Santa Cruz vs. Frampton III — Not in Belfast, says Leo’s Dad

By Marc Livitz on February 15, 2017
Santa Cruz vs. Frampton III — Not in Belfast, says Leo’s Dad
"I'm hoping that Leo sticks to his word and comes to Belfast like he said." (Photo: AP)

Has Leo Santa Cruz fought his way to such a point on the pugilistic mountain that he’s now able to call the shots in such a manner? Maybe yes, maybe no…

Luckily for the fans of boxing, the sport is replete with its fair share of true, time-tested rivalries. Such history goes back several decades when names such as Robinson, LaMotta, Ali and Frazier lit up the fighting scene with several nights to remember against one another. Closer to our own decade, we have familiar faces such as Barrera, Morales, Marquez (two of them), Vazquez and Pacquiao who’ve called us into packed living rooms complimented by great food and drink. We’d like to see or at the very least have a chance at such highlights in today’s scene. It goes without saying that the sport can be hard to sell to others, especially since the two biggest names of the past dozen or so years finally met in 2015 and gave us a night to forget, if we could only remember.

Closer to today, there are some among us who’d perhaps like a second helping of an undisputed light heavyweight title showdown between Andre Ward and Sergey Kovalev. It could happen, right? Promotional struggles and mishmash aside, a redux of a contest with pound-for-pound implications sounds tasty to many.

This past Monday, a smudge of sorts on the lens of the sweet science may have dampened yet another budding rivalry, only this one would a third meeting as opposed to a simple rematch. More specifically, the top two featherweights in the world, Leo Santa Cruz (33-1-1, 18 KO’s) and Carl Frampton (23-1, 14 KO’s), respectively should and must at all costs fight for a third time. The two men met last summer in New York and once again in Las Vegas just a few weeks ago. As we all know, Northern Ireland’s Carl “The Jackal” Frampton fought his way to a majority decision win in Brooklyn and handed “El Terremoto” Santa Cruz his initial loss in the professional ranks. Shortly after his first defeat had set in, Leo stated that he’d gladly fight a rematch in Frampton’s home city of Belfast, if need be. Although there was no rematch clause for the contest, Carl’s handlers nevertheless offered one to Santa Cruz.

On January 30 of this year, Leo got his revenge against “The Jackal” via a majority decision victory of his own, although the bout wasn’t contested in Belfast or even in Europe at all. Las Vegas hosted the show and just as was the case in their first outing, rounds were close and difficult to score, yet Leo outworked Frampton in Vegas in the punches thrown as well as landed categories. He’d done the same in the ring in Brooklyn. Alas, a third fight between the championship fighters would seem customary, wouldn’t it? If we’re to be led by what emerged from the Santa Cruz camp on Monday, then a trilogy may have to wait unless they have more control over the location of the third contest.

In a story posted by the BBC, Leo spoke to Villainfy Media and disclosed in all certainty that he would not fight Frampton in Belfast. To him, such a location would go against him in terms of judges being swayed by crowd influence. His father and trainer, Jose has apparently advised him to stay clear of Northern Ireland. “If he says no, then I wouldn’t go there”, said the current WBA Super World featherweight champion. “I do what he tells me.” Before we chime in with the “if he asked you to jump off of a bridge” argument, let’s quickly recall the words of a defeated Carl Frampton after his second bout with Santa Cruz.

“I’m hoping that Leo sticks to his word and comes to Belfast like he said. He can make it happen”, were the words of promise echoed by “The Jackal” after he’d suffered his first defeat. Regardless, such news makes a third fight, at least on the other side of the pond seem very unlikely and its fallout may reach even further. There was more, of course.

“My dad is scared that if I go over there and even if I beat Carl Frampton, then the people and the judges are going to be an influence,” he added.

“My dad says not to go over there, because it would be a really bad decision and you know, he is right and everything. But if I go over there and I get the win and beat him, for all the fans to see that I win, that’s all that matters. Hopefully they see that I win and they give me that. It’s very important, he’s my father, he’s been there my whole life, my whole career. I always listen to my dad.”

Well, there we have it. It appears that Leo’s father feels that his son’s best efforts will be wasted if he were to follow in the footsteps of the greatest names of the past and travel to the other side of the Atlantic. Has Leo Santa Cruz fought his way to such a point on the pugilistic mountain that he’s now able to call the shots in such a manner? Maybe yes, maybe no but this doesn’t look good at all. What’s there to fear, really? The three-division champion from California (by way of Mexico) has all the goods to go over to the U.K. and take care of business for a second time. What type of hostilities exist between Northern Ireland and Mexico? Likely nothing at all and up until about three weeks ago, what “beef” may the people in Belfast hold against Americans?

Consider this: last year, Carl Frampton traveled to the belly of the most ferocious beast in the form of Manchester, Lancashire, England to face Scott Quigg for the super bantamweight title. He won a close decision and his path to stardom was set to even greater degree. Boxing fans should call “BS” or perhaps even “bollocks” on the nod against traveling to a foreign country. It’s somewhat understandable yet at the same time, quite ridiculous. England and Northern Ireland are not friends, to say the least.

A pro-Mexico crowd has been known to sway judges, as history has shown us. Look no further than when Mexico’s all-time top fighter, Julio Cesar Chavez, maintained his then-unbeaten record after being thoroughly outclassed by the great Pernell “Sweet Pea” Whitaker in September of 1993. The 65,000 or so fans who packed the Alamodome on that fall evening were likely pulling for Chavez and while they may have swayed the judges, even some of them loudly booed the decision of a majority draw.

Bad nights happen as do dubious decisions. But nothing happens if there’s no fight. Why not roll the dice and see what happens? A fourth fight in Mexico, perhaps? Let’s hope we get some good news soon. This pairing of champions is too good to let it go so soon.

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  1. tetumbo 11:20am, 02/21/2017

    MOONMAN, i’m no “expert” but a dedicated fight-fan of several decades with a firm foundation in the boxing-scene i experienced in L.A. and the various degrees of separation that invariably emerge between it and native Angelenos like myself. nothing more but not much more is required to spar with the “experts” when the industry standard is Lampley, Merchant, and Lederman(?!?). on the other hand, it’s a sincere pleasure to listen to the work of the SHOWTIME A- and B-teams. Bernstein, Farhood, Malignaggi are consistently fair and insightful with their commentary. anyway, despite the simmering resentment expressed by some, i won’t stop asserting the west-coast narrative of the fight-scene nor will i be discouraged from praising worthy fighters like Marquez, Canelo, Cuadras, Vargas, Salido, Garcia, Benavidez, Santa Cruz, Mares, Ramirez, etc. simply because they’re “Mexican” or because they won’t bow down to promotional darlings like Golovkin, Rigondeaux, and Lomachenko. Peace to the MOONMAN.

  2. Moon Man 09:33am, 02/21/2017

    “boxing’s appeal narrowed and dwindled” in America because of a variety of reasons. MMA, a bias against white Eastern European fighters by the media, too many champions and too many weight classes, PPV and no longer showing fights on network television, etc.

  3. Moon Man 09:14am, 02/21/2017

    Oops. I might add AGAIN, that a Mexican fighter fighting an Irish fighter in LA, is the inverse of this fight being held in Belfast.

  4. Moon Man 09:09am, 02/21/2017

    tetumbo…I AGREE with you about an East Coast bias when it comes to boxing. I won’t dispute that call out all. And I would say your boxing knowledge of present day boxing surpasses mine by a significant margin. I am no longer a BIG fan of boxing like I used to be, keep up with it mostly by visiting this site. Boxing taint what it used to be IMO. I deal WITH FACTS ONLY, myself.

  5. tetumbo 08:30am, 02/21/2017

    MOONMAN, i deal in Documented and Irrefutable Boxing Facts, All-Day-Long, i.e., UnFnFadeable. this fight-fan doesn’t meekly allow other “Americans” to claim sole ownership of the narrative. i’m The American fight-fan who will call “bullshit” on bullshitters with feet firmly planted in the here-and-now not some nostalgic golden-era that took place 60 years ago. Even then the rest of the country missed out on the vibrant fight-scene that has always prevailed in L.A. It’s no coincidence that when boxing’s appeal dwindled and narrowed that it’s core fanbase was revealed to reside on the west-coast. quite honestly, we’ve been disregarding east-coast shilling for decades. i grew up regarding the promotional cover boys of boxing to exist in an alternate boxing universe like comic book heroes. the fight-scene that we grew up in was rarely featured but reliably the most relevant and entertaining. nonetheless, the stubborn east-coast bias persists resulting in not even an olympic “golden boy” being able to receive a fair shake in his “hometowns” of Vegas or L.A. and the reigning champion Santa Cruz brow-beaten into conceding a critical hometown advantage that he has yet to impose or enjoy, i.e., headlining a fight-card at MSG or Vegas are NOT professional sacrifices but equally legacy-defining achievements for Leo and Frampton.

  6. Kid 10:47am, 02/18/2017

    Perro Aguayo Jr.,Mexican Wrestler Died From Broken Neck, After Kick By Rey Mysterio Jr. according to autopsy. I thought the rope got him. Guess not.

  7. Moon Man 08:33am, 02/18/2017

    I actually admire “tetumbo’s” pride for his heritage and find it completely natural. He is no different than a Pactard, Completely natural for people to be that way. Only my fellow kinsman, “whites,” have been bamboozled to feel they must bend over backwards to show how neutral they are, as if race doesn’t exist. Whites will fly half way around the world to feed Africans, southeast Asians, but you can’t get them to feed poor Appalachian whites right here in America.  I could do without whole Los Angeles thingie though. haha. Nuffin wrong with that either though. Personally, you couldn’t pay me to live in LA, but different strokes. I love the East Coast, but people in the Boston-Washington Megalopolis & Left Coast, need to realize that this is a HUGE country.

  8. Your Name 07:30am, 02/18/2017

    Most of the posters here, in addition to being knowledgeable and balanced, are from the NYC area or East Coast, but now we have an Angelino telling us how it is supposed to be? Pretty cocky I’d say.

  9. Vato Loco 08:17pm, 02/17/2017

    “densely populated vertically and horizontally.” Despite its huge size, Los Angeles has an underwhelming skyline. NYC, Hong Kong, Dubai, are cities with impressive skylines. The LA skyline isn’t much better than Seattle, Miami, Atlanta, Philly, Dallas, or San Fran, all cities that are much smaller than Los Angeles. Hell, I say Houston has a much more impressive skyline than LA.

  10. Ese Holmes 04:03pm, 02/17/2017

    tetumbo lives in a van with 6 other muchachos down by the LA river. He sleeps with his LA Dodger cap on and wears a LA Lakers poncho while cruisin’ in a ‘86 Cutlass Supreme with his other cholo gangbangers.

  11. tetumbo 03:58pm, 02/17/2017

    Bull’s-eye. Got you dead center, eh? . . . (lol). . . . (LoL) . . . UnFnFadeable!

  12. tetumbo 01:48pm, 02/17/2017

    ultimately, the ONLY appeal of Belfast for the rubbermatch is the comfort, convenience, and hometown-advantage it provides Frampton, which only bolsters the concerns of the elder Santa Cru. IMO, it’s an easy fix: in the event of a controversial loss for Santa Cruz, Frampton agree to another bout in Leo’s actual hometown of Los Angeles. otherwise, he can simply agree to the rubbermatch taking place in London, which is the actual equivalent of Frampton traveling to NYC and Vegas for the first two bouts. everything else is fanboy-bias and promotional posturing designed to favor Frampton and disadvantage the reigning champion Santa Cruz.

  13. tetumbo 01:42pm, 02/17/2017

    when you expose your dropped-balls, i won’t hesitate to respond with a swift kick. “this was a nice site”? (lol) stop your crying, chillon. are you a fight-fan or not? that’s a rhetorical question because you’re obviously an obsessed b*tch who is in love with me, i.e., you can’t help yourself from begging for more and more.

  14. Kid 01:20pm, 02/17/2017

    Bull’s-eye. Got you dead center, eh? Doesn’t take much to break your inner-Tumbo loose. This was a nice site until you recently polluted it with your Mescal-influenced brand of taint. But you are one of those “anal”  types who has to have the last say, so have at it ameeeeeeeeego. And por favor numbnuts, , don’t be too shrill. I can only take so much chastisement.

  15. tetumbo 01:18pm, 02/17/2017

    Btw, your biased concept of “honor” isn’t the topic of this article either but leave it you to place yourself at the center of the discussion. you’re a DOUCHE and if i were 30 years older i would lift and toss your fat ass into the L.A. river. EPA regulations be DAMNED.

  16. tetumbo 01:12pm, 02/17/2017

    F-O FATso. your thinly-veiled attempts at stifling any praise of “Mexican” fighters is an inspiration and the distinguishing characteristic of your IRRELEVANCE. now run along and tattle to the nearest moderator that your FAT feelings have been hurt you whiny little culero.

  17. Kid 01:00pm, 02/17/2017

    Tumbo, the only thing you expose is your thinly veiled and shrill racism against anything non-Mexican. This not about your piss-drinking hero; this is about Leo refusing to HOMBRE UP!!!

  18. tetumbo 12:51pm, 02/17/2017

    “No honor. A terrible thing for Leo thanks to pop’s pretext”. interestingly enough, the same “outrage” was never expressed by boxing shills and self-proclaimed"experts” when it came to Pacquiao who routinely shoveled “pretexts” to avoid and disrespect the active great Marquez for over Eight (8) F’n Years of skulking, dodging, and avoiding.

    blatant bias and double-standards are a terrible thing for my favorite sport but the prevailing profile of its self-proclaimed “experts”, various shills, and pundits . . . a truly pathetic situation that i’m dedicated to exposing at every opportunity.

  19. Kid 10:48am, 02/17/2017

    No honor. A terrible thing for Leo thanks to pop’s pretext.

  20. tetumbo 10:42am, 02/17/2017

    anyway, while i’m for a rubbermatch in Belfast the elder Santa Cruz’s concerns are legitimate and Team Santa Cruz needs to include a condition that, in the event of a controversial loss, provides Leo with a clear pathway to regaining his title in timely fashion and in a distinctly neutral setting or his own home fight-town of L.A. that fight would sell-out Stub Hub, Staples, or the Forum. Frampton’s Irish fans will be heartily welcomed as they complete the American trifecta of NYC, Vegas, and L.A. thanks to the integrity of two great fighters and assets to my favorite sport of Boxing.

  21. tetumbo 10:37am, 02/17/2017

    MOONMAN, L.A. has never been cleaner or safer. The food and bar scene is exploding from Pasadena, to Santa Monica, and everywhere in between. i can’t keep up with it and can barely keep up with all of the different joints popping up in my L.A. neighborhood. It’s an urban city though and densely populated vertically and horizontally. That’s normal for a city-boy like me but I get the apprehension of diving into a big urban city like L.A. must be kind of like preparing to lose your cherry to Madonna, i.e., L.A’s a freak, an angel, and a whore . . . I Love L.A.

  22. Moon Man 04:48pm, 02/16/2017

    @Lucas…I’ll definitely have to put that on my bucket list. However, I’m definitely AFRAID of heights BIG TIME. Maybe, I’ll let someone else do the driving. I start to get white knuckles gripping the wheel with both hands, and feel my butt cheeks tighten, while driving through the “mountains” we have on the eastern side of the country. Could have very well seen myself living in a place like San Fran or New Orleans back in the day. Nowadays, not so much. LA is just too damn big, and definitely not my style, even back in the day.

  23. Lucas McCain 02:58pm, 02/16/2017

      Moon Man—I’ve lived in both the Bay Area and in LA and miss them. Very different.  Do them both.  Rent a car in SF or Oakland, and drive down the Pacific Coast Highway to LA (unless heights really freak you out).  Unbelievable views of the Pacific (you can see the curvature of the globe on the ocean horizon),  places to stay right on the edge, plus you can stop in Carmel (near Pebble Beach) and Hearst Castle. 
      But enough travel agent talk!  I ‘d love a 3rd in Belfast, but I think Leo’s dad is right.  It would be cool to take the challenge and go to Belfast, but this is his time to shine.  What if he loses to Frampton, and Frampton to another guy.  Some fighters come back from adversity, but a career can also get derailed,

  24. tetumbo 02:17pm, 02/16/2017

    Next Stop: a fight-card at Barclay’s Center. it’ll be interesting to note what class of crowd shows up to those cards.

  25. tetumbo 02:14pm, 02/16/2017

    “Your Name”, i’ve been to NYC several times and going back to before it became the “New York Land” that it is now. I Love New York and thanks to friends and extended family in Queens, Brooklyn, and Brooklyn Heights, i get the insider’s tour of NYC except for the BDP. according to them there’s nothing worth seeing in the Bronx(?). if you know differently, give me a destination and i’ll personally take the subway to check it out. anyway, we also caught NY napping one holiday season when we got shit-faced in mid-town, took the subway to the last stop in the Lower East Side, and walked all the way to Washington Square where we grabbed some pizza slices before tuning in for the night at 4am. that was just three months after 9/11 and the lower eastside and chinatown were sound asleep. that’s My speed. stay awake and just try and keep up.

  26. Kid 11:33am, 02/16/2017

    We are getting away from the core issue here. Leo says Belfast, but pops says no. Fine, that’s now settled or so it would appear. We need to decide on another venue and O2 in London comes to mind. Let’s agree and let’s get it on, or STFU pops>

  27. don from prov 09:34am, 02/16/2017

    “The highest federal aid recipients are: Mississippi (45.3%), Louisiana (44%), Tennessee (41%), South Dakota (40.8%), Missouri (39.4%), Montana (39%), and Georgia (37.9%)”——

    But it is never as simple as numbers alone.

  28. Moon Man 08:33am, 02/16/2017

    California has about 12% of America’s population but 33% of America’s welfare recipients. Used to be an economic powerhouse, now its main contributions are the porn industry and votes for the democratic party. Never been to Cali, but if I had to choose, I would visit the Bay Area before LA.

  29. Your Name 08:18am, 02/16/2017

    Yeah right. Without LA, there would be no real boxing/ BTW, Tumbo, have you ever said anything good about any other place?  I love LA, but NYC and Las Vegas aren’t bad either. You should come visit NYC. We will gladly “show you around.”

  30. tetumbo 08:09am, 02/16/2017

    “Fighting in Los Angeles is . . .” to fight in Leo’s actual hometown, which also happens to be 50% “Mexican” and is the biggest fight-town in the U.S. pro-fights take place in downtown L.A. year-round in venues ranging from nightclubs to 18,000-seat forums and primarily due to crowds that show up for these bouts on Tuesday and Thursday nights. you got nothing like that in cities like NYC and Vegas, which are boxing showcase towns not daily fight-towns like L.A. has always been. there has always been a distinct east-coast bias among the boxing establishment in the U.S. resulting in a lot of clueless “experts” and pundits when it comes to the west-coast fight-scene. i’ve lost count of the west-coast fighters U.S. “experts” and pundits have slept and continue to sleep on and even proven, tested, and active greats like Ward are given short shrift by these east-coast shills. if it wasn’t for west-coast fight-fans and the investment of fighters like DLH, boxing would’ve declined to roller-derby status years ago and even more ignoramuses would continue to dare mentioning UFC/MMA in the same breath as Boxing, which we doN’T do in L.A.

  31. Moon Man 09:40pm, 02/15/2017

    Fighting in Los Angeles is akin to fighting in Mexico. Even the American Soccer team was pelted with debris when they played Mexico in the LA Coliseum back in the late 90’s. And many of these same fans booed the American National Anthem.  How about Boston? hehe. That is about as close to Ireland as it gets in America. Remember when the English threw bottles and debris at Hagler when he whipped Minter in ‘80. The English are a hard lot to figure out. They loved Ali, even while he was beatin’ poor Henry Cooper to a bloody pulp, but obviously they didn’t share the same love for Marvin. I figure Cooper was more of a national treasure in England than Minter. Sean O’Grady and his family received death threats when he traveled to Scotland to fight Jim Watt back in the day, but he still went on with the gig. Can’t blame O’Grady if he would have backed out of that one though.

  32. Kid 06:21pm, 02/15/2017

    “...the only fair way to counter that advantage and address the elder Santa Cruz’s concerns is that in the event of a controversial loss for Santa Cruz, that Frampton agree to another bout in Leo’s actual hometown of Los Angeles (which also happens to be the biggest fight-town in the U.S.) ...”

    Huh!! Vegas is the biggest fight town in the US but that has little to do with the issue; namely. a fair and neutral venue.  Or the greater issue—a man’s word and honor—and respect..

    I’m beginning to think Leo doesn’t want any part of The Jackal.

  33. tetumbo 05:00pm, 02/15/2017

    “Greg Haugen fought Chavez in Mexico in front of well over 100,000 rabid, pro-Mexican, totally biased fans”? MOONMAN, of J.C. Chavez’s 115 bouts, how many took place before “100,000 pro-Mexican totally biased fans’ IN Mexico? even the Haugen bout was only possible because Haugen was a minor “contender”. otherwise, not even a guaranteed gate of 100,000+ or J.C’s. marketing-clout would’ve been enough to lure the likes of major players like Taylor, Mayweather, Camacho, or Rosario to Mexico for a showdown. also, Haugen didn’t endear himself to any Mexican fans with his pre-fight spouting about “drunken Tia-Juana cab drivers” he claimed were the bulk of J.C.‘s impressive record, i.e., Context is Everything, e.g., aside from the comfort, convenience, and hometown advantage that Belfast provides Frampton with what’s in it for the reigning champion Santa Cruz?!?

  34. tetumbo 04:50pm, 02/15/2017

    Leo’s dad’s instincts are spot-on and the growing sentiment among Frampton’s fans that his only chance to prevail v. Santa Cruz and salvage his elite-creds is to bait and lure him to a rubbermatch in his hometown(?), which only bolsters Leo’s dad’s concerns. meanwhile, every great and ambitious champion dreams of headlining a fight-card in the boxing meccas of MSG and Vegas. there are also several reasons that fans of these great fighters are willing to travel to NYC and Vegas in addition to a fight-card featuring their favorite fighter. Btw, neither NYC or Vegas are Leo’s hometown nor did they result in inexplicable scorecards favoring Santa Cruz. does that mean that they are free of bias, corruption, or just plain incompetence? or that Leo (not unlike the “Golden Boy” himself) can’t count on any hometown advantage in NYC or Vegas? after all, a credible argument can be made that Santa Cruz was unfairly deprived of a win in their first bout and he had to essentially sweep the last four rounds of their rematch to barely earn that scorecard nod. ultimately, the ONLY appeal of Belfast is the comfort, convenience, and hometown-advantage it provides Frampton. the only fair way to counter that advantage and address the elder Santa Cruz’s concerns is that in the event of a controversial loss for Santa Cruz, that Frampton agree to another bout in Leo’s actual hometown of Los Angeles (which also happens to be the biggest fight-town in the U.S.) or simply agree to the rubbermatch taking place in London, which is the actual equivalent of Frampton traveling to NYC and Vegas for the first two bouts. everything else is fanboy-bias and promotional posturing designed to favor Frampton and disadvantage the reigning champion Santa Cruz.

  35. Moon Man 02:00pm, 02/15/2017

    Seems like the full English breakfast is about the same thing as the full Irish breakfast. So they share that in common.  Who in the hell else eats baked beans for breakfast? And how in the hell do those Brits eat that much and stay so scrawny looking? Talk about a huge breakfast. Looks good, but I’ll skip the beans and blood puddin’, mate.

  36. non_prophet 09:39am, 02/15/2017

    Smart move by Santa Cruz.  He’d certainly get robbed over there.  Unlike here in America where both fights were scored with integrity.

  37. Moon Man 08:58am, 02/15/2017

    Greg Haugen fought Chavez in Mexico in front of well over 100,000 rabid, pro-Mexican, totally biased fans. Hell, Haugen fought Paz in Rhode Island and the other two fights were on the East Coast as well, both Atlantic City. Tell Pappy Cruz to take his whiny arse to Belfast and teach his son how a man of honor keeps his word. waaa, waaa, waaa, I want the fight held in Mexico. waaa, waaa…... If this fight isn’t held in Belfast, BOYCOTT.

  38. Kid 08:43am, 02/15/2017

    How do you say “pretext” in Spanish? Pretexto, Excusa. “Robbery” is the pretexto being used by pops Santa Cruz for not wanting to fight the Jackel in Belfast as promised.

  39. Kid 08:41am, 02/15/2017

    acto vergonzoso = shameful act

  40. Kid 08:40am, 02/15/2017

    The chances of getting pickpocketed in sleazy Vegas or edgy Brooklyn are greater than in now peaceful Belfast IMO. Yet Carl came over and manned-up twice. Meanwhile, Leo says “Pops” won’t let him go into that “den of crime.” The IRA thing is done and Northern Ireland has become a great place to visit. It is safe and has plenty of culture and lore and is a neat place in which to have some fun.

    That said, why doesn’t Leo insist on a pre-fight agreement as to the 3 judges. One from the UK. Two from the US. Raul Caiz Jr and Steve Weisfeld might work and then one from the UK.


    At least GGG will go into the Lion’s Den to fight his opponents as will Lucien Bute. At least Carl will fly across the ocean and fight Leo in North America. Manny will go anywhere. At least Klit will fight AJ in London. And at least Washington is willing to get knocked out in Alabama. Yes, Leo is the champion and can dictate terms but his honor could be at stake here. At this point, I’d settle for The Garden or Barcley’s. NYC is neutral. Let’s get it on.

  41. Moon Man 08:34am, 02/15/2017

    Have the fight in France, Sweden, England, or Germany, they are so brow beaten by political correctness, that they would be terrified of being called wayciss if they didn’t favor the Mexican fighter over a white Irishman. Hell, you don’t even have to cross the pond, head up north to Canada or go to sunny Los Angeles. That Pernell Whitaker-Chavez fight was one of the biggest robberies ever. And lets not forget the time when Richard Steele robbed Meldrick Taylor of a W against Chavez. I have forgotten where that fight was held, but regardless, what a travesty. Like the cheating husband who is always accusing his wife of cheating, perhaps Leo and his daddy are self reflecting here. I’m sure that the Irishman would receive a fair shake in a fight held in Mexico (Major SARC.) Good to see this Leo character is a man of his word. (SARC)

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