Saturday Night & Re-Airing The Pain

By Marc Livitz on May 13, 2017
Saturday Night & Re-Airing The Pain
Talent is frequently seen as the cornerstone of the sport while image oftentimes sells it.

The cable giant chose to re-air last week’s travesty which was originally showcased as “The Battle for Mexico” …

Throughout the years, it’s been custom that high profile, pay TV telecasts distributed by HBO are replayed one week later. Such was the case this Saturday evening, when during a prime time slot, the cable giant chose to re-air the travesty which was originally showcased as “The Battle for Mexico” or potentially a Cinco de Mayo classic. After the innocuous punches thrown by Julio Cesar Chavez, Jr. resulted in a 120-108 unanimous decision loss to Canelo Alvarez, the only genuine smiles in the ring were the ones emitted by the Tecate girls. To his credit, Alvarez did his best for the duration of the contest and hardy seemed to break a sweat, while Chavez, Jr. came up with excuse after excuse as to why he didn’t bother to honor his namesake, let alone the apparition of a respectable record.

As Gennady Golovkin took to the ring for the highly scripted pantomime which led up to quotes from Canelo best suited for t-shirts, fans around the world were perhaps wondering if they’d bought into the hype for May 6 or actually purchased a Disney e-ticket. Although it’s somewhat commonplace for potential challengers to make their way through the ropes and into the face of their desired opponent, last Saturday was perfectly planned.

It was similar to the beginning of the college football season, when powerhouse programs hand a few million dollars over to a sacrificial lamb school to placate fans in the midst of a slaughter on the gridiron. It may be safe to assume that the majority of those reading this article also saw the fight live last week, so HBO did little to ease the financial pain by showing ringside scoring during the telecast.

In any case, we may be left to wonder if the next fight to supposedly save boxing, which is set to take place in the fall may be hindered by last Saturday’s debacle. Before Canelo meets Golovkin on September 16, Andre Ward and Sergey Kovalev will meet in June for a highly warranted as well as rightfully anticipated clash. Inexplicably, there’s not much buzz for the bout, just as was the case last November.

Talent is frequently seen as the cornerstone of the sport while image oftentimes sells it. If various reports are true (according to Oscar De La Hoya) and last Saturday’s bout indeed sold over one million pay-per-view buys, then there may be a chance that casual viewers won’t knock over tables to book a trip to a locale yet to be formally announced, let alone purchase the telecast in September.

Sometimes boxing and its promotional faces can be a bit like today’s state of healthcare in the United States. Don’t want coverage? Too bad. Can’t afford it? Tough. Each knows how to give you what it wants to give you, whether you need it or not.

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Saul Alvarez vs Julio Cesar Chaves Jr | Full Fight | 1080p

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  1. nicolas 12:33pm, 05/15/2017

    While I think that it is fare to say that boxing is not dead in the USA, it is only being really held up by primarily Mexican fans, and perhaps Puerto Ricans. I would also be curious to know when there is a pay per view boxing event, how many people are buying these packages, and also the racial makeup of the viewers. How many who were not Mexican were watching this pay per view event, I doubt many. When Pacquiao was boxing, I know that many people from his country were watching these pay per view events. Of course also Floyd Mayweather was a huge star as well. A few weeks ago, when the Joshua-Klitschko fight was on, would not the popularity of boxing had been better served if it had been on ESPN. My 23 year old son, who had never seen a boxing match, found it interesting, as I decided to get Showtime. But I think more people would have become fans had they seen this show in the USA, and realized what 90,000 people in England wanted to see.

  2. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 12:35pm, 05/14/2017

    Not lookin’ at that friggin’ video again….but I’ll tell you this much…. those “touch uppercuts” he was using to tee up Junior’s chin like the one in the photo above that were part of some of his three, four and five punch combos aren’t happening with GGG and neither are those combos for that matter!

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