Scott-Chisora: Matador vs. Bull?

By Ted Sares on July 14, 2013
Scott-Chisora: Matador vs. Bull?
This fight could well end up being a case of Matador (Malik Scott) vs. Bull (Dereck Chisora).

Anything can happen with “Del Boy” Chisora at the weigh-in including a kiss, slap, bite, projectile spit, or an all-out brawl…

“You kiss men. You kiss men. He’s a faggot. You’re known for doing everything outside the ring, you’re not known for nothing in the ring. You take good asswhooping for a living buddy, you kiss men at weigh-ins, you’s a faggot where I come from. I’m going to fuck you up. You’re not going to do shit to me.”—Malik Scott

“…have you got a problem with that? He (Scott) talks a good game, like all Americans do, but when it comes to delivering, let’s see how he is. The only one who talks a good game and delivers is Floyd Mayweather.”—Derek Chisora

“I’m happy you’re on your diet because you’re going to need every bit of help…I’m from North Philly, we eat people like you for breakfast, lunch and dinner, spit you out.”—Scott.

Anything can happen with “Del Boy” Chisora at the weigh-in including a kiss, slap, bite, projectile spit, or an all-out brawl, but this fight promises to be intriguing with two men willing to risk it all. Chisora fights to stay viable; Scott fights to move to the next level. If Del Boy wins, the roles could reverse. The solid British bill also includes Gary “Spike” O’Sullivan vs. Billy Joe Saunders, and Irish sensation Carl “The Jackal” Frampton vs. top contender Paul Butler.

Scott aims to extend his undefeated record to 36-0-1 against the brash Zimbabwe-born Londoner at Wembley Arena this Saturday in what promises to be a do-or-die outing for Del Boy (16-4) who has lost four of his last six. “I could easily have a record like that,” says Chisora about Scott’s lofty record, “but I want to fight the best. If you look at his record, he hasn’t fought anyone.” And to some degree Chisora is correct since he has never backed down from fighting the very best, but that may in fact be his Achilles Heel to wit: David Haye may have taken most of the fight out of Chisora with the beating he gave him a year ago.

The crafty 32-year-old Scott has been fighting since 2000, with his biggest bouts being his most recent—a TKO over Bowie Tupou (22-1) and a draw with the very capable Vyacheslav “The Czar” Glazkov (14-0-1). Malik has also beaten familiar names like Raphael Butler, Charles Shufford, Kendrick Releford, David Bostice, Otis Tisdale, and Terry McGroom, but he lacks stopping power and has some stamina issues. Given the difference in styles, this fight could well end up being a case of the Matador (Scott) vs. the Bull (Chisora).

A note of caution recently emerged when the 6’5” Scott declared that Lennox Lewis is his role model and has taken him under his wing. Lennox also took 6’9” David Price under his wing.


If Scott does prevail, the perfect fight for him—one that would feature two undefeated Philadelphia heavyweights—would be against Bryant (By-By) Jennings (17-0) in Philly with the winner in line for a chance to participate in the profitable Klitschko sweepstakes.

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  1. Ted 06:32am, 07/18/2013

    I’m off on vacation. Back in a few weeks. Enjoy

  2. kid vegas 09:56am, 07/17/2013

    Thanks, Traveling Man, but I’ll pass.

  3. raxman 04:20pm, 07/16/2013

    BK Don - i’ll admit I didn’t see chisora’s last per se but I’ve heard how crap he looked. he’ll get in shape for this fight though. chisora is one of those guys that needs a quality opponent to step up - and although I question Scott’s record I don’t question his potential, but after this fight we’ll discover if the potential is real or not. does scott have the power to bother del boy? hardly. 12 ko’s from 35 wins - against second rate, no third rate opponents? come on. the guys fought over 10 rounds 3 times - again against nobodies and he’s 2 decision wins and a draw. he may well, and probably will, have too much skill for Chisora but apart from giving that much, no, I don’t have any faith in him coz he’s showed me nothing to date to have faith - for a heavy weight the guy is totally feather fisted in his last 17 fights he’s had 2 ko wins so what happens when del boy walks thru his punches and eventually lands something? time will tell

  4. traveling man 06:07am, 07/16/2013

    Kid, why not ask him? lol

  5. Bk Don 04:39am, 07/16/2013

    Damn Raxman! Zero faith? Did you see Del Boy’s last fight? He looked a step above horrible against a very feeble opponent. Also, I think conditioning will be key in this fight. Chisora has had weight issues in the past and he’s not nearly as a good of fighter when he’s not in shape. Del Boy is one step from turning into a Danny Williams. I think his 15 seconds of fame are over and Scott schools him either stops him late on cuts or wins a lopsided decision.

  6. kid vegas 06:45pm, 07/15/2013

    Is Del Boy really gay?

  7. Meinhard Schmidt 04:17pm, 07/15/2013

    Thanks Rax! Exactly my thoughts. I anticipate this bout much, because i am aware of what del boy can bring and at the same time i see glimpses of greatness in Scott.

  8. raxman 03:19pm, 07/15/2013

    Chisora is your classic gate keeper. Having said that I have absolutely zero faith in scott beating del boy. he’s been fighting Cgraders over 8 rounds while Del Boy has been - well he’s been busy being Del Boy. I actually don’t think Chisora will be damaged from his fight with Haye. Chisora was built to take ass whoopings. this fight is a good one because we’ll know for sure how good Scott is by the end of it

  9. dollarbond 05:42am, 07/15/2013

    Have a nice vacation Ted.

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