Slugging with Sam Langford

By George Thomas Clark on October 21, 2013
Slugging with Sam Langford
See. I gotta fight. I gotta keep gettin in there and slug with Joe Jeannette and Harry Wills.

In 1906 I’m still only a middleweight but not afraid of big smoke Jack Johnson, the colored heavyweight champion. Damn right…

In 1906 I’m still only a middleweight but not afraid of big smoke Jack Johnson, the colored heavyweight champion. Damn right…

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Sam Langford Boxer Supreme

Sam Langford Highlights.

Fantasty Cruiserweight List 1.Sam Langford

Sam Langford - The Terror

Sam Langford vs Joe Jeannette, X

Sam Langford vs Bill Lang

Sam Langford Rare Footage

Sam Langford vs Jim Flynn, III

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  1. George Thomas Clark 07:36pm, 10/21/2013

    Of course, if he could keep his weight under 168 - which probably would be a problem - he’d be a terrifying super middleweight, as Eric in effect says when noting his best weight was about 165.  A 185-pound Langford, however, even with a little flab, would’ve beaten the 165-pound version.

  2. George Thomas Clark 07:33pm, 10/21/2013

    Given Langford’s excellent performances against heavyweights prior to age 31 or so - he twice knocked out Harry Wills - I think it’s reasonable to rank him among the top cruiserweights (200 and under) of all time.  Ezzard Charles, Marciano, Jersey Joe Walcott, Patterson, Quarry, Jimmy Ellis, and Michael Spinks may have had an edge in that range.  If he were fighting today, he would be a light heavy, I think.

  3. Eric 01:55pm, 10/21/2013

    Never thought Langford should be ranked as a heavyweight, even Tommy Burns was larger. Some say his best fighting weight was around 165lbs give or take a pound or two. That would make him a small light heavyweight. Langford, without a doubt should be at or near the top for all-time P4P rankings, but no way could I see him or Bob Fitzsimmons, as great as both were, be ranked among the all-time top heavyweights. I would rank Langford and Fitz in my all-time top 10 P4P rankings, but both were little more than blown up middleweights, albeit freakishly hard hitting middleweights.

  4. Mike Casey 12:31pm, 10/21/2013

    Ah, I thought you might, Ted!

  5. Ted 12:03pm, 10/21/2013

    Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday? wtf! I like it!

  6. Mike Casey 09:19am, 10/21/2013

    Yes. Not one of Wyatt’s best days. He was always in it for the money - but a gutsy so-and-so for all that.

  7. Clarence George 09:14am, 10/21/2013

    Didn’t Earp referee a bout between Fitzsimmons and Sharkey?

  8. Mike Casey 09:00am, 10/21/2013

    Yes. I have researched them many times, Clarence. Wyatt was a man of great courage and the Doc was a wit. To the best of my knowledge, Earp’s actual opening words at the OK Corral were: ‘You sons of bitches have been spoiling for a fight - now you’re gonna have one.’ And they got one.

  9. Clarence George 08:50am, 10/21/2013

    Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday?

  10. Mike Casey 08:11am, 10/21/2013

    I would take a bet that Mr Sares and Mr George share my love of Wyatt and the Doc.

  11. Ted 06:19am, 10/21/2013

    CG Holy shit!

  12. having17 04:58am, 10/21/2013

    He was a great fighter…not a cross-dresser

  13. Clarence George 03:14am, 10/21/2013

    In bantams and feathers, Tuxtucis?  Are you implying that George Dixon was some sort of cross-dressing exotic dancer and that “Little Chocolate” was his stage name, along the lines of, um, “Vanilla Cream”?  Retract at once, sir, lest you feel the point of my blade!  After all, in the words of the Duke d’Escargot:  “I am not to be trifled with. To pull the tail of a lion is to open the mouth of trouble and reveal the teeth of revenge biting the tongue of deceit.”  Or something.

  14. tuxtucis 02:43am, 10/21/2013

    Dear Sam, Joe Gans he’s not the only negro who has win a world title…before him there was George “Little Chocolate” Dixon in bantams and feathers…

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