Savage Shawn Porter

By Caryn A. Tate on April 22, 2017
Savage Shawn Porter
Shawn Porter's style is not for the faint of heart. (Ed Diller/DiBella Entertainment)

Showtime’s commentating team tonight during the Andre Berto vs. Shawn Porter bout was frustrating and disappointing…

For boxing fans who understand the variety of fighting styles and why different fighters employ them, who have watched a wide variety of boxing from an array of eras, the increase in naysaying by Showtime’s commentating team tonight during the Andre Berto vs. Shawn Porter bout was frustrating and disappointing. As the fight went on and Berto and Porter had clashed heads a few times, the commentators began to talk more and more about how “ugly” Porter’s style is, how “it’s not always pretty.” Disgracefully, Jim Gray asked Porter after the fight if he is intentionally using his head as another weapon. It was disrespectful and completely unnecessary.

Shawn Porter has a beautifully savage style that, in my view, is a joy to watch. He fights rough. But this is professional boxing, not the amateurs. If a prime Henry Armstrong time traveled to the present day, and trained using modern technology and nutrition, I suspect he would look very similar to Shawn Porter. Porter’s style is not for the faint of heart but if you are a professional boxing fan, it’s doubtful you have a faint heart, anyway. And if you enjoy action and a constant flurry of activity, this is a fighter for you.

Porter is incredibly difficult to deal with. In tonight’s fight versus Andre Berto, Porter seemed even more motivated and energized than he normally does. Berto won a couple of rounds and did the best he could, but in the end he just couldn’t keep Porter at bay.

Some say Berto is past it, but maybe it’s more a case of Porter being that good. He deserves to start getting the credit he’s fought so hard for.

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  1. Your Name 11:07am, 04/25/2017

    I thought Porter was gassing in the mid-rounds, but man, he came on.
    I agree with the author: Porter is beautiful ugly is he’s ugly at all.

  2. AkT 11:06pm, 04/24/2017

    @Irish - condolences Irish.

  3. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 10:08am, 04/23/2017

    @Alt Knight-Thanks….but It’s nothing about me and all about that baby boy and that mother who is a tiny thing herself who has more courage and heart in her tiny finger than I have in my entire body. Or for that matter, more courage in her tiny finger than some of the badass fighters that we go on and on about here have in their entire bodies as well.

  4. Alt Knight 09:38am, 04/23/2017

    Irish..Heartfelt condolences to you and your family. Sorry to hear this, prayers go out especially for the mother. Has to be hard for a mother to lose a child. Stay strong, friend. The little man is in Heaven now, far away from this evil world we live in.

  5. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 09:24am, 04/23/2017

    Yesterday I went to a memorial service/funeral for my nephew who was “born sleeping” this past week. His heart stopped beating in his Mom’s womb….knowing that he would never awaken, his Mom suffered 12 hours of agonizing labor to deliver him into this world. Her wailing in that tiny chapel is still ringing in my ears. My God yes he was viable….My God yes he was alive….and yes my God he was a baby boy!

  6. Alt Knight 08:23am, 04/23/2017

    Mustafa Hamsho certainly was successful and took winning ugly to another level. The guy would have been the middleweight champion if Hagler had not been around at the time. Hamsho dominated Czyz, beat Scypion, Curtis Parker twice, Alan Minter,  and manhandled the stylish Wilfred Benitez. Too bad we weren’t treated to a Hamsho vs. Antuofermo matchup. That would have been an ugly and good scrap.

  7. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 07:08am, 04/23/2017

    Berto was tailor made here…one of those muscular guys that are just not as strong as they appear. How in the hell was he gonna’ keep Porter off of him…....just wasn’t happening….in fact when he kept backing to the ropes that was a sign of surrender which is another matter. It’s not just the head which is used as a weapon but the elbows….when he’s thrashing with what Paulie was calling “arcing” punches he always but always follows through with the elbow. Both Charlos KO him so he’s not going there anytime soon though in truth he’s a very strong middleweight fighting welterweight. All credit to Thurman and Brook….especially Brook who was actually backing this mauler up at times and putting real hurt on him. One of the most unheralded fights of all time was when Fritzie Zivic beat the piss out of Armstrong….like it never happened!

  8. Alt Knight 05:26am, 04/23/2017

    Porter is a 5’6” fireplug so his size and stature dictate his style. He’s a little bit of a Frazier/Armstrong/Pryor “hybrid.” He’s too short to box, so he’s not likely to start imitating Ali out there. Best slick short guy I ever saw was Qawi. Dwight was just as short as Porter but much heavier, Qawi was a real slick boxer. Only thing Porter might be missing with that style is punching power.

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