Seth Mitchell Manufactures Mayhem in DC

By David Matthew on December 10, 2011
Seth Mitchell Manufactures Mayhem in DC
Seth “Mayhem” Mitchell savagely disposed of Timur Ibragimov (Al Bello/Getty Images)

It’s great to have an American Heavyweight back in the mix, and Seth Mitchell seems very happy that he can deliver absolute mayhem in the square circle…

WASHINGTON, DC—The American heavyweight landscape has been embarrassingly barren in recent years. That all came to an abrupt end Saturday night when Seth “Mayhem” Mitchell (24-0, 18 KOs) savagely disposed of Timur Ibragimov (30-4, 16 KOs) at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, DC.

As Mitchell was introduced by celebrated ring announcer Michael Buffer, the sold-out Convention Center crowd stood in spirited ovation for Mitchell, who hails from nearby Brandywine, Maryland. This was the biggest test of Mitchell’s career—and he took advantage of his first HBO televised fight in a serious way.

As the opening round commenced, Ibragimov appeared confident and was firing off with competent jabs and crafty short right hands on the inside. Mitchell responded in kind with some very sharp jabs of his own and showcased seasoned boxing ability as he landed straight jab combinations to the body. The first round was competitive as both guys gave a good account of themselves by showcasing ring intelligence and boxing ability. As the first round ended, Mitchell landed a big right hand that seemed to bother Ibragimov.

While the first round was fairly measured and competitive, the second round was anything but. Ibragimov wanted to continue boxing, but Mitchell would not oblige. Mitchell slipped an Ibragimov jab and landed a cracking right hook that wobbled Ibragimov. Sensing urgency and blood in the water, Mitchell was transformed from a measured boxer working behind the jab to a predatory stalker hunting for the kill with a heavy right hand. After ripping Ibragimov to the body and finishing up top with a left hook, Mitchell landed another right hook behind Ibragimov’s high guard that did serious damage.

“He couldn’t get away from my right hand so I kept firing,” Mitchell explained in his post-fight interview with HBO’s Larry Merchant. “This is something we worked on over and over again in camp. He was a sitting duck for the right hand.”

Indeed he was. As the second round began, Mitchell landed yet another right wide looping right hand that buckled Ibragimov into the corner. Mitchell fired off three consecutive right hooks that all landed, and Ibragimov, though still standing, was badly hurt. After a final cracking left hook followed by a right hook sent Ibragimov into the corner, clearly hurt with his guard now dropping due to cerebral shock, the ref called a halt to the action. Ibragimov didn’t like the stoppage but he was out on his feet and clearly in trouble.

While Ibragimov is by no means the best that the heavyweight division has to offer, it was a step up for Mitchell—who is now in line for some very intriguing match-ups against the division’s top pugilists. It’s great to have an American Heavyweight back in the mix, and Seth Mitchell seems very happy that he can deliver absolute mayhem in the square circle.

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  1. "Old Yank" Schneider 09:13am, 12/11/2011

    This kid is a gifted athlete (a la Jermain Taylor). I like what I see so far, but let’s see if he’s got a big enough gas tank to make it 10 or 12.

  2. mikecasey 08:07am, 12/11/2011

    Nice win, Seth!

  3. the thresher 05:41am, 12/11/2011

    I like what I see here.

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