Should David Haye Retire?

By Robert Ecksel on May 6, 2018
Should David Haye Retire?
“I don’t like saying it,” said Froch. “This has to be the end for him now.” (Photo: Courtesy)

“I hope he stops now,” Bellew told Sky Sports. “Father Time is undefeated and Haye is not the man to beat him.”

When asked after last night’s loss if he was going to retire, Haye hemmed and hawed.

But today he’s more reflective.

He told talkSPORT, “I’ll have to go back and review exactly what happened, then make a decision. It’s never good to make a decision when everything is up in the air.”

Haye has been gracious beyond words. It’s quite a change, and one for the better.

“Tony boxed better than I did, plain and simple, and the better man won.

“Nobody can say they didn’t get a good night’s entertainment. They definitely got their money’s worth, but the better man won on the night, Tony Bellew, so congratulations to him.”

Haye has lost two in a row and three of his last six fights. The steep slope that is boxing is now officially precipitous.

Bellew thinks Haye should retire.

“I hope he stops now,” Bellew told Sky Sports. “Father Time is undefeated and Haye is not the man to beat him.”

“This is an unforgiving sport especially with a set of skills like his. I’ve never relied on speed or athleticism. I’m a really clever fighter who punishes great athletes when they make mistakes.

“I said that I’d do him faster [than the first fight]. I knew Haye would come to get rid of me but, in a boxing match, I knew I’d do him.”

George Groves would also like to see Haye retire.

“I hope he finds his new calling, I hope he’s happy, I hope he never decides to fight again.”

And last but not least, Carl Froch agrees with his countrymen.

“David Haye should retire,” he said, “100 per cent. I don’t like saying it but this has to be the end for him now. We have been friends for a long time and we have all been thrilled and entertained by his achievements, but I don’t want to see this happen again.”

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Tony Bellew vs David Haye 2 Highlights (FULL HD)

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  1. TLIG 04:46am, 05/10/2018

    Yes an opportunist because he - like everyone else - saw Bellew as an easy payday. Haye has always been quite selective with his opposition; were Bellew a dangerous heavyweight David would have ignored his callout. If you have followed his career you would know how canny he really is. The man is a con artist.

  2. Akintunde Oluseyi Olowosile 03:52am, 05/10/2018

    An opportunist because Bellew called him out and he accepted? Gosh! In that case, we must all be opportunists then! lol.

  3. TLIG 12:47am, 05/10/2018

    Bellew more or less admits he’s only calling Fury out because of Tyson’s ring rust. He said he happily fight Fury in his second comeback fight but no later than that, so he’s on to something. Regardless of that, let’s not forget Haye is an opportunist and him accepting Bellew’s challenge was based on that; thankfully it backfired. Twice. Although he’s been handsomely rewarded for it at least he doesn’t get to face Joshua for even bigger bucks in a fight in which he would have promised a lot only to run like a deer for twelve rounds.

  4. AkT 05:06am, 05/09/2018

    @Matthew Jones - You make an interesting point mate. But let’s keep things in perspective for a quick minute. No one knew David Haye was a shell of his old self in the first fight. To all intents and purposes, he was still firing on all cylinders. This is when Bellew called him out. Unless Bellew had insider knowledge, you’d have to credit him for having the guts to do that - I’d certainly not call that cherry-picking. Until last Saturday, it was impossible to put David Haye and cherry-picked in the same sentence without laughing.

    Father time truly respects no one unless you’re Floyd Mayweather (and right now, he’s certainly dancing on very delicate, precarious edges..). Tony Bellew knows he’d never have dared whisper David Haye’s name let alone call him out 7 years ago.

  5. Matthew Jones 12:20pm, 05/07/2018

    I have a question about Tony Bellew. I have noticed a pattern emerging with Bellew’s selection of upcoming opponents. He seems to select retired boxers who have been out of the game for 3-4 years. He chose David Haye because he has not fought for over 4 years, which tells me that Bellew carefully selects opponents that are inactive, ring rusty, lost their will to fight, so they pose little threat or danger to Bellew because he has boxed for a long time and has not been inactive.  Bellew wants Tyson Fury, who also has been inactive for over 3 years and he wanted to fight Andre Ward another retired boxer. People are giving Bellew credit for beating David Haye, who lets face it is a shadow of his former self. He would not have laid a glove on Haye in his younger days, Haye would have despatched Bellew under 3 rounds. Why doesn’t Bellew fight AJ or JP, who are both active and ready. Bellew knows he wouldn’t be able to take a regular pro heavyweight on or a top 10 cruiserweight, he just selects retired boxers, easier option.

  6. Your Name 05:40am, 05/07/2018

    Does the proverbial bear shit in the woods?

  7. Ollie Downtown Brown 12:37pm, 05/06/2018

    If he cares anything about his health, yes, he should retire.

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