See You in September

By Robert Ecksel on September 9, 2014
See You in September
I can envision, with dread bordering on certainty, the hoopla preceding Floyd’s 50th fight.

Will Floyd Mayweather retire with the satisfaction of having merely tied Rocky Marciano? It’s hard to imagine…

Has there ever been athlete who played the media with the proficiency of Floyd Mayweather? Other athletes have had sportswriters eating out of their hand, and vice versa, with varying degrees of success, but Mayweather has turned it into an art.

He is a virtuoso in more ways than one.

Meeting with reporters on Tuesday, four days before the rematch with Marcos Maidana at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Mayweather said, “I only got two more fights left… My next fight is in May and my last fight is in September, so a year from now will be my last fight.”

After Mayweather decisions Maidana Saturday night, his record will be 47-0. If he has two more fights, as stipulated in his contract with Showtime, and wins both those fights, as stipulated in the contract with himself, Money’s record with be 49-0, tying him with the thought-to-be-unattainable record of former heavyweight champion Rocky Marciano.

Will Mayweather retire with the satisfaction of having merely tied Marciano? It’s hard to imagine. The man who inaccurately calls himself “the best ever” isn’t likely to be satisfied with simply equaling The Rock, not when one more fight can more or less cement his legacy, at least as far as numbers are concerned.

I can envision, with dread bordering on certainty, the hoopla preceding his 50th fight. But one thing is certain. Mayweather, who has grown media savvy in recent years, won’t make the mistake of saying, a la Larry Holmes, “Rocky Marciano couldn’t carry my jockstrap.”

But he won’t be fighting Michael Spinks, either.

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  1. procopy 12:45am, 09/11/2014

    “Money’s record will be 49-0, tying him with the thought-to-be-unattainable record of former heavyweight champion Rocky Marciano”
    I beg to disagree, Sir
    I don’t really believe it will be a tie
    Floyd Mayweather - POSSIBLE W 49 L 0 (26KO)
    Rocky Marciano - W 49 L 0 (43 GODDAMNED KO)
    I think Marciano’s record is still unattainable :)

  2. Eric 05:54pm, 09/10/2014

    GTC, I hate to make excuses for Duran, because usually Duran did a pretty good job of that himself. As much as I love Duran as a fighter, I have to admit, the guy was a notorious whiner and sore loser. However, in January of ‘82, Duran was still an emotional basket case still suffering PTSD from “The Battle of New Orleans.” Duran’s mental state was probably comparable to George Foreman’s immediately after “The Rumble In The Jungle.” In addition to Duran being twisted mentally & emotionally, the 30 year old Duran was 7 years the senior to the young 23 year old Benitez. Despite capturing a world title at 154 & 160, Duran should have never left the 147lb division, the 5’ 10” Benitez looked comfortable at the weight and Duran seemed a bit fleshy and sluggish. Duran had trained at some prison for this bout, but he just didn’t seem to have that usual passion or fire. Put Floyd in against the Duran who showed up for “The Brawl In Montreal,” or even the Duran who fought Moore or Cuevas, and I say Duran destroys Floyd.

  3. George Thomas Clark 03:03pm, 09/10/2014

    Eric, I agree that Leonard and Hearns would overpower Mayweather, but I think Floyd would handily outbox Duran.  Floyd’s better than Benitez and prime Benitez could not be touched by prime Duran.

  4. Mateng 02:14pm, 09/10/2014

    Apologies to mr ecksel,  my mistake.

  5. Robert Ecksel 11:06am, 09/10/2014

    Your myopia is commendable, Mateng (unlike your ability to read between the lines or, for that matter, read at all). I only wish I was an ophthalmologist so that I might profit from your malady.

  6. Mateng 09:49am, 09/10/2014

    His record matters only to people who kisses his ass, just like ecksel.  Enjoy his black ass while it lasts, if you do the crime,you’ll do the time. That’s his legacy! And for you, spend it wisely!

  7. Eric 07:18am, 09/10/2014

    Marciano is often underrated because of his size, but is often overrated because of the undefeated record. Had Marciano and Joe Frazier fought in each others era, I could easily see Frazier retiring 49-0, and Marciano losing to Ali & Foreman. I believe Quarry would have had a great shot at being champion had he fought in Marciano’s era. As good as Walcott & Charles were, they were certainly no Frazier or Ali. Same thing with Floyd. Put Floyd in the ‘80’s, and he doesn’t become a multiple world champ. Floyd vs Duran? Please. Floyd vs Leonard? Not happening. Floyd vs Hearns? Hearns is arrested for manslaughter. Being undefeated is often times overrated. And how many years has Floyd been fighting? And just 40 something total fights in that many years.

  8. Bob 03:39am, 09/10/2014

    Regardless of his record at the end, he still glaringly avoided Pacquiao at all costs, which will tarnish his legacy among the few people that still care about such things.

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