Sergey Kovalev Meets the Press

By Robert Ecksel on September 28, 2017
Sergey Kovalev Meets the Press
“I don't care at all. That was my last two fights. It is already history. I forgot about those.”

Virgil Hunter, Ward’s trainer, has reportedly reached out to Kovalev. He apparently knows something about beating Russians…

On Saturday, November 25, at the Madison Square Garden Theater, former unified light heavyweight champion Sergey “Krusher” Kovalev (30-2-1, 26 KOs), the knockout artist from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, via Kopeysk, Russia, returns to action after losing his last two fights to Andre Ward. His opponent is Vyacheslav “Lion Heart” Shabranskyy (19-1, 16 KOs), the current WBC USNBC light heavyweight champion from Los Angeles, California, by way of Zhytomyr, Ukraine.

In advance of the bout Kovalev met with the press via teleconference call. Dispensing with formalities, the press focused, to Kovalev’s chagrin, on the defeats to Andre Ward.

“I will back stronger than I was before,” said Kovalev. “It’s my goal right now to prove everybody and for myself that I am still strong fighter and I can be world champion again. That I have two last losses, it’s just like a huge lesson for me. Not like for the boxer, just in my life. I made a lot of analysis from these losses and I hope I will be much stronger than I was before. Thank you very much for your support and see you in November. Thank you, very much.”

We should be thanking him—especially since Ward has decided to go out on top and call it a day.

When asked about Ward’s retirement, Kovalev said, “If it’s 100% true, it’s good for the boxing. We’re ready for fighting again for these titles and makes interesting fights between great fighters. Right now, in our division, a lot of good and strong fighters who wants to get this title. This would be very, very good fight for the boxing fans.”

Few fighters, unbeaten or otherwise, can stay away for long and for obvious reasons. Ward, however, is not like other fighters. As to accusations that his retirement is a stunt, a ploy where scarcity creates demand, Kovalev said, “I don’t think about him at all, because I’m looking forward to get my goals. His team and his self can’t play. He’s like mentally the games as they did before rematch. But I don’t care at all. That was my last two fights. It is already history. I forgot about those.”

Kovalev is willing to fight Ward a third time, under the proper conditions, but no one knows to what end.

“If this fight can happen very quickly, I’m happy,” he said.  “If like long time waiting, just to fighting close to titles, it’s no good. I want to be best in this division. I wanted to fight with the best fighters in this division.”

If Kovalev hopes to not just fight but beat the “best fighters in the division,” he has to get his house in order. He needs a replacement for his former trainer, John David Jackson, who was shown the door after the second loss to Ward.

Virgil Hunter, Ward’s trainer, has reportedly reached out to Kovalev. He apparently knows something about beating Russians.

“I thought about it, but didn’t decide it,” Kovalev said. “I still thinking, but is good offer maybe, or maybe not. Who knows? I can’t get back to team of my opponent who I hate. Right now, two persons inside me like wrestling yes or no. It’s not easy to say yes or no. Just I keep going myself right now. I already almost understand who will be in my team. But I not ready announce it, because I’m not sure 100% ready they or not. But I already decided who I want to see in my training camp, in my team.”

Having exhausted questions about Andre Ward, someone mentioned a possible fight with Adonis Stevenson.

“I’m ready fighting anybody, but my goal to fight for the title as soon as possible. But right now, my fight is against Slava Shabranskyy and I have a focus on this fight. After this fight, will be understanding for me next way.”

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  1. Jose Iturbi 07:37am, 09/29/2017

    Ward beat the piss out of the playground bully….it didn’t matter that Ward did the deed with low blows because no one liked the bastard anyway including playground monitor Tony Weeks who was too caught up in watching the bully get his due! Barrera and Stevenson’s testicles have descended now as is usually the case for the other kids on the playground when the bully is exposed and both have the edge on this guy now for sure! It’s not like he had a long lay off or he took a terrible beating last time out… he doesn’t need or deserve to get to beat up Shabransky as some kind of a consolation prize

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