September Song: Mayweather-Berto?

By Robert Ecksel on July 20, 2015
September Song: Mayweather-Berto?
Hopefully TMZ is wrong. Hopefully TMZ jumped the gun. Maybe TMZ jumped the shark.

But nitpicking aside, if Andre Berto is Mayweather’s choice for his 49th fight—a pox on both their mansions…

For those who need evidence of the decline of civilization, Exhibit A is TMZ.

The brainchild of Harvey Levin, creator and editor of, the lawyer turned celebrity reporter is to old-school gossipmongers what McDonald’s is to nouvelle cuisine.

Pink slime may satisfy some, but the rest of us would rather starve.

But TMZ, where celebrity culture vultures get their carrion, is the de facto go-to site for breaking news on the mundane.

Preceding diverting nuggets on Kim Kardashian’s “MEGA ASS,” Rachel Dolezal’s braids, Ben Affleck’s puppy, and the ubiquitous Caitlyn Jenner, news regarding Mayweather’s next fight put in an appearance.


It’s on ... Floyd Mayweather is officially set to square off with Andre Berto in September ... TMZ Sports has confirmed.

The two have been in talks for weeks ... but now we’re told from both camps that it’s a done deal and the two will fight in Vegas on September 12th.

We spoke with Berto who tells us, “It’s a pleasure and honor to be in this position and I’m looking forward to capitalizing on every moment of it”.

As we previously reported, there’s some bad blood between the two—with Berto claiming Mayweather had been crank calling his phone ... and he believes it was all over a woman.

Mayweather is 48-0. Berto is 33-3.

Story developing ...

The fact the Berto is “looking forward to capitalizing” on the fight is revealing, if not quite newsworthy. But nitpicking aside, if Berto is Mayweather’s choice for his 49th fight—a pox on both their mansions.

Berto peaked five years ago and has lost three of his last six fights. Many think he’s nothing less than the ultimate HBO hype job. There may be bad blood between the fighters, but bad blood is no guarantee of a good fight, not with a routine record staring us in the face.

Hopefully TMZ is wrong. Hopefully TMZ jumped the gun. Maybe TMZ jumped the shark.

When Floyd fought Marcos Maidana, not once but twice, he said repeatedly, with all the sincerity of used car salesman, “When you’re the best, you fight the best.”

That was unbelievable then.

It will be even less believable if he fights Andre Berto.

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  1. AKT 10:01pm, 07/22/2015

    Interesting article Robert. Thanks!

    @Clarence George - are you saying that the more skilled a boxer is, the more boring? Or what you said applies exclusively in Mayweather’s case?

  2. procopy 08:38pm, 07/22/2015

    Well at least for Pacquiao, when he fought Algieri, the guy was the WBO champion and managed to outfox a dangerous Provodnikov. This guy, Berto, was beaten by guys that Mayweather had easily beaten some time ago.

  3. Alex 07:41am, 07/22/2015

    It is all about Mayweather keeping his undefeated record and another easy payday. I bet my bottom dollar that this fight (if you could call it a fight) will be another flop! Wake me when it’s over!

  4. KB 07:31am, 07/21/2015

    CG, wrong. Even if he fought a zombie, many would buy it. It’s no longer him; it’s the record that is interesting to “fans.”

  5. Clarence George 02:47am, 07/21/2015

    I can’t help but admire TMZ’s loose interpretation of “officially,” given that no one who’s in a position to make an official statement has done so.  Note how they cover themselves with “Story developing.”  TMZ reminds me very much of the fictional “Daily Crucible” (for those of you who don’t know “Hot Metal,” a very funny British TV show of some 30 years ago, starring Robert Hardy and Geoffrey Palmer, it’s worth looking into).

    Anyway, I don’t give a damn who Mayweather fights.  He’s as boring as he is skilled.  Which means he’s awfully boring.  And his act has gone all old and stale.  Nobody’s buying it anymore, neither literally nor metaphorically.  He’s like Lonesome Rhodes (brilliantly portrayed by Andy Griffith) in “A Face in the Crowd” (written by Budd Schulberg and directed by Elia Kazan).  He threw that big party.  And nobody came.

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