

Maybe we should consider ourselves blessed that he’s just fighting a fan on pay-per-view.

But if this continues much longer, as it’s likely to do, we’ll eventually see him box a kangaroo or wrestle an octopus.

There ought to be a way to protect Roy Jones Jr. from himself.

But of course there is not.

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  1. bikermike 09:43am, 02/17/2016

    Does RJJ need the money ??  Where did it go ??
    Anyone who isn’t fighting for the money is a damn fool…...(quote from Larry Holmes)

  2. Wango Tango Ted 06:05am, 02/15/2016

    Jacomin sounds like the type of kid that had his mommy drive him to school and he would pull out the cry-baby card if someone even looked at him the wrong way.

  3. Jacomin 05:53pm, 02/14/2016

    Eric sounds like he got beat up a lot at the bus stop and after school

  4. Eric 12:45pm, 02/14/2016

    Heehee. Roy Jones is one of the greatest 168lbers of all times. This is a chance for all his critics to put up or shut up. Oops. Watch it Roy, they might call you names for calling them out or exposing them. teehee. Keep fighting the good fight, Roy!!!

  5. Eric 12:30pm, 02/14/2016

    Wish it was just fight Roy for 100-grand and you didn’t actually have to win. Maybe I could have my very OWN brand of the “truth” and say that I actually “won,” after taking a dive in the first 30 seconds, pass GO and collect the 100-grand. In this day and age that is how it works. Maybe fight Roy and after he trows me a beatin’, we both are declared “winners” and split the 100-grand.

  6. The Tache 12:02pm, 02/14/2016

    Empathy maybe, or something like that.

  7. Steve 11:49am, 02/14/2016

    So what. If he doesn’t care, why should we.

  8. Eric 07:29am, 02/14/2016

    I have a friend who lives in Port Jervis, NY. Anyhow this guy was a legend during our days on board the USCG Gallatin, hehe. The guy was running around Port-au-Prince, wearing just his underwear on the back of some scooter driven by an obese Haitian woman. haha. You had to see it to believe it. He was arrested in Glasgow, Scotland after taking on a patron and a couple of cops. Anyhow this guy and his girlfriend went up to Grossingers or somewhere where Michael Spinks was training for a fight at the time. He approached Eddie Futch and told him he wanted to spar with Spinks. Qawi/Braxton was there as well, huffing and puffing like a steam engine, I think Spinks must have been training for the Tyson fight. He went up there twice, and both times, Futch refused to let him in the ring with Spinks. He would run into Spinks again a few years ago at some bar/restaurant owned by one of Graziano’s relatives near the Boxing HOF. Spinks asked him why he wasn’t drinking and suggested it was because he couldn’t handle it. teehee. Believe me, had this guy not been sober for 5 years, he would have drank Michael and Leon under the table at the same time. In the ring? Spinks would have killed him.

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