Shannon Briggs Rushes Wladimir Klitschko

By Matt McGrain on March 20, 2014
Shannon Briggs Rushes Wladimir Klitschko
Briggs tore one of his shoes from his foot and threw it, striking Wladimir upon the chest.

Wladimir remained admirably professional with one exception. He called Briggs “punch-drunk,” although the American fortunately didn’t hear him…

David Haye successfully hustled his way into the ring with Wladimir Klitschko back in 2011 to our great detriment. Shannon Briggs, once more famous for his haircut and amiable nature than any apparent hormonal imbalance, has apparently decided to take a page out of “The Hayemaker’s” book, attempting to bum-rush Wladimir Klitsckho as the world’s premier heavyweight calmly looked on, while Aldo Vetera wrapped his hands.

Video of the incident emerged today.

Apparently placid upon his arrival at the gym, something seems to have sparked Briggs into great despondence as he can be seen all at once tearing his shirt from his back, shrilly assuring the champion “I’m in shape! I’m in shape!” It must be said, Briggs has the appearance of a man physically superior to the one Vitali Klitschko hospitalized for a week in his last professional outing more than three years ago, but mentally his next move was certainly questionable. Perhaps disturbed by the frequency of his own voice, Briggs challenged the champion, “We can go right now!” upon which remark he tore one of his shoes from his foot and threw it, striking Wladimir upon the chest as a young woman previously enjoying a front-row view eased herself gently onto the next bench, just in case. It was the silkiest move of the night.

In his forties, Briggs is on the comeback trail but already there is a problem with his wagon. Scheduled to box for the first time since Vitali brutalized him into grotesquery all those months ago, he was slated to appear for pay on a card in Atlanta on February 23rd but was, according to, prevented from doing so by the Georgian Athletic and Entertainment Commission. The reason was undisclosed but rumors later emerged that he was a no-show.

Could it have occurred to Briggs even then that David Haye had shown a better way?

Having struck a blow for self-promoters everywhere via the unorthodox shoe-to-chest throw, Briggs began a more familiar game known as “These Guys!” or “The Livid Backdown” whereby two much smaller men colluded to somehow keep this 260-pound, 6’4” behemoth away from a now partially engaged Wladimir.

Former Cleveland Browns running back and all-round badass Jim Brown basically solved “These Guys!” in 1970 with the immortal line, “Fellas, I think the gentleman could express himself better if you let him go.” Wladimir surprised by going for the more direct:

Listen to me! I’m going to make you eat this shoe.”

“Make me eat it right now!” demands Briggs before allowing himself to be eased away from Wladimir by a man around 100 lbs. lighter than him. 

“Shannon Briggs is back! Tell your brother!”

Quite why Briggs wants Vitali alerted to his new combat status is a mystery. Possibly he enjoyed looking like a watermelon.

“Wherever you go, I’ll go! You go to Germany I’ll got Germany! You go to Russia I’ll go to Russia!”

This is right out of the “Haye Guide to Getting a Title Shot You Don’t Deserve” introduction, which Briggs has clearly memorized.

“I’m the last American heavyweight champion of the world!”

This is less good, and after inexplicably underlining the dearth of quality American heavyweights Briggs mysteriously allowed himself to be hustled out of the gym’s front door without both his weaponized shoe and his shirt.

But the show is never really over.

During the altercation, Wladimir remained admirably professional with one exception. He called Briggs “punch-drunk,” although the American fortunately didn’t hear him through his own ranting. This is unfortunate, not least because Briggs may really be struggling with mental issues, and if he isn’t there is his future to consider. On one level, though, it is a comfort. It was a slip, and a slip suggests there was no script and if there was no script this is less likely to have been a set-up. After all, there’s only one reason for a set-up, and that’s to build a future gate.

One thing Briggs said rings true. He told the champion: “You’re fighting bums!” Next up for Wladimir is chanceless six-foot Kevin Johnson victim Alex Leapai. It is a hideous defense, almost inexcusable, whatever strap he is using to justify it. 

So, Wladimir Klitschko-Shannon Briggs summer of ’14 anyone? 

Things could never be that bad.


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  1. bikermike 06:59pm, 03/28/2014

    every one knows who Shannon Briggs is…...the guy with three tarantulas on his head…and a Heavyweight contender….
    That is why this guy will get a few more fights…He’s too old to climb back up the ratings…so he’s going for a few more big paydays..

    If he was to do the george foreman thing….beat a bunch of tomatoes….he’d get his shot…but I’m not sure he has the dedication nor stamina

  2. bikermike 06:51pm, 03/28/2014

    gee golly gosh…..that someone who wants a title shot wants to draw attention to himself….Never heard of that at all…..

    ‘cept for Jack Johnson chasing Tommy Burns…and Cassius Clay berating Sonny Liston…of course David Haye…and I only missed out sixty seven others…

    Making your own noise is not a new strategy in a very corrupt system

  3. bikermike 09:26am, 03/28/2014

    too true that .....Ted…

    Briggs and Morrison BOTH got gift decisions over Big George

  4. Clarence George 10:15am, 03/22/2014

    I remember that well, Pete, and was favorably impressed by the then president’s reflexes…much less impressed by the quality of his Secret Service protection.

  5. Pete The Sneak 09:48am, 03/22/2014

    Agree with Glenn R…Roid Rage perhaps?...Clarence, good call on the Austin Powers theme….can also remember when former President Bush was almost taken out by a mad shoe hurling fanatic as well…@didier, having trouble saying what’s on your mind?...Geez…Peace.

  6. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 09:39am, 03/22/2014

    In a way I can see why he’s pissed because I’ve got an in shape Shannon KOing Lepai.

  7. Eric 07:09am, 03/22/2014

    Briggs removes his shirt immediately. STAGED. Desperation and no money is a helluva combination. Looks like that beating Vitali gave Briggs was costly to his health and wallet. Briggs vs Scott aka Glass Joe, and the winner gets the “Alabama knockout king.” Time for James Toney to mumble he’s back, only thing is, no one can understand a word he’s saying.

  8. Eric 06:51am, 03/22/2014

    Vince McMahon must be smiling somewhere. Only thing missing was Briggs aka Clubber Lang telling Wlad’s girlfriend to come on over to his apartment and he’d show her what a real man is, and then Wlad goes ballistic and gives Clubber Lang aka Briggs the match.

  9. Ted 06:40am, 03/22/2014

    Didier does not have the beat

  10. Flerp 07:55pm, 03/21/2014

    Should have kept the shoe.

  11. ROB 05:04pm, 03/21/2014

    grotesquery? Love it! will be using it!

  12. ROB 05:01pm, 03/21/2014

    Yawwwnnn…The guy is an asthmatic and he’s also a never was

  13. Bk Don 01:11pm, 03/21/2014

    whoah didier. Looks like you were just waiting for an oppournity to show your racist side, if it’s not the only side you have. simmer down there internet thug.

    “shoe-to-chest throw” is priceless!

    I do have to correct 1 pt in this otherwise awesome article. Briggs actually did something like this before with Wlad, b4 haye was even a heavyweight of note. In 06, when Briggs was WBO titleholder & Wlad had just dismantled and dismissed the Boxing Banker Calvin Brock at MSG, the former stormed the post-fight presser and demanded a fight (though no shoes were thrown). Briggs was a titleholder then, so i think his rant deserved more cred. Now, probably not so much but twitter is in a buzz over this.

    Whoah, Ted! If you think this is the worst, or 1 of the worst boxing decisions. you must not have send Casamayor v Santa Cruz a fight that joel didn’t win more than a rd in or bradley v Pacman, where Bradley barely won 3 rds, if that.

    Yeah, Briggs is certainly way past his prime & getting another title shot seems unlikely however it should be noted Monte Barrett is headlining a Fox Sports 1/Golden Boy card against a fighter rated #2 in the WBA organization. Barrett is the same age as Briggs & was ko’d in 4rds 2 yrs ago. nuff said on that topic.

  14. didier 12:22pm, 03/21/2014

    Classless big mouthed insane nigger this Briggs is just like the Chisora basterd

  15. Jim Crue 06:38am, 03/21/2014

    right on the money Eric… I guess Americans are more attracted to trash talking, foul mouthed criminals. I remember what the great Ray Robinson said. He always spoke highly of his opponents to build the gate he did not put them down. But since we are in the what I call the “Ali Syndrome” era it not nice to be nice. Ali started it and after a while no one except perhaps Joe Frazier took him seriously. Now it’s all trash talk and F this and F that. Beside Michael Buffer, boy his shtick is getting old, it’s one of the main things wrong with the sport.

  16. Eric 06:35am, 03/21/2014

    Shannon Who?

  17. Eric 06:27am, 03/21/2014

    The Klitschko brothers have DOMINATED the heavyweight scene for years. For whatever reason this really gripes people. We all know why they don’t receive the type of coverage usually accorded to the heavyweight champion by networks like ESPN. Both brothers have been a credit to the sport in and out of the ring. I guess we don’t want our heavyweight champion to be humble, educated, classy, and to exhibit sportsmanship.

  18. Ted 06:26am, 03/21/2014

    Briggs will always be famous for being a part of the worse decision in boxing history to wit: His “win” over George Foreman.

    Among boxing people he is not high up on the well-liked list.

  19. Jim Crue 06:23am, 03/21/2014

    Vitali sure looked good in this fight. Many good combinations and fast hands surprised Briggs. Did you notice at the end of the fight on of Briggs’ corner men rushing out and raising Shannon’s hand?? WTF!! Was he celebrating his survival?

  20. LUIS ORJUELA 05:17am, 03/21/2014

    It’s a shame that the boxing world allowed this pussy to be the heavyweight champion of the world. What ever happen to the great boxing we watched as kids. Now a days we have to wait unlike any other sport for a long time to see a fight and when it happens we feel so sad and disappointed. I hope there is someone out there who has the power to change things who still cares about good honest heavyweight boxing and not about who would bring the most money.

  21. GlennR 10:44pm, 03/20/2014

    Roids anyone?

  22. Mike Silver 08:42pm, 03/20/2014

    That highlite tape of Briggs - Klitschko is absolutely insane. That referee is representative of so many incompetent referees today. They have the life of these poor schmucks in their hands yet feel they have to wait for a knockdown before even considering stopping a fight.  Any competent, compassionate, knowledgeable referee should have stopped that slaughter. No wonder Briggs spent a week in the hospital. He should be banned for life for his own safety.

  23. Bob 07:32pm, 03/20/2014

    Why doesn’t Briggs just go away…..and stay away.

  24. Eric 07:28pm, 03/20/2014

    Joe Son? That name sounded familiar and lo and behold, it is him. Remember the guy was Kimo’s manager during one of the early UFC tournaments. Just got through reading about what he has been up to since his MMA days. Pretty sick and cruel crime he was sentenced for, and if he truly is guilty, here’s hoping he rots in jail.

  25. Clarence George 06:42pm, 03/20/2014

    One can only assume that Briggs is a fan of “Austin Powers:  International Man of Mystery.”

    By the way, Joe Son, who portrayed Random Task, is a real-life villain.  He was sentenced to life in prison for torturing a woman, and may now face the death penalty for murdering his cellmate.

  26. Eric 05:50pm, 03/20/2014

    How seriously can you take a man you throws his shoe at you? Lame.

  27. Eric 05:48pm, 03/20/2014

    Looks like Briggs took that beating that Vitali gave him way too personal.  Wlad was much scarier by just sitting there calmly while his hands were being wrapped. IF this wasn’t a WWE-like staged event, than I truly wonder if Briggs isn’t suffering from some emotional problems. Sounds like his voice was cracking when he/she threw his/her gynandromorphic hissy fit. IF this whole event was an Ali-like bit of promoting or a Lady Gaga-like attempt to get attention, than Briggs could be on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Wlad, surely didn’t look that concerned.

  28. Ted 05:46pm, 03/20/2014

    Wilder would be arrested for manslaughter if he faced this loon.

  29. Koolz 05:30pm, 03/20/2014

    Pretty Clever of Briggs he understands Psychology.  Now everyone will be talking about him and Wladimir.  if they fight in the future that is something to think about.

    Last time Vitali beat him pretty bad.  Briggs looks like he is in Great Shape I would love to see him fight Wilder.

    As for Vitali…well he just doesn’t understand the the chess board he is on.


  30. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 05:25pm, 03/20/2014

    Tell me again why frontal lobotomies have fallen out of favor… wait…that’s not it….tell me again how Sheila Jackson Lee (” I am a queen and I deserve to be treated like a queen”) was able to graduate from Yale and the University of Virginia Law School with a JD.

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