Russian Revolution: Provodnikov Dethrones Alvarado

By Robert Ecksel on October 19, 2013
Russian Revolution: Provodnikov Dethrones Alvarado
The Russian Rocky hammered Mike Alvarado into submission. (Chris Farina/Top Rank)

Ruslan Provodnikov, from Beryozovo, Russia, dethroned Mike “Mile High” Alvarado, forcing him to quit on his stool at the end of 10 rounds…

Saturday night at the 1st Bank Center in Bloomfield, Colorado, Ruslan Provodnikov (23-2, 16 KOs), from Beryozovo, Russia, TKO’d Mike “Mile High” Alvarado (34-2, 23 KOs), forcing the now former WBO junior welterweight champion to quit on his stool at the end of 10 rounds.

Fighting out of the red corner in blue trunks trimmed with orange, Alvarado, having learned his lesson from the first fight with Brandon Rios, was determined to fight smart. Using his superior boxing skills, he glided around the ring in round one, getting off first and dictating the pace.

But Provodnikov, fighting out of the blue corner in black trunks with silver trim, was the aggressor. A solid right rocked Alvarado. Mike High returned the favor, and it was give and take, take and give, until the bell ended the first. Provodnikov won the opening stanza by a hair.

Alvarado continued to box in the second. He was keeping a safe distance between him and his opponent, firing off jabs, sticking and moving effectively. An Alvarado right hand stunned Provodnikov. He shook it off and continued to cut off the ring, but it was still too early in the fight, and Alvarado was still too fresh, to not win round two.

Provodnikov and Alvarado split rounds three and four. They were trading vicious shots to the head and body. The Russian continued to stalk and pressure the champ, but Alvarado controlled the action, if not for long. Provodnikov rallied in the fourth, landed more punches, landed the harder punches, and had begun to break Alvarado down.

Alvarado continued to take a beating in round five. He was still in the fight, but Provodnikov was coming on. It was, however, still anyone’s fight, as Alvarado outworked Provodnikov to win the sixth.

The champion drew first blood in seventh. Provodnikov was cut around his right eye. Correspondingly, Alvarado’s right eye was beginning to swell from the incessant pounding, but he continued to box, less out of choice at this point than necessity.

Provodnikov dropped Alvarado twice in round eight. Throwing everything at Mile High but the kitchen sink, it looked for a moment like the end was at hand. But Alvarado is tough. Alvarado has heart. He was taking an awful pounding but weathered the storm, albeit on shaky legs, to make it through the round.

The challenger smiled his way through the ninth round. He knew Alvarado was hurt. He knew the fight was his. Provodnikov smelled blood and was unrelenting. Alvarado fought back as best he could, but his best, compelling in the early rounds, was no longer good enough.

Provodnikov pressed, pressured, and punched Alvarado at will in round 10. Trapped along the ropes, the soon to be former champion absorbed a hellacious beating and almost went down a third time. To punctuate his condition, Alvarado stumbled to the wrong corner at the bell.

A close-up of Alvarado between rounds 10 and 11 said all that needed to be said. He was a beaten man. When referee Tony Weeks approached and asked if he wanted to continue, Alvarado shook his head. It was over. The indestructible Provodnikov had won and won big.

“I knew what I had to do was break him, ” said the new champion after the fight. “I could not disappoint my team. I don’t care about the titles. Maybe you didn’t believe me. I’m telling you now. I don’t care about the titles. It’s all about the war we had today. I had to break his will and I did that.”

Alvarado was less succinct but more despondent than his opponent.

“He shook me up with quite a few shots,” he said, “and I wasn’t able to recover like I usually do. I could have fought through it, but it’s more dangerous when I’m taking multiple shots like that. I thought it was a good decision to end the fight. There’s no excuse at all. Once you get in that ring it’s man against man, one against one. He did what he had to do. I was winning that fight. I was boxing like the way I should of, and I gave it a little bit more than I should of. Styles make fights. I was keeping him out as much as I possibly could. The fight was just destined to go that way, so he’s the winner and I give him all the respect for that.”

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ruslan provodnikov vs. mike alvarado full fight / руслан проводникв майк альварадо весь бой

Ruslan Provodnikov: "I was a class higher then him [Alvarado] today

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  1. Ted 12:20pm, 10/21/2013

    This guy said better than I can (from another site):

    “What does Provodnikov’s victory really tell us?

    “What it told us was Alvarado couldn’t use his height and range advantage effectively in this fight.. He stayed inside too much and mixed too much with a guy who has inside leverage on him.. It tells me Alvarado couldn’t clinch and tie him man up effectively despite his background as a wrestler.. It tells me that Alvarado’s head is too far forward, he squares up too often, and his defense is leaky.. He’s especially vulnerable bo left hooks and swinging rights.

    “This fight told me that Provodnikov doesn’t go crazy when his opponent is hurt.. He takes his time, boxes, and builds on his advantage.. He learned what was working and what wasn’t working and made better adjustments.. He cut the ring off effectively where Brandon Rios didn’t.. Where Rios spent himself in his 2nd go with Mike — Provo used his mental equipment and reeled Alvarado in.”

  2. Clarence George 02:32am, 10/21/2013

    In honor of the power-punching Russky, my new expression when thwarted will now be “Provodnikov!”  For those of you not callow, this should immediately bring to mind Boris Badenov’s “Raskolnikov!”

  3. El Bastardo Magnifico 12:45am, 10/21/2013

    Alvarado, eye swelling like a grapefruit, Bradley being interviewed while on a stretcher and being put into an ambulance—nahhhh—the interview can wait—give these guys a break and more importantly let them have timely medical examination/attention—sometimes every second counts. I have already covered the standard contractual obligation—the standard terms of which should be negotiated prior to signing by these fighters that carry more leverage—and change these standard “interview” obligations prior to sign—as usual in boxing, what is the historical standard is standard history—these warriors deserve a lot more dignity, under certain circumstances

  4. Ted 07:47pm, 10/20/2013

    BTW, Mike had a great run, but he has been in 6 wars in a row. He is essentially done. The Prescott war was brutal. 59 rounds of ring brutality. He needs to retire NOW!

  5. Ted 06:48pm, 10/20/2013

    seanpasbon has the beat

  6. Ted 06:47pm, 10/20/2013

    Koolz , if they had properly counted the knockdowns, Bradley would have lost.,

    As for JMM, why would a winner (Prod) fight a loser (JMM) in the loser’s home country, especially when more money can be made just about anywhere else?

  7. Ted 06:44pm, 10/20/2013

    Don from Prov , thanks.

    Here are the rumors and I stress rumors.

  8. Ted 06:37pm, 10/20/2013

    Marquez would not draw flies at this point. IMO. This is a business and they fight where the most dollars are

    As for interviews, it’s part of the upfront deal. You refuse to do one, you break the contract in that respect. Giving an interview is part of the consideration in getting the fight. JMM has a history of stomping his feet and not doing one until he is begged and then he does it in the dressing room. That’s just not right. You agree to do something, you do it.

  9. Mike Schmidt 06:09pm, 10/20/2013

    Three names that Ruslan’s promoter, Artie Pelullo, is mentioning- Bradley, Manny, and says they would love to fight Marquez as well. Also Artie mentions that Ruslan is HBO - so rule out Garcia. If Rios beats Manny then rule it down to Bradley or Marquez to build towards Rios pay per view mid next year- adios adios

  10. procopy 05:08pm, 10/20/2013

    I was happy Provodnikov won the fight. I knew he will. Alvarado has a better skill set than Provodnikov but the Russian has heart and determination. He’s just like he didnt give a damn and just went out there and blew his opponent. Great win for him and maybe he was inspired because his mother was there to watch him.

  11. raxman 04:26pm, 10/20/2013

    mike s- 100% agree with you about the interview thing. both canelo and jmm have been criticised for splitting without doing a post fight in ring I/v. and I think the criticism is unfounded. in the heat of the moment they shouldn’t have to deal with it if they don’t feel up to it. take victor Ortiz for example - post maidana and post lopez he was made a mockery - if he had 20 minutes to clear his head i’m sure we wouldn’t have seen the giggling and “josesito broke my jaw”. although with vicious victor you can’t be sure. as for Dundee - in his book he makes it clear that protecting the fighter (espec from himself) is a seconds most important job and that as a young and inexperienced trainer he won the respect of the old time, old school refs by doing just that.

  12. Mike Schmidt 04:18pm, 10/20/2013

    I will watch it Rax and if so then yep I agree fully with you- I know Weeksee and he is a good dude- I suspect his version in the heat of the action is the thought that they were not going to stop it so he did- agree fully with you on the point anyways-don’t put the a warrior in the position- let the Chief Second take the job- reminds me of the brave knuckleheads in Ali’s corner vs Holmes when they were going to let it go and were trying to over ride Angelo who commented something to the point of ” God Dam it I am the Chief second and I say it’s over.!!!!!” Good stuff Rax- I will go back and watch, but fully agree with your thoughts- let the Chief take the action- my same thought on giving these guys a break if they don’t want to be interviewed after the fight- and certainly in this case-

  13. raxman 04:11pm, 10/20/2013

    mike s - yeah you’ll hear (is it Shan Villauer?) clearly say to mike he was going to stop it coz mike has nothing left - then its a bit chaotic with the commentators talking but I assume he told the ref it was over and then Weeks stuck his head in

  14. Mike Schmidt 04:03pm, 10/20/2013

    The impression i had Rax, as Weeks literally pushed the Chief to speak to Alvarado, was that THEY WERE NOT GOING TO CALL IT A DAY, hence Weeks comments you could here on the microphone in the corner- I’ll go back and watch it again

  15. raxman 03:49pm, 10/20/2013

    mike s - your point 3 - great work by Tony Weeks. I thought the complete opposite. although he officiated the fight brilliantly (not that those two gentleman warriors needed much officiating) I think he crossed a line. it was enough that alvardo’s corner was calling fight; you can the head trainer clearly say to MA he had nothing left and he’d have to call it. why add the humiliation to the beating by making Mile High say the words? the trainer must have the final say - Chico vs Floyd is the high profile example but there have been many. 9 times out of 10 a fighter won’t quit. can you imagine if it Rios being asked?

  16. El Bastardo Magnifico 03:20pm, 10/20/2013

    Tecate will flex substantial muscle for a JMM attraction who is no more done than Ruslan was after his “loss” to Bradley and still holds that Ace of Spades knockout of Manny who would most dearly like to get back in the ring with JMM. If Bradley is intent on being PP numero uno then he should rematch Ruslan now- as far as I am concerned Ruslan beat Bradley- the only real PPV attractions on the Top Rank slate remain Manny and JMM-none of the other guys against each other cover the freight nor do they have Mexican TV which is huge imput- which gets us back to Tecate, Fernando Beltran who has a lasso on Mexican TV rights and JMM if he so chooses to continue.

  17. Koolz 02:35pm, 10/20/2013

    Bradley was saying that he was suffering a concussion during the fight.
    I believe that Provodnikov hits very hard.  I think Mike Alvarodo might not make it back after that beat down he received from Ruslan.

    Also Top Rank is pretty damn corrupt and should have no influence on a fight but they do.

  18. Clarence George 12:45pm, 10/20/2013

    “Sextet,” Ted?  Hey, there may be ladies present!

  19. Don from Prov 11:56am, 10/20/2013

    Ted, good call on the “non” knockdowns in the Bradley fight—

    What are the rumors about Marquez??

  20. Ted 10:55am, 10/20/2013

    One other thing.  Bradley was given the decision over Ruslan because the referee who worked the fight should have called knock downs in rounds 1, and 2 instead of just 12. Only the ropes held Tim up in rounds1 and when he got up in round 2.from a so-called slip, he was on Queer Street and ready to go. Ruslan got stiffed.

  21. Ted 10:46am, 10/20/2013

    But don’t get me wrong, I’d love to see somebody wax JMM. I’m totally sick of his whining and lack of sportsmanship.

  22. Ted 10:44am, 10/20/2013

    JMM is all done and anyone who fights him in Mexico is nuts. JMM needs to sort out some rumored issues before he ever fights again and even if he does, he will not be a compelling attraction.

    This is about money first, second and third. You stink up the ring, you go to the back of the class. It’s also about attrition and that’s why Alvarado is no longer viable.

  23. Ted 10:40am, 10/20/2013

    Irish, Mayweather will take care of Danny. Bradley vs. Ruslan or Bradley vs. Pac make the most $en$e to me. I’d pay to see those two, but I would not to see Garcia-Bradley.

    Rios is a wild card.

  24. El Bastardo Magnifico 10:39am, 10/20/2013

    He is not a big enough draw if Rios wins. Pac not. Don’t think you see Garcia in with him. Likely—Bradley rematch or if Rios loses then next year Rios in a fan friendly build them up for a big mid year fight. Other alternative IN MEXICO VS JMM—ONE GUY LIKES TO COME FORWARD, ONE GUY LIKES THEM COMING FORWARD- WINNER IN GOOD PLACE FOR MANNY FIGHT

  25. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 10:29am, 10/20/2013

    What’s next? Danny Garcia can make 140 and he knows it….yet all we hear is Bradley, Manny, or Rios.

  26. Ted 09:50am, 10/20/2013

    And Evgeny Gradovich could make it a sextet.

  27. Ted 09:48am, 10/20/2013

    Pirog knows that. He will never fight either one. But he will beat most of the others if he can regain his health.

  28. Koolz 09:11am, 10/20/2013

    If Pirog returns Golovkin would KO him!
    If he Fought Kovalev he would stop him too. 


    I loved how Ruslan laughed when he missed with huge right Hook, just spinning off balance and laughing at himself as he want back to pressing Mike.
    Ruslan was never troubled in that fight at all.
    I also liked how he created the illusion that he didn’t have much there and didn’t through to many punches in some rounds as they were close in the pocket with there gloves up, obviously he was just buying time till the later rounds to explode!  I think in that first round he knew that he could hurt Mike Alvarado.

  29. Ted 08:19am, 10/20/2013

    Thanks Gajjers

  30. Ted 08:17am, 10/20/2013

    Ruslan now joins Lomachenko, GGG, and Kovalev as a killer quartet. If Pirog returns, we might even have a quintet,

    I have been touting the Eastern Euros for quite some time and it’s gratifying to see this play out. This is a NEW landscape. A new paradigm. A new world boxing order. Best we get used to it.

  31. Ted 08:13am, 10/20/2013

    Mike has been in 6 consecutive wars. His fight with Prescott was the most brutal. He is now damaged and will never be the same. But he had a great run.

    As for Lampley, not sure I get the insults. I thought he did a fine job. Of course, we can always tune in to Mauro on Showtime for a real low key job.



  32. Critical Beatdown 08:09am, 10/20/2013

    Nothing like a TKO to shake up the status quo, I say. Ruslan took what he deserved in the Bradley match by sheer brute force, determination, and a deft ability to cut off the ring. It was such a joy to see him celebrate with his mother! The world is yours, Ruslan. Would love to see him face Garcia eventually.

  33. peter 07:39am, 10/20/2013

    Thank you for this quick and excellent article…I like this Ruslan Provodnikov. I hope this Ruslan Provodnikov continues his humble, diligent and honest winning ways.  I hope this Ruslan Provodnikov doesn’t become another Ruslan Provodnikov—a man who becomes contaminated by a dirty, dangerous game and our crazy, convoluted society.

  34. Pete The Sneak 07:20am, 10/20/2013

    Congrats to Ruslan…Man this guy was not going to be denied in this fight. some of those body/liver shots he connected on Mike would have kayoed most fighters on the spot. Props to Alvarado and yes EBM, a great stoppage by Tony Weeks. Certainly would love to see a Ruslan/Bradley rematch…Peace.

  35. Mike Casey 04:50am, 10/20/2013

    Did anyone else notice that opening paragraph from our Mr Ecksel? He tells us the result and then he gives us the detail. The result is the only essential fact if you’re a reader who didn’t see the fight. You always get that fact in your first lines. You can natter as much as you want after that. Runyon always gave you the result first and Damon could natter…..

  36. Mike Schmidt 04:42am, 10/20/2013

    One last note Fearless Editor. Standard broadcast Fighter contracts call for fighter (contractually required) to be available for immediate post fight interview. Mike Alvarado required a shower, with someone keeping a close eye on him, and a quick attendance at the hospital to examiner and make sure he was okay—Max did a very admirable job under the circumstances of a fighter that neither wanted/ or should have been required to do the post fight contractual obligation—and all the very best for Mike doing it—he presented such a class act—THESE CONTRACTS SHOULD HAVE THE MANDATORY POST FIGHT INTERVIEW AT THE ENTIRE SUBJECTIVE DISCRETION OF THE COMMISH DOCTOR

  37. Clarence George 02:34am, 10/20/2013

    Not what I’d predicted, but I’m actually quite pleased with how it turned out.  Nothing at all against Alvarado, but I really like Provodnikov.

    Well said, Irish!  Which reminds me…I recently saw a “Modern Family” episode where it was revealed that as a boy Mitchell had a pet snake he named Zsa Zsa Gaboa.  Gloria (played by the mouthwatering Sofia Vergara) says to her husband, Mitchell’s father:  “And you really didn’t know he was gay?”

  38. Mike Schmidt 02:06am, 10/20/2013

    One other note Sir Robert and then have to take Bronson out for his morning rabbit run—Ruslan is not just a banger—hola a guy that knows how to deal with the shoulder roll inside—did you see him palm/pin Alvarado’s left elbow, turn him, step to the right and plug him hard with double left hooks—very nice indeed—he didn’t wait to see the other guy move—he made his own openings—I loved the inside work by both guys

  39. Pavel 01:58am, 10/20/2013

    We are winners today!!!

  40. Mike Schmidt 01:40am, 10/20/2013

    1) Thank heavens Max is there to even out Lampley 2) Agree with Koolz—thought Ruslan beat Bradley and if he had one more round Bradley would have gone by by by 3) GREAT WORK BY REF TONY W. He ignored the corner and directly questioned Alvarado to see of his condition 4) What a great right hand to the body AND hey hey hey two guys that actually work hard to the body when inside rather than simply tie up and look at the ref to break them—TWO GUYS working THE MOSTLY LOST ART OF INSIDE FIGHTING and body shots RATHER THAN WAITING FOR THE REF TO BREAK THEM WHEN THERE HANDS ARE FREE. 5) I’D WATCH RUSLAN OVER TIM OR FLOYD ANY DAY—GIVE US MORE RUSLAN PLEASE AND THANKS!!!!! 6) Tough one for Mile High Mike in his own backyard and full marks to him anytime 7)  And last—HOW MUCH DID THOSE TWO RIOS FIGHTS TAKE OUT OF MIKE—HE STRECHED THE LIMIT IN THAT SECOND FIGHT

  41. Napoleon Nalcot 10:50pm, 10/19/2013

    I was expecting Provodnikov to knock Alvarado out within round 6 to 8. What I wasn’t expecting though was that Alvarado’s tougher to extend it to two rounds more. That was a high caliber fight, beautiful as it entertains—the kind of fight that’s all worth your money. We’re not watching sparring sessions, after all, but a real slugfest.

  42. Darrell 10:32pm, 10/19/2013

    A hook to the left, a hook to the right!  Powerful & relentless, Provodnikov was unstoppable even when Alvarado offered some questions with his movement in the 2nd, 3rd & 4th rounds.  Early in the 5th I turned to my wife, who was takes no interest whatsoever,& said I think this Tartar is going to KO Alvarado.

    I went for Alvarado beforehand, out of a little hope & the fact he has a slightly more varied skillset but I was certainly prepared for the likelihood of a KO by Provodnikov.

  43. Gajjers 10:30pm, 10/19/2013

    Excellent analogy, Ted. Where does one run for cover when one’s already in a castle? The dungeon? Man, the boxing landscape has changed quite a bit in the last decade, since these terrific amateur pugilists from the East started punching for pay. They must have some pretty good trainers, I’d think. Kudos to them too…

  44. NYIrish 10:18pm, 10/19/2013

    Provodnikov fights like Jake LaMotta. Pretty good late round banger too!

  45. seanpasbon 09:47pm, 10/19/2013

    Great to see a Russian country boy making things happen…he needs to trademark that distinctive scream of his.

  46. Koolz 09:27pm, 10/19/2013

    I never thought Bradley beat Ruslan the time when they fought!
    Great win for Provodnikov!  When you go hunting sooner or later you catch your prey!

  47. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 09:03pm, 10/19/2013

    Khan….that is…not Kahn…..although that performance was indeed kosher!

  48. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 08:55pm, 10/19/2013

    Clarence George-That Genghis Kahn DNA is a bugger….I read that there’s lot of it in Eastern Europe in places like Hungary….which reminds me….. of Zsa Zsa…but I digress..

  49. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 08:48pm, 10/19/2013

    Same old Lampley…. calling punches thrown by Mike as punches landed…..which reminds me…..that was a good old fashioned Tony Zale combo that was getting the job done.

  50. Ted 08:30pm, 10/19/2013

    Eastern Euro fighters are storming the castle from every direction. Run for cover.

  51. El Bastardo Magnifico 08:26pm, 10/19/2013


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