Smash, Bang, Wallop

By Sean Ness on September 13, 2015
Smash, Bang, Wallop
“I was trying to slip his long solid jabs and counter him and he went tumbling down.”

Many people including myself thought the Scotsman could provide a stern test for Britain’s premier heavyweight…

Saturday night at London’s O2 Arena, Anthony Joshua became the new Commonwealth Heavyweight Champion, overcoming Scotland’s previously undefeated heavyweight Gary Cornish in 90 seconds. Many people including myself thought the Scotsman could provide a stern test for Britain’s premier heavyweight. Still, it wasn’t to be leaving me with a massive egg on my face after I previously stated in an article that Cornish would push Joshua to his limits.

Anthony Joshua’s reputation as a massive power puncher gained momentum after dropping his opponent on two occasions last night. Paisley referee Victor Loughlin called time on Gary Cornish’s chance of pulling off an upset and taking the Commonwealth title back to Scotland.

Cornish began using his jab in the opening seconds of the fight but got caught with a massive right-hand counter that landed flush on the Scotsman with devastating circumstances. The ever brave Gary Cornish nevertheless rose to his feet where many fighters would have stayed down, yet his bravery only delayed the inevitable. Cornish attempted to back Joshua into the corner when the Watford pugilist connected with two thunderous lefts followed by looping right hook that demolished the towering stature of the Inverness fighter. The referee had seen enough despite Gary’s attempts to rise to his feet signaling the end of a “challenge” that only lasted 90 seconds.

Afterward Joshua spoke to Sky Sports.

“There’s no extra time,” he said. “Credit to Gary where credit is due. He’s a big man and had a solid jab. It’s a 12-round fight and I wasn’t trying to dish it all out in round one, but I managed to find shots to get the job done. I was trying to slip his long solid jabs and counter him and he went tumbling down. If I leave it and start taking my time, then it could be me on the end of those shots in five rounds time.”

Earlier in the evening, Anthony Joshua’s arch nemesis, Dillian Whyte, had earlier disposed of Brian Minto in three rounds before signaling his intention to destroy Joshua on December 12th at the same venue. Whyte has recently called Joshua a “scumbag” and certainly played up his role as the villain in the buildup to their much-anticipated fight. Although Dillian Whyte has shown some signs of brilliance, it’s hard to judge his abilities based on his performance against Minto, who has lost his six previous fights. One thing, however, is for certain. The Joshua-Whyte British heavyweight title fight will be another chance for Joshua to demonstrate why he is the most exciting heavyweight in the world.

Also on the undercard, Charlie Edwards won the English flyweight title, taking his record to 5 wins and no losses with the Epson fighter outpointing his lackluster opponent, Louis Norman, by scores of 100-90, 99-91, and 99-92. John Wayne Hibbert has become the new Commonwealth welterweight champion after stopping Dave Ryan with a massive right hand as he backed up his opponent into the corner. There were signs that Ryan, who controlled the majority of the fight, was suffering from a back injury at the beginning of the 10th round and will undoubtedly call for a rematch.

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Anthony Joshua vs Gary Cornish (Including Post Fight Interview)

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  1. Mike Casey 06:37am, 09/15/2015

    Saw both of these fights, Sean. Too early to say how far Joshua and Whyte can go. I hope Anthony is the real deal and can take a real shot against the top guys. He’s beautifully conditioned. As for the blobby Whyte, his shorts will be over his head if he pulls them up any further.

  2. leigh 06:10am, 09/15/2015

    without doubt two of the worse heavweight match ups you will see this year,cornish has never been matched with a top 75 ranked opponent ,and minto should be fighting at cruiser ,in the worst era for heavyweight boxing ever joshua will go far.

  3. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 01:07pm, 09/13/2015

    Built like a 6’6” Mike Tyson…. If you don’t have a defense Joshua is going to hit you on the chin….forget that bravery BS….this fight shouldn’t have been made…..even the announcer was full of shit!  Somebody make Minto stop…make him stop!

  4. KB 01:03pm, 09/13/2015

    He still needs to be tested

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